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​Knowledge about things, serious illnesses can be cured

Get knowledge from things

——Interview with Dr. Han Xiaonan, Emily Han ,

a famous Chinese medicine doctor in Auckland,

New Zealand (part 2)

Li Jie 18/01/2011


Speaking of TCM Dr. Emily Han, the patients treated

by her like to use "magic"

Two words to describe TCM Dr. Emily Han. During

the six years of opening the Dalian Chinese

Medicine Clinic,

TCM Dr. Emily Han

Almost never advertised, her patients rely on


between relatives and friends,Word of mouth among patients came here.

Not long ago, TCM Dr. Emily Han was arrested by China "Shiyitang", a century-old traditional Chinese

medicine brand, opened a Chinese pharmacy

in Auckland to hireFor the sitting doctor. With curiosity, the reporter recently

visited "Shiyitang " in Auckland . The Newmarket branch of the pharmacy conducted an interview with the "magic" doctor, TCM Dr. Emily Han's interview.

Leave "homework" for patients

Another characteristic of TCM Dr. Emily Han’s ancient treatment of diseases is that she does acupuncture or give Chinese medicine for the patient.

At the same time, the patient should be arranged to go home to "do homework", that is, according to the patient's condition.

If necessary, TCM Dr. Emily Han teach them to do some exercises or self-massage that cooperate with the treatment.

In 2004, a male patient who had immigrated to New Zealand for many years visited TCM Dr. Emily Han's clinic. After taking his pulse, TCM Dr. Emily Han found that the patient's body was very painful, which was much more serious than the disease he was trying to treat, so she asked the patient. The patient said that my leg hurts. TCM Dr. Emily Han asked him, why didn't you say it? The patient said that I have not cured after 17 years of treatment, and I do not want to be cured. TCM Dr. Emily Han said let me see. The patient's problem is that one leg is long and the other is short. After examination, TCM Dr. Emily Han found that in fact, one of the patients’ legs was inserted into the pelvis, which caused short legs and leg pain. TCM Dr. Emily Han used the ancestral bone setting technique and taught him to go home and do the same movement every day to cooperate. He was cured 8 times and the patient was able to play basketball. The patient said with emotion, it would be nice if I had known you 17 years ago. In the past 17 years, there have been a thick stack of CT scans and X-rays. The reports given by western medicine said that my leg was normal, 500 Singapore dollars per time, 15 minutes of western medicine experts also saw it; acupuncture once a day, It lasted for half a year, my legs were pierced black, and the medicine was taken, I had given up treatment, I thought my legs were like this the rest of my life. 

Heart disease requires heart medicine

Once, a young female patient in a long skirt came to treat other diseases. After the consultation, she told TCM Dr. Emily Han that there was no other place on my body, except for psoriasis on my legs, so I wore a long skirt all the time. I dare not expose my legs. How do you treat my problem? After examining her condition, TCM Dr. Emily Han said to her that this problem of yours is not curable, because when it first occurred, you must have suffered a lot of psychological trauma. As soon as TCM Dr. Emily Han finished speaking, the patient's tears fell immediately. It turned out that the patient was hurt by emotional problems seven years ago, when she was 18 years old. TCM Dr. Emily Han said that her tears can flow down, indicating that the lump in her heart has not been resolved. Even if she is given medicine, her condition will get better, but it will not be completely cured. The heart disease needs to be treated with heart medicine. Therefore, she not only pointed out the cause of the disease to the patient, but also patiently enlightened her from the perspective of the doctor, pointing out the harm that heart disease would cause to the body. Therefore, she should not escape reality, but have the courage to face it, and finally tell her that you are sick. As long as the heart disease is gone, it will get better if you die.

The patient, Ms. Li, was diagnosed with depression by several western doctors. Last year, when she found TCM Dr. Emily Han to treat other diseases, she also mentioned her depression by the way. TCM Dr. Emily Han said that according to the diagnosis of depression in Chinese medicine, you do not have depression. The patient’s husband said that TCM Dr. Emily Han’s words really had a miraculous effect. From then on, his wife seemed to have changed a person, no longer depressed, and seldom lost her temper.

Medication is the last step

TCM Dr. Emily Han does not advocate giving patients more medicine. She said that many problems should not be treated with medicine. Ancient Chinese medicine advocated self-care. If there are problems with normal diet and daily life, acupuncture and qigong exercises should be used to improve them. If it still fails, Chinese medicine should be used in the end.

