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"H-force"-"Smart diet and lifestyle therapy"©.
 No need to trouble others, no need to take medicine, you can heal yourself.

TCM Dr. Emily Han, Beijing Tongrentang Auckland, New Zealand &  Zhao He ~ expert in modern physics
Heart-force © series nature herbal formula  " Cure heart and heart related diseases at the cellular level" 

Why must we choose our diet and lifestyle wisely?

 Do doctors have effective treatments for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases? The answer is no. Surprised? When the doctor himself suffers from autoimmune diseases, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, cancer and other refractory diseases, he will encounter trouble and helplessness just like you. There is no medicine to cure these diseases, and there is no cure.

The hospital is a place to help emergency patients get out of danger as much as possible, but for chronic diseases and elderly diseases, the main responsibility of doctors and hospitals is to relieve symptoms and prolong life ;  to help patients end their journey to the Earth with dignity, so that patients, family members and friends can accept reality with peace of mind.

If you have illusions about doctors and hospitals that cure refractory diseases and rely on the biochemical drugs provided by modern medicine to maintain your health, did not have enough efforts, nor did you study and carry out  scientific diet and lifestyle. you will eventually regret it very much.

 “To cure sometimes, to relieve often, to comfort always” is a reminder that our role as comforter must provide the basis for our care regardless of whether we can relieve suffering or cure disease.   This is the oath of the doctors. All hospitals and doctors can do is to be grateful and comfort, and the medical insurance you purchase can also achieve this goal. Some patients and elderly people completely refer their health problems to doctors and hospitals. Are they for the last relieve and comfort?

 The most important problem and greatest wealth in life: health. Should health issues be left to the doctor? Or leave it to yourself? If you go to the doctor, all the doctor can do is comfort, there is no special medicine available, and there is no cure.  It is not difficult to give it to yourself, it is a combination of learning scientific eating habits and lifestyle.

  Most chronic diseases are caused by long-term inappropriate diet, lifestyle, and bad mood. These bad diet, emotions and lifestyle can cause changes in the body's physiological activities at the cellular level, destroy the physiological activities of cell tissues, and lead to regulation and aplastic disorders. 

  Prevention is better than cure! The most important aspects of prevention and treatment are smart and healthy diet, lifestyle, and mood regulation. Almost all the refractory diseases have never been cured by drugs. When many patients go to clinics or hospitals to see doctors due to chronic diseases, most of them are late, unable to recover or even be saved.

Dr Emily Han's "H-force" - "Smart diet and lifestyle therapy"©- No need to trouble others, no need to take medicine, you can heal yourself.

 According to the seasonal and physiological state of human tissues and organs, that is, the climatic conditions of the internal environment of the human body,  the natural energy of food is used ,the natural lifestyle is adapted, to regulate the  physiological internal environmental of tissues and organs.  Using winter animal diet and lifestyle to deal with disease and ageing. The internal prosperity of tissues and organs should be maintained in spring stage. Intelligently  corresponds to the physiological state of tissues and organs that have entered autumn due to disease and ageing, that is, the state before all things die.

Autumn is a prelude to withering, a prelude to the ageing and death of all things. When the disease comes and autumn is here, everything must go through winter diet, winter lifestyle. Hope to use the natural energy of food, through their own winter lifestyle adjustments, when everything gets better, they will return to spring. 


This is the principle of Dr Emily Han's "H-force"-"Smart diet and lifestyle therapy"©  。 From winter to spring, from disease  to health, following the simplest natural principles, similar processes, reasonable adjustments and observance of nature, spring is bound to come.

Smart climate diet and lifestyle therapy advocates conforming to nature, following the climate, eat wisely, live wisely , regulating the internal environment of body tissues and organs, keeping them in the spring state and avoiding autumn. Although autumn is the season of harvest, autumn is also the season of life decline. 

Dr Emily Han's "H-force", "Smart diet and lifestyle therapy"©.  

- No need to trouble others, no need to take medicine, you can heal yourself.

First let us discuss the dietary prohibitions of patients and the elderly:

Avoid food with cold attributes.

