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Treat and cure  Skin diseases -Psoriasis, eczema, acne , neuro dermatitis and other autoimmune diseases with natural Chinese herbal medicine

©  TCM Dr. Emily Han,  Auckland, New Zealand, Beijing Tongrentang

Auckland eczema treatment |Skin eczema specialist  psoriasis  acne dermatitis
Auckland |Skin eczema specialist  psoriasis  acne dermatitis
Eczema treatment|Auckland |Skin eczema specialist  psoriasis  acne dermatitis
eczema treatment for kids Auckland
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Help heal Eczema with 100% natural herbal medicine to completely bid farewell to hormone steroid immunosuppressive therapy

Restore autoimmune function.

No  topical ointment is required.

Auckland Chinese Medicine Dr eczema Emily Han's H-force © series nature herbal formula treatments help heal  eczema, psoriasis, dry itchy pruritic rash, acne, keratosis pilaris, rubella, neurodermatitis, tinea corporis, seborrheic dermatitis, allergic dermatitis, dry skin etc.,

According to " Life physics", Chinese medicine and  Herbalist Dr. Emily Han believes that most refractory skin diseases, such as psoriasis, eczema, Lupus erythematosus,and neurodermatitis etc., are diseases of the immune system, but not the skin problems. believes that the hyperplasia or inflammation of epithelial tissues, including the skin, is mainly the product of the body's self-renewal rhythm disorder, active stem cell activity disorder and immune stem cell mutation. 

The living environment of active stem cells is disturbed, so that stem cells proliferate actively and produce some dysplastic progeny cells. The metabolic rhythm of epithelial tissue is accelerated, which affects the normal epithelial tissue self-renewal rhythm, causing various proliferative skin diseases and other proliferative diseases. For epithelial proliferative diseases, only by restoring the internal environment of active stem cell tissue can it be cured. Except that stem cells have no mutations, they have the same mechanism as cancer. This is due to poor growth of new cells and excessive renewal of epithelial tissue. 

If the living micro environment of autoimmune stem cells changes and new mutant immune cells are produced, they will have different gene expression from somatic  cells and will attack autologous  cells with different gene expression, resulting in a similar graft versus host rejection reaction. This reflects stubborn epithelial tissue diseases, such as inflammatory skin diseases. 

The scientific use of plant-based drug combinations for treatment. Comparing proliferative skin diseases, psoriasis and inflammatory skin diseases with cancer, they are relatively easy to control and cure. 

Under the guidance of Life physics, the special  Chinese herbal medicine formation  "prescription for restoring immune tissue structure and function" -"Herbal formula for restoring cellular environment", >> H-Force © series,used to treat various skin diseases caused by autoimmune diseases has produced gratifying effects on many patients.  We hope that all targeted patients can get good treatment, care and recovery.  Please visit Dr. Emily Han's Auckland skin clinic for more information and help.

For further information, please visit our Blog especially for skin diseases and treatments.

See obvious treatment results within three months. Give the H-force© series of pure natural scientifically innovative Chinese herbal soup three months of experience time, which will provide you with a lifetime opportunity to possible cure skin diseases, improve autoimmunity and physical health.

I sincerely hope that every patient suffering from severe skin diseases and autoimmune diseases can be completely cured.

“Only by restoring the health of the internal environment at the cellular level of the human body and restoring the body's ability to produce normal new cells and self-repair, can we completely prevent and cure deep-seated, refractory diseases that occur at the cellular level.”    Emily Han/Life Physics

Auckland | Dr Eczema Emily Han Skin natural medicine for psoriasis eczema acne allergy
痤疮,痘痘,粉刺,青春痘 acne .jpg
Auckland| Dr Eczema Emily Han Skin natural medicine for psoriasis eczema acne allergy
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