For example, a patient suffering from allergic rhinitis common in New Zealand, wakes up early to sneeze, runny nose and nasal congestion. TCM Dr. Emily Han asked him if he woke up early to wash his face with warm water. The patient said that he had the habit of taking a bath in the morning and washing his face with hot water every day. Based on his young, strong and loud sneezing voice, TCM Dr. Emily Han told the patient that he did not need to take medicine and that he would take out a bowl of water from the refrigerator to wash his nose every morning for a week. TCM Dr. Emily Han emphasized that this simple method is not suitable for every patient with the same disease, and it is not suitable for patients with weak lung qi and weak speech.

TCM Dr. Emily Han’s treatment methods and concepts are sometimes misunderstood by patients. Some young people are unwell due to drinking or staying up late, so they come to TCM Dr. Emily Han for medicine. TCM Dr. Emily Han said, you are not sick, you need to rest, go to bed early at night, and adjust your diet and daily habits. The patient was dissatisfied, and was dismissed without acupuncture or medicine, thinking that TCM Dr. Emily Han would not see a doctor. TCM Dr. Emily Han said that it is normal for them to feel flustered and dizzy after staying up late. They are young and do not need medication. They will recover as long as they take a break and change their living habits. If they insist on taking the medicine without changing their unhealthy lifestyle habits, I would prescribe the medicine to harm them. If their mother is around, I will definitely not let them live like this, so I would rather they say that I will not see a doctor Nor will they prescribe medicine.

For this, Xie Chinan, the manager of "Shiyitang" Auckland Chinese Pharmacy, was impressed. He said that TCM Dr. Emily Han was sitting here, and the prescriptions she prescribed to patients usually did not exceed 10 herbs, 100 grams, and sometimes she made them herself. Medicines or powders, etc., and the medicines that patients come to his pharmacies with prescriptions prescribed by other Chinese medicine doctors are generally more than a dozen flavors, 200 to 300 grams, and some even up to 500 grams.

One drug should be effective

TCM Dr. Emily Han said that Chinese medicine treatment is simple and simple. As long as the symptoms are correct, the disease will be cured quickly no matter how many years. It is often said that Chinese medicine is slow to treat diseases because the medicine is not right. If the medicine is right, the medicine should have different degrees of effect. Therefore, she usually only pays 3 drugs to the patient each time.

The patient, Ms. Qin, had treated constipation at TCM Dr. Emily Han. She was very convinced of TCM Dr. Emily Han and called TCM Dr. Emily Han “extraordinary” because TCM Dr. Emily Han was able to accurately state the ins and outs and characteristics of her illness, and prescribed the right remedy and cured it very well. fast. Later, she went to TCM Dr. Emily Han  again because of her dry mouth. TCM Dr. Emily Han only prescribed a single medicine and cured her illness.

In fact, not only the patients call TCM Dr. Emily Han the "god", but the family of TCM Dr. Emily Han also have a deep understanding. Once, her husband hugged his daughter on the stairs, and accidentally flashed his waist, and couldn't move at that time. TCM Dr. Emily Han didn't use acupuncture, just a single massage. On another occasion, her daughter caught a cold and caught a bad cold on a rainy day. After taking the medicine, she said she had a headache. Her husband suspected that the cold was not healed. TCM Dr. Emily Han said that it was not a cold, but was caused by her recent stress of studying. Before going to work in the morning, she asked her husband to pick some dandelions and some chrysanthemums in the yard and make a cup of thick chrysanthemum for her daughter to drink. When TCM Dr. Emily Han came home in the evening, her daughter said happily, "Mom, you're so godly, you won't have a headache after drinking.

Natural therapy

TCM Dr. Emily Han said that Chinese medicine treats diseases according to nature. When a certain part of your body is painful, it is a signal sent to you by your body, indicating that the part needs rest. At this time, if you comply with the requirements of your body, you will recover if you take a proper rest. On the contrary, many people use western medicine painkillers to relieve pain. This makes you continue to use the area without feeling the pain, and it will cause serious illness over time.

In addition, TCM Dr. Emily Han disagrees with the practice of Western medicine at every turn. She believes that every organ of the human body has its function, and many diseases can be cured by Chinese medicine without surgery. For example, western medicine removes the appendix and tonsils to prevent re-inflammation. In fact, it removes the body's first defense against disease, and the disease will continue to spread from then on. Before the advent of western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine did not require surgery to treat appendicitis.