Cold is a typical climate feature in autumn. Including physical cold food: such as ice cubes, ice water, ice cream, various cold drinks, etc. Water does not need to be digested, does not require the action of digestive enzymes, digestive juices and bacteria in the human body, and can be directly absorbed and enter the blood circulation。Before refrigerators and ice machines, frozen foods usually did not appear in summer. The natural functional design of the human body will not encounter frozen food in summer。The skin feels very hot. After drinking the ice water, your stomach and intestines feel very cold. These contradictory signal transmissions can confuse the glands and central nervous system. Cold or hot?Long-term confusion can lead to dysregulation of nerves and glands. It is obviously summer, but the feeling in your body is the coldness of autumn and winter. Animals have enough food in autumn to increase their fat reserves. As we all know, animals in autumn eat, drink, gain weight and store fat , so what happens is hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia, swelling and obesity.  Especially facial, chin and back obesity, an apple-shaped figure is a sign of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Adequate cold food is an important cause of obesity.

 In nature, there is very little food in spring time. Although vegetables are abundant in summer, staple foods (such as fruits, seeds and grains) are seriously inadequate. Only in autumn can they have everything.  Although the temperature and climate are similar in spring and autumn, the food supply in nature is worlds apart. Therefore, the amount and type of food you choose will determine the body's response to the weather. If you eat and live like autumn and gain weight, you must eat and live like winter to restore a healthy Spring.

  Obesity is a sign of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Adequate cold food is an important cause of obesity. On the one hand, due to lack of food, on the other hand, due to the animal’s lifestyle, animals rarely eat in winter. Some animals hibernate in winter, while most other animals are no longer active and eat very little, which is equivalent to not eating or drinking in winter. When they woke up in spring time, they became slim again. We humans cannot do this, so we must avoid the onset of obesity. There is not enough food in spring, vegetables are abundant in summer, and staple food is not enough. Food is abundant only in autumn.

Modern people who are equipped with air conditioning, a lot of food and a lot of cold drinks,  may be in autumn all year round. At all times, please consciously stay away from cold food. This is a top priority.

Conclusion: Follow natural principles and stay away from cold food. In spring and summer, you can supplement in small amounts and eat less staple food. In the autumn and winter season, it is not recommended to supplement in large quantities, it is recommended to eat less and try to maintain the spring state 

Cold food with chemical properties refers to food and raw food with natural coldness:

 Raw food needs to undergo chemical changes in the stomach to achieve the transformation from raw to cooked, from cold to hot, to promote absorption, thereby consuming the body's energy.

 Natural cold food: mainly vegetables and fruits that grow vigorously in summer. These plant properties can dissolve the hot summer sun and enable plants to flourish in high temperature environments. For example, bitter gourd, watermelon, cucumber, kiwi fruit, etc., they can help animals cool down. In order to cope with excessive colds caused by these foods, we have an old saying that we eat radishes in winter and ginger in summer. Ginger and radish are hot foods that can help the body resist colds. In India and Southeast Asia, all kinds of curries and chilies are still particularly popular despite the hot climate and the large amount of cold food. It can resist colds and make the stomach healthy and comfortable. However, people engaged in manual labor in summer generate a lot of internal heat, so they need these seasonal foods. If you are a patient with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, the elderly or people who do not engage in sweat and tired work, you must eat less. Serve with hot seasonings.


The elderly and those suffering from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and related diseases should eat more seasonal vegetables and less unseasonable vegetables. Among the fruits, apples、 bananas、tomatoes、mangoes、 durians and oranges have relatively mild or warm natural characteristics, which are beneficial to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health. 


Avoid trans fat and palm oil 

In order to avoid direct access to the blood circulation, alcohol and trans fats, these foods will increase the burden on the heart. This mainly includes: alcoholic beverages and foods containing partially hydrogenated vegetable oils. Reduce the trans fat content in the diet, such as various vegetable butters.

In particular, palm oil itself is produced in the tropics. It grows quickly, is naturally cool, stimulates the heart and speeds up the heartbeat. Many processed foods, potato chips, biscuits, cakes, etc. use these oils to increase the flavor of the food. The elderly and heart patients should try to avoid palm oil. 

Oil is fat, animal fat, plump fruits and plant seeds. Peanuts, sunflower seeds, rapeseeds, soybeans, nuts, etc., have all the natural energy of autumn. It is easy to form an autumn environment in the human body, which makes people obesity, increases the burden on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, and makes one's own  endocrine regulation function  confused. Overeating all the food that makes a person plump will be transformed into the body's self-adjustment scale towards autumn, thereby regulating the body in the form of autumn, which will naturally cause the body to enter  into an obesity state. Premature autumn state, hyperglycemia and hyperlipidemia have gradually become the norm.

However, food without oil tasted a bit bad, what should I do?

