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Eczema, atopic dermatitis, neurodermatitis treatment and healing process!

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

This patient is now completely cured. We hope to share with patients with eczema, and sincerely hope that you can regain a confident, positive and optimistic life!

The patient developed refractory eczema in many parts of the body, including the eyes and arms. Severe eczema, swollen lymph nodes, fever and itching mainly occur in the neck. After taking H-force © series of pure natural scientific and innovative Chinese medicine decoction, the itching was immediately relieved the next day, the skin symptoms were significantly improved after three days, and it was completely cured within six months. Not only has the skin disease been improved, but the patient's original keratosis pilaris (chicken skin) has also been cured. It not only cures skin diseases, but also cares for the skin. H-force can be used as a beauty and skin care beverage as well.

Dr. Emily Han and her team can confidently tell you that the H-force © series of Chinese herbal soup can effectively treat refractory eczema, neuro dermatitis and other autoimmune diseases from day one by restoring the healthy environment at the cellular level. This is a common experience for every patient to relive at lot after just three days.

See obvious treatment results within three days. Give the H-force© series of pure natural scientifically innovative Chinese herbal soup three days of experience time, which will provide you with a lifetime opportunity to cure skin diseases, improve autoimmunity and physical health.

We sincerely hope that every patient suffering from severe skin diseases and autoimmune diseases can be completely cured.

Dr Emily Han works three days a week at Beijing Tongrentang clinic , Mount Albert.

Address: 955 New North Road Mount Albert Auckland 0600

Business hours:







“Only by restoring the health of the internal environment at the cellular level of the human body and restoring the body's ability to produce normal new cells and self-repair, can we completely prevent and cure deep-seated, refractory diseases that occur at the cellular level."

This is what TCM Dr. Emily Han is all about. This is the whole essence of treating refractory diseases under the guidance of modern Life Physics.

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