A few years ago, Ms. Liu, an old patient who was over sixty years old, had a sudden abdominal pain and was weak and weak. When she came to TCM Dr. Emily Han's clinic, she was so painful that she didn't dare to walk, she just wanted to squat down. Based on experience, TCM Dr. Emily Han knew that the patient had an acute appendicitis attack. TCM Dr. Emily Han was hesitant to leave the patient for treatment at the time, because patients with acute appendicitis are usually sent to the hospital regardless of Chinese and Western medicine, injections are used to reduce inflammation, and then surgery, so that the doctor does not have to bear the responsibility and risk, but the patient will be more painful . Fortunately, the patient trusted TCM Dr. Emily Han. In the end, TCM Dr. Emily Han decided to keep the patient and use the ancient Chinese medicine treatment method, just like hospitalization. Needle sticks and medicines are applied. The treatment lasts for a whole day. At night, the patient can go home. Laundry. Ms. Liu, who was spared the pain of the operation, also thanked TCM Dr. Emily Han very much.

"Determining life and death, dealing with all kinds of diseases, regulating the deficiency and the real"

Reading ancient books, especially ancient medical books, is TCM Dr. Emily Han's greatest pleasure in her free time, and it is also one of the main ways for her to continuously improve her medical skills. In her own words, the methods of TCM treatment "are all in ancient books, it depends on whether you see it".

The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine emphasizes the individuality of human beings and the relationship between human beings and nature. The Medical Origin of Medicine by Xu Dachun in the Qing Dynasty emphasizes “learning from ancient times” and insists on “cutting out the essence and extracting the essence” in the reading of ancient books. The principle of “fallacy” and traditional medical theories such as printing certificate knowledge in clinical practice have penetrated into her medical philosophy and practice. In the "Huangdi Neijing", "the meridian, therefore, can die and cure all diseases. The famous phrase "Tune the futility and the truth must not be unreasonable" has become her highest pursuit of medicine. TCM Dr. Emily Han believes that Chinese medicine should not focus on expertise, and that a good Chinese medicine practitioner should "determine life and death, deal with all kinds of diseases, and regulate deficiency and deficiency."

Six years ago, there was an 88-year-old patient. His family thought that he might be dead soon. When he was sent to TCM Dr. Emily Han’s clinic, he exhaled a lot and breathed a little. The patient himself couldn’t say it. After taking the pulse, TCM Dr. Emily Han said , You are fine. The next day after the acupuncture, the old man went out for tea. Later, at the age of 92, the old man came to TCM Dr. Emily Han because of lupus erythematosus. Although the old man seemed to be in good spirits, but after taking the pulse, TCM Dr. Emily Han felt that he could not be cured. He took three prescriptions for the old man and told her to see another doctor if it didn’t work. , The old man saw another doctor later, and died a month later.

Four years ago, a father brought his 7-year-old daughter to see her convulsions. It turned out that the girl had a sister. Once, the sisters were playing on the bed, and the lively sister stepped on the chest of the sister who was lying on the bed. The sister began to convulse and was sent to the Auckland Children's Hospital. After finding out where the problem was, I was given sedatives, and I continued to have frequent attacks. After diagnosis, TCM Dr. Emily Han found that it was because the girl’s ribs were stepped on the wrong side and compressed to the liver, and the liver is the main tendon. After compression, the person will twitch, and the girl was frightened again, so TCM Dr. Emily Han pulled one on the girl’s chest The small cupping pot was used to set bones, and he took three days of medicine powder for relieving the liver and regulating qi, and told the girl’s father that if the girl’s stool turned green after taking the medicine, the illness would be cured immediately. Sure enough, the girl's stool was bile-colored after three days, and she didn't twitch anymore.

"Great doctors are sincere"

There are two scripts hanging on the wall of TCM Dr. Emily Han’s clinic, one of which is the full text of "Great Doctor Sincere". This article is taken from the famous ancient Chinese medical scientist Sun Simiao’s famous book "Preparation for Emergency Thousands of Gold and Essential Prescriptions". It is an important document on medical ethics in the classics of traditional Chinese medicine. The source of medicine, diligence and perseverance"; the second is "sincerity", that is, doctors must have noble morals and empathize with patients to relieve their suffering.

TCM Dr. Emily Han said that Chinese physicians should understand and take care of patients like family members. Tell them to take precautions when they are not sick; to figure out the cause of the illness after a minor illness, tell the patients how to get better, how to prevent them in the future, and don't let them develop into a serious illness; if you have a serious illness, you must carefully consider whether it can be cured and how to treat it . TCM Dr. Emily Han always uses her unique meticulousness, patience and affinity to explain to patients the cause and condition of the disease, telling patients how to do and how to prevent the disease. Some foreign patients say that she is like Grandma (grandma), and some say she is Like a kindergarten aunt.