There are oils that can help the heart and brain blood vessels, namely: rice bran oil, corn oil and mustard oil. Vegetable oil has the function of making people plump, but these three oils can reduce swelling and diuretic effects and remove water, thereby counteracting its natural plumping properties.

However, under normal circumstances, the oil we buy in the supermarket may contain the preservative E307, sometimes added to cheese, and sometimes not marked. Therefore, the above three edible oils without chemical additives are most suitable. 


Avoid foods that increase blood volume and cause swelling.

Vegetables include most melons and various nuts. Animal foods include most crustaceans, seafood, shellfish and scaleless fish. Dairy products, eggs, etc. will cause swelling and increase the burden on the heart. Control the normal intake of salt, salt will also increase blood volume. The so-called physique and high humidity of fishermen are actually related to their eating too much seafood. Most seafood will make people swollen and must be eaten with sea weeds-this has the effect of reducing phlegm and reducing swelling.。 


Avoid processed foods.

Avoid eating foods with added chemicals, mainly various preservatives, antioxidants, stabilizers, colors, flavor enhancers and other ingredients. Whether it is chemical or synthetic, the human body does not need them and must be excreted from the body, which will increase the burden on the gastrointestinal tract, liver and heart, and destroy the normal physiological environment.  In Australia, more than 300 food additives are added to food conditionally. There are more varieties than the raw materials we use. How many of them are harmless? is it safe? In fact, it is almost impossible to completely avoid adding food additives to the dining table . They appear in almost all processed foods.  Only choose processed foods that have obvious labels and do not contain various chemical additives, and avoid all processed foods with unknown labels.

  For processed foods, you must read the ingredient list carefully. If there are chemical ingredients, that is to say, there are no ingredients in the kitchen seasoning, please try to avoid them. For example, preservatives, nitrite, potassium acid pearate, etc.  are not appeared in the kitchen seasoning bottle. If others put them in your food in front of you, do you agree? Try to avoid eating them. The elderly and patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases should also avoid eating out, because you cannot control the sources of food and seasonings. Generally, restaurants use ordinary condiments and ingredients, many of which are not suitable for patients and the elderly.

  In the past, we used alcohol, salt, sugar and honey as preservatives. They are non-toxic and harmless, but can change the appearance and taste of food. Most modern preservatives cannot be identified with the naked eye.

 If you eat less, you will feel full and the abdomen will be hard, and uneven , indicating that the internal organs, fascia and stomach are swollen. Some people feel nausea, forehead pain, etc., indicating that you have preservatives, additives poisoning.

Avoid the use of chemicals medicine.

These chemicals are usually toxic and have side effects, which can burden the heart and liver and cause damage. Through Dr Emily Han's "H-force"-"Smart diet and lifestyle Therapy"©.  - No need to trouble others, no need to take medicine,  you can heal yourself., we can regulate the health of the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular systems and get rid of chemical drug as soon as possible. Healthy elderly people usually do not take any chemicals. 


 During the breeding process, some farmed fish, shrimps and poultry have been fed with antibiotics and growth hormones in order to prevent diseases, infectious diseases and promote growth. Despite strict dosage requirements, trace amounts of antibiotics and hormones remain in the product. The biomass of fast-growing meat is also very harmful to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular patients. 

Antibiotics can destroy the microbial environment in the intestines and cause gastrointestinal diseases. Hormones stimulate the heart and cerebral blood vessels and destroy the body's own hormone regulation, which will cause the disease to worsen. The biomass of fast-growing meat swells, making people swollen and destroying heart function. 

Methods to identify antibiotic and hormone meat quality:
Generally, the characteristics of antibiotic residues in aquaculture gouache are more obvious, and sometimes you may feel a slight bitter taste when eating. 

The residual level of hormones can be determined by observing the texture of the product. Generally, fish, meat, and poultry products that use hormones have high moisture content and soft meat. 

Patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases should avoid all fish, meat and poultry products that are clearly marked as artificial rearing.

In addition, when cooking on fish sprayed with preservatives, you will find that its skin is a bit unusual and stiff. However, meat using nitrate will turn red after cooking, so please avoid eating it. Vegetable packaging sprayed with preservatives contains a lot of water. Some unpackaged vegetables have water. They often spray preservatives. After purchase, it must be soaked for a while before cooking. 

 Try to choose high-quality protein sources. New Zealand is a unique place. Wild fish, grass-fed beef and lamb, terrestrial pigs and free-range chickens, please try to buy at reputable high-quality retail counters, and avoid merchants using preservative sprays . Among the foods in the four seasons, in the natural climate, only meat is the common food in the four seasons. Therefore, the right amount of meat is suitable for all seasons. 


What to avoid in soup?

Please avoid using ginseng, codonopsis, angelica, jujube, etc. These herbs make people swollen. For people who have recovered from a serious illness or who are in a weakened state after a woman has given birth, these drugs can help quickly restore physical strength。However, satiety is a state of autumn, and ordinary people and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular patients should avoid the state of satiety. In most cases, most supplements should be avoided as much as possible.

 Tonic is harmful to healthy people. If supplements are not scientific, they are actually harmful and helpless. 

Tonic ingredients, such as sea cucumber, fish maw, fish maw, shark fin and other high-end animal ingredients, these supplements can be used in small amounts. Abalone and bird's nest are relatively full, so you can eat less.  Many Chinese medicines and plant supplements if are not used properly,  are not healthy. 

If you take Chinese medicine to cook soup, it is recommended to use medicinal materials that can reduce phlegm, remove dampness and warm Chinese medicine. 

Soup: Several soup recipes that are beneficial to the heart and cerebral blood vessels:

1. Angelica, Morinda officinalis, Chinese cabbage, white radish, ginger, star anise, big bone soup.
2. Old chicken ginger, angelica, Shanna, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, star anise soup.
3. Beef tendon, flute, fennel, star anise, carrot soup.
4. Flower hemp, cabbage and carrot soup.
5. Duck angelica, ginger, star anise, mil, white radish soup.
6, ribs, corn, seaweed soup.
7, shark fin egg soup.
8. Corn soup. Increase bowel and diuretic effects.

In all the above soups, you can freely add various fungi according to your preferences. Mushroom fungus, cordyceps, etc.

The heart is a very complex organ, mainly composed of myocardium, valves, intima and blood vessels. It needs a complete food chain to maintain. 

For the heart muscle, the focus is on high-quality protein and calcium intake. People with calcium deficiency will have cramps. This is common sense. The beating of myocardium is mainly controlled by calcium ions. Disorders of calcium ion metabolism not only cramp, but also affect the function of myocardium, which is also a part of muscle. Commonly used antihypertensive drugs calcium channel blockers are achieved by hindering the absorption and activity of calcium ions and reducing the beating ability of the heart muscle, but they can harm the heart and cause fatigue.

Different foods and their characteristics


You can eat calcium-rich meat, and even calcium supplements, tofu and other soy products. Soybean oil is fatter and patients should avoid it, but soy protein and bean sprouts are good. In terms of protein, it is mainly natural grass-eating meat and natural wild fish.

For the health of the heart lining and blood vessels, a high-end supplement may be fish maw. Of course, for pork knuckle, beef tendon, etc., these collagen-rich ingredients are also very good. Duck meat has a diuretic effect. You can often eat roast duck and duck bone soup. For vegetables, they are mainly large leafy vegetables and fruits with toughness, such as Cole, Chinese cabbage, spinach, cabbage, green onions, loofah, eggplant, kelp, fungus, and white fungus. 

For blood vessel health, beneficial vegetables include spinach, loofah, asparagus, bamboo shoot, celery, eggplant and so on. All edible fungi, namely various mushrooms, fungi, etc., contribute to blood vessels and intima. You can eat it often.

Fruits and vegetables promote digestion and enhance gastrointestinal function. Tomatoes are very helpful for digestion. Pizza contains a lot of pasta and cheese, which is difficult to digest and easy to puffiness. It must be eaten with tomato sauce. Tomatoes are similar to old vinegar. Promote digestive function. Mustard is also a good condiment to reduce phlegm. In addition to various sea vegetables, kelp, etc., garlic can also reduce phlegm. 

Among the seasonings, onion, ginger and garlic are essentials for Chinese cooking. Ginger has a warming effect, while garlic has the effect of relieving greasiness and reducing phlegm, so it can be widely used. Green onions, onions and cinnamon have the effect of evacuating sweat. They are suitable for consumption in the warm seasons of spring, autumn and summer. In winter, the dose should be appropriately reduced. Similarly, lamb and venison are also sweaty foods. There are other foods that are defined as swelling, such as crustaceans, shellfish, and scaleless fish. Eating in winter will increase the burden on the heart. 

Bean foods, except mung beans, are relatively cold, soybeans and peanuts are relatively swollen, red beans, chickpeas, kidney beans, kidney beans, peas, etc., mature in summer, are rich in starch, and have good dehumidification effects and can be eaten. 

