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Life physics mechanism of Circadian rhythm and insomnia© 
by  Dr. Emily Han, Auckland clinic
 Auckland | insomnia Best Chinese herbal medicine  doctor and acupuncturist Dr Emily Han

The circadian rhythm of the human body is also an important manifestation of the tidal fluctuation action of the human body. 

The sunshine time stimulates the growth of plants. Plants can adjust the rhythm and cycle of dormancy and growth according to changes in light. Similarly, the body's wakefulness and sleep can regulate the body's overall physiological functions, affect the activity state of stem cells, and affect the regulation of autoimmunity, neuroelectromagnetic signals, endocrine and self-renewal. 

Life physics believes that poor long-term sleep quality, unstable blood pressure, and low mood are important manifestations of human circadian rhythm disturbances and tidal fluctuations disturbances. 

 Compared with sleep, the human body has a faster heartbeat and breathing rhythm, higher blood pressure and greater tidal fluctuations, muscle tension, higher body temperature, strong metabolism and overall aerobic activities.  The frequency and amplitude of tidal fluctuations are higher, and they are mainly working for consumption and vigorous metabolism. In the state of sleep, the body is in a relatively stable state, the heart rhythm is slow, the respiratory frequency and amplitude are low, the muscles relax, the blood pressure is low and stable, the body temperature is lowered, the metabolic  of various tissues are slow, and the whole is in a state of hypoxia and inactivation. The frequency of tidal fluctuation is stable, which helps to regulate the activity of stem cells, the body is in a state of recovery and self-renewal, and metabolic activity is slow. The tide fluctuations of the whole body are mainly coordinated with the fluctuations of breathing and heartbeat. 

If certain tissues and organs undergo violent metabolic activities during sleep, and there are violent tidal fluctuations and violent electromagnetic changes, it will cause violent fluctuations in neuroelectric signals, which will lead to increased fluctuations in the central nervous system of the brain,  and lose harmony with fluctuations in breathing and heartbeat. Lead to poor sleep quality or insomnia. 

Life physics believes that long-term stress can lead to the degeneration and hardening of connective tissues in certain tissues and organs, and reduce the ability of tidal fluctuations. In order to compensate for its own functions, the internal blood circulation of the tissues and organs is very active, and local long-term continuous aerobic activity leads to active interactions between tissues. It also leads to unsynchronized tidal fluctuations, which is the main cause of imbalances and unstable blood pressure, and poor long-term sleep quality. 

In other words, during sleep, the active aerobic activity in certain tissues and organs is not consistent with the total tidal fluctuations dominated by heartbeat and breathing. The former will produce active electromagnetic changes, which affect the central nervous system of the brain. Disturbed electromagnetic fluctuations can cause poor sleep quality. 

During sleep, unpleasant sound wave vibrations in the environment, or the influence of external forces on the limbs, if these vibration frequencies are not in harmony with the fluctuations of human breathing and heartbeat during sleep, it will also make it difficult to fall asleep or be awakened. If the frequency of brain activity is inconsistent with the frequency of heartbeat and breathing, it is difficult to fall asleep or unable to enter deep sleep, resulting in poor sleep quality. It is all about ebb and tide, all about tidal fluctuations harmony.  

Sleep is a tidal phase governed by heartbeat and breathing rate, which is necessary for the body to repair and renew itself.

Life physics believes that the treatment of organic sleep disorders, vascular sclerosis, connective tissue sclerosis, blood pressure regulation disorders, depression, sclerosis, tissue organ degeneration, Aplastic anemia,Alzheimer’s disease and other tidal fluctuation diseases.              

first of all, the normal blood supply in the tissues and organs must be restored ,  enhance heart function, coordinate with the visceral massage exercise ,  regulate the activity state and differentiation direction of stem cells in tissues and organs. Gradually improve the structure and properties of the connective tissue within the tissues and organs, restore elasticity, improve the ability and harmony of tidal fluctuations, and gradually restore normal sleep and physiological activities. 

In short, the phenomenon of tidal fluctuations is the embodiment of the harmonious adjustment of the three basic functions of life. It is the regulation of the nervous system and endocrine system on tissue water and nutrients, oxygen concentration and self-renewal, endocrine, neuroelectromagnetic signals, immunity and self-immunity.  With the cooperation of energy function, it mainly acts in the form of changes in body fluids and blood perfusion of tissues and organs, manifested in the body's respiration, body temperature, blood vessel density, congestion, swelling and inflamation , shrinkage and atrophy, stress, sweating, etc.  Periodic fluctuations are like tides, ocean currents, and waves in nature. The tidal effect regulates the division and differentiation direction of stem cells through the periodic changes of arterial and venous congestion, and can also realize the alternate adjustment of self-renewal between aerobic active tissues and hypoxic inactive tissues. 

Observe the influence of tidal fluctuations at the cellular level, which is manifested as the periodic changes in the electromagnetic and voltage of the internal and external environment of the cell, thereby regulating the movement of ions.  Calcium channel is a phenomenon where tidal wave action is applied at the cellular level. 

In the process of tidal action, the connective tissue structure in human tissues and organs is like a sponge. It is squeezed, stretched and recovered from its own elasticity to help complete the tidal action. When the structure and properties of soft tissue and connective tissue change, elasticity decreases. , The increased stiffness and loose bone tissue will hinder the body's ability to adjust tidal action. 

If the coordination function is impaired, the energy function is impaired, and the tidal phenomenon is disturbed, the activities of the capillaries, blood cells and immune cells, water, oxygen, nutrients, and senescent cells in the environment will be disturbed. Obstacles to regulate  invasive organisms and waste  . It can cause endocrine and immune diseases and self-immunity, self-renewal obstacles. The tissue structure cannot be renewed normally, and stem cell regulation disorders will cause a series of intractable diseases. 


In Tongrentang, Auckland clinic , Dr. Emily Han specially designed a series of Chinese herbal medicine combined acupuncture treatments, which can help you solve a series of diseases including insomnia.

"Only by restoring the health of the internal environment at the cellular level of the human body and restoring the body's ability to produce normal new cells and self-repair, can we completely prevent and cure deep-seated, refractory diseases that occur at the cellular level. ”  Emily Han/ Life Physics

 Auckland |insomnia Best Chinese herbal medicine  doctor and acupuncturist Dr Emily Han
Auckland| sleep disorder and insomnia treatment, best chinese doctor auckland
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