The patient, Mr. Liu, visited TCM Dr. Emily Han's clinic many times, and every time he had a problem with his right shoulder, he came back after he was cured. TCM Dr. Emily Han felt that there was a problem, so he chatted with him about family affairs and found that he had to go out for a dog walk every day. TCM Dr. Emily Han asked him which hand he would use to walk the dog. The patient said he would use his right hand. TCM Dr. Emily Han told him to walk with his left hand for a day and his right hand for a day. The left and right hands should be balanced to reduce the chance of injury. From then on, Mr. Liu never looked at his shoulder problems again.

TCM Dr. Emily Han said that many diseases are simple for doctors, but serious for patients. Four years ago, a Kiwi patient who started an oyster farm came to see TCM Dr. Emily Han for treatment. When the patient is driving, there are often gaps in the window of the car, causing the shoulder to be cold and painful every month. Western medicine is not taken less, and it is not effective. TCM Dr. Emily Han knew that Kiwi patient did not like to take traditional Chinese medicine, so he used pricking blood therapy for him. At the same time, he gave him some food-based Chinese medicine, which was turned into a powder, which can be eaten like porridge after adding water. Healed. The patients were so grateful that they often sent oysters to TCM Dr. Emily Han’s house, so that it became a burden if TCM Dr. Emily Han’s family could not finish eating.

Many elderly patients cured by TCM Dr. Emily Han regard TCM Dr. Emily Han as their own health doctor. Once every two weeks, TCM Dr. Emily Han will treat their pulse, acupuncture and moxibustion for them, and give them instructions, and leave some "homework" to go home. do. It is precisely because of her unique "style" that she treats illnesses. Therefore, even if TCM Dr. Emily Han was hired from her own clinic in West Auckland to come to the century-old Chinese medicine brand "Shiyitang", a Chinese pharmacy in Newmarket, her old patients It is also hard to follow her from the West End to Newmarket.

"Gewu Zhizhi"

Another calligraphy banner hanging on the wall of TCM Dr. Emily Han's clinic is "Gewu Zhizhi". According to reports, the script was inscribed for her by one of her patients and a famous Chinese calligrapher. It was taken from one of the "Four Books" in Chinese classics-"Book of Rites·University": To study things, and then to know things." The original meaning is to "study the principles of things to gain knowledge." "Ge Wu Zhi Zhi" has become the criterion for TCM Dr. Emily Han to conduct her studies and practice medicine. She even gave her daughter the nickname "Ge Ge".

TCM Dr. Emily Han said that the ancients have long told us that the truth of nature exists, whether you know it or not. Therefore, we must study things to learn, carefully think and explore, and then we can get knowledge about things. The same is true for treatment. Good doctors should calm down, think more, study more, find the cause, and explore solutions. But there are also patients who cannot be cured, usually because the cause of the disease has not been found. In this case, TCM Dr. Emily Han will keep thinking and thinking.

Ms. Jin has been suffering from skin diseases for more than ten years. She has skin rashes and itching all over her body, and new skin rashes appear every day. There is no good skin on the whole body. For many years, Chinese and Western medicine have treated them according to skin diseases. The dermatologists of western medicine tried different western medicines for her, just use them, stop and commit the crime. Finally, the experts introduced a new medicine, saying that this medicine may cure your skin disease, but the death rate of using this medicine It is 50%. Ms. Jin didn't dare to take the medicine as soon as she heard it. She had to apply hormone ointment every day to relieve itching. After examination, TCM Dr. Emily Han found that the patient suffered from 4 types of rashes. She spent a long time trying to figure out the initial cause of the patient. She believed that it was caused by the damp toxin staying in the body when the patient gave birth to the first child. In addition, the patient had a strong personality and had liver and gallbladder disorder. After the diagnosis was confirmed, she started by removing dampness and conditioning the liver and gallbladder. After the patient took the medicine, no new rashes appeared. Four types of rashes have been cured for three.

TCM Dr. Emily Han said that as a doctor, she should be grateful to the patient. It is the patient who makes her use her brain to improve her medical skills and gain a sense of accomplishment. However, perhaps it is precisely because of her pursuit of "getting knowledge from things" that she is able to "treat serious illnesses and treat small illnesses" and achieve a state of weightlessness in her medical practice.

In Beijing Tongrentang, Auckland clinic , TCM Dr. Emily Han specially designed a series of Chinese herbal medicine combined with acupuncture treatments, which can help you solve a series of chronic diseases.

Auckland |Best Chinese herbal medicine  doctor and acupuncturist Dr Emily Han
Auckland |Best Chinese herbal medicine  doctor and acupuncturist Dr Emily Han
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