Peanuts and soybeans that mature in autumn. They can increase blood viscosity and reduce blood fluidity. They cannot be eaten raw. For patients suffering from cardiovascular disease, food containing peanuts and peanut oil should be avoided as much as possible. Soybeans are made into bean sprouts and tofu, and their fat content has changed and they can be eaten.

All plant foods that mature in autumn should be carefully selected and eaten. Because most of them have natural energy that makes people plump. Their common feature is:  mature in autumn, rich in sugar, starch and oil. Sweet potatoes, potatoes, flour, nuts, etc., should be wisely selected and matched with supplementary ingredients to reduce fatness. 


Spring and Autumn diet and lifestyle 

During spring, in terms of staple food, it is not recommended to eat full, especially dinner should not be too late or too satisfied. It is recommended to fill it up to 70% and do not feel hungry. Why do you insist on not being full? Because not being full is the way of eating in spring. Animals in nature have poor food in spring, mainly young shoots, with low plumpness. This is the natural weather in spring. In order to keep our bodies slim and energetic in the spring, we must rest on the natural spring diet.

 Most plants have experienced spring growth and luxuriant state, but in autumn, they give fruits, but this is a season of withering. Therefore, keep your body in the spring state and avoid entering the autumn state. Vegetarian food usually contributes to health. One of the reasons is that compared with meat, vegetarian food can reduce the body's overall energy intake.


Don't eat too much pasta and rice. As the fruits of autumn, rice and wheat have natural energy that makes people full. They must be consumed with appropriate ingredients to be good for health. 

Pasta makes people bloated. Shanxi people are famous for their vinegar food because they mainly rely on pasta, and foreigners eat a lot of tomatoes to reduce greasiness. Short rice can make people puffy, while Japanese people use seaweed, horseradish and natto to reduce greasiness. It is best to choose low-gluten flour and non-gluten flour for pasta because they are easy to digest. The most beneficial staple food for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases is corn, which can relieve swelling. You can add corn to ordinary rice noodles. If you have the disease, you must strictly follow the required eating habits and strive to improve symptoms quickly. Healthy people should consume it with curry, vinegar, tomatoes, garlic, ginger, chili and other auxiliary materials to help digestion. 

Recipes from humid and tropical regions (such as Sichuan, Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam) are more suitable for consumption in the warm season. Winter is the season of Japanese cuisine, Korean cuisine, Shandong cuisine and Western cuisine. 

Dr Emily Han's "H-force”-“Smart diet and lifestyle Therapy"©. will only talk about Cantonese cuisine, because it pays attention to the freshness of ingredients, cooking methods and varieties are very diverse, and the choice of dishes is also very rich. It is the best choice to patronize in all seasons. No matter how delicious, remember to eat less.

Many fast food restaurants are called junk food because of their low prices, low costs, simple cooking methods, short time, and low quality of commonly used ingredients and seasonings. There are also some packaged fast foods, mainly instant noodles. Biscuits, moon cakes containing various additives, bacon, sausages, etc. usually exceed the standard. It is easy to find in the news that certain fast food brands can be retained for six months or even ten years without deterioration. The magical additives change the natural characteristics of food and destroy the natural function of our intestines. Eating fast food makes people feel full, which is directly related to their ability to reduce gastrointestinal function. This is indeed a well-deserved junk food. Patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and the elderly should try to avoid it.

Soy milk or Homogenized milk?

It is not recommended to drink soy milk and homogenized milk, because the boxed soy milk contains emulsifiers and homogeneous properties, which will change the natural characteristics of dairy products and is not good for health. It must also be confirmed that the fresh soy milk purchased does not contain preservatives. 

1. Avoid food with cold attributes
3. Avoid foods that increase blood volumn and casue swelling
2. Avoid palm oil
4. Aviod processed foods
5. Avoid the use of chemical medicine
6. What to avoid in soup?
7. Different foods and their characteristics
8. Spring and autumn diet and lifestyle
9. Soy milk or Homogenized milk?

There are too many forbidden foods, Are these unrecommended foods poisonous? of course not. Sometimes they are very useful for people with different physique, age, physical condition, season and nature of work. 

For example, hot weather, physical labor, sweating, body salt and body fluids require peanut products, mutton soup, Japanese miso soup, various tonic soups, seafood, ginseng, angelica and many other supplements, which are very useful for healthy people. Quick replenishment. 

What needs to be emphasized here is that although there are many taboos and suggestions about food, please follow nature and listen to your heart.  Follow nature and listen to the heart is the basic principle of Dr Emily Han's "H-force"-"Smart diet and lifestyle Therapy"©.  . just like sleepy, you must fall asleep, you feel tired, you must rest, you feel thirsty, you must drink water, if you have a special desire to eat a certain food, especially a preference, generally speaking, this is your inner nature request, which shows that despite the contraindications, the area is likely to lack food and nutrition. If there is no adverse reaction after the test, you can also consume an appropriate amount. Many people sweat profusely after exercise or work,  they want to eat fruit and drink soup. This is a natural and good physiological response. However, for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular patients and frail elderly people, it is not recommended to sweat like rain, nor to eat more fruits and vegetables. It is best to eat less and cook your own food.

In daily habits, keeping calm, obeying nature, and letting go are the basic principles of Dr Emily Han's "H-force"-"Smart diet and lifestyle Therapy"©.  

The work and rest habits of natural animals in winter are similar to hibernation. High quality and adequate sleep are the best nutrition for the cardiovascular system. Eat less dinner and eat early, which can help you sleep more and better. Avoid excessive activity. Excessive exercise, thinking, drinking and fatigue can damage the blood vessels of the heart and brain. Calm  nourish the soul and life.

 In nature, the sunshine time in winter is very short. Most animals prepare for spring in winter and greatly reduce their activities. Sleep more and even hibernation. When you are in poor health or old age, please use winter style work and rest to reduce food intake, reduce exercise and increase sleep. It is self-regulating and can naturally transition to the spring state.

Eating three  serious meals is not a natural phenomenon. It is natural to eat on demand, and only eat when you are hungry. Eating less and fasting are natural remedies for sick animals. When chickens, ducks, geese, cats, dogs, etc. in the yard are sick, they usually fast and only drink some water. This is a natural remedy. For all emergencies, only fasting and drinking hot water are the simplest and most reliable natural remedies.

A very important point of Dr Emily Han's "H-force”-“Smart diet and lifestyle Therapy"©  is to adjust mood.  Emotion ~ Heart disease, emotion directly affects the heart.

The rapid changes in mood will lead to rapid changes in heart rate, blood pressure, hormones and other endocrine hormones, just like wind, rain and lightning in nature, which will have a strong impact on the internal climate of the human body. During severe and long-term mood swings, when your internal environment is in the autumn state, it will severely change the climate environment in your body, just like strong winds, heavy rain, thunder and lightning in autumn. In severe cases, the human body will quickly transition to a state of loss of energy and depression, which may lead to serious  diseases. Many people have irreversible changes in their internal physiological environment due to severe emotional fluctuations.    Always maintain a kind attitude, a calm attitude, don't be surprised by honor or humiliation, forgive others and forgive yourself, your heart and body will be healthy. If you accidentally enter a state of depression, the best diet therapy is: eating as little as possible and fasting will put the body's internal environment in a dormant state, so that the body's internal environment and internal climate can survive the deadly autumn。Eat when angry,People with fairly healthy internal environment usually directly cause diseases such as gastritis, cholecystitis, appendicitis, pancreatitis and intestinal obstruction. If you are hungry, you can only drink a little syrup, polenta, red bean porridge, millet porridge or mung bean porridge and radish kimchi. They are easy to digest and do not make people feel swollen.

Due to the various pressures of work, study and life, these will also have an impact on the heart. Negative emotions can damage the heart, and heart damage can cause negative emotions and create a vicious circle. Some people with unhealthy hearts are often in a bad mood. Family and friends should try to understand. In many cases, bad emotions are caused by illness. Broken heart really broke your heart. 


Refreshing and tasty food is very important for regulating the heart and mood. Avoid eating too much meat, fried food, fish and shrimp, etc., and light, sweet and sour food will stabilize the mood.

 Buddhism focuses on the cleanliness of the six root, keep peace and tranquility. Vegetarians can help practitioners to stabilize their mood and reduce anxiety to a large extent, but vegetarians should avoid eating large amounts of cold vegetables alone, and should match appropriate spices.

Eat as much cabbage, white radish, carrots, tomatoes, bamboo shoots, kelp, corn, fungus and other appetizers and meat dishes with spicy seasonings. Cooking with mustard oil can also reduce phlegm, regulate and relieve coughing.

 In winter, the activities of animals are greatly reduced, and some even hibernate. They are not affected by the environment, have extremely low heart rates, sustain life and prepare for spring. Therefore, patients and the elderly must have a winter timetable, eat less, exercise less, sleep more, and have a winter mood, calm and quiet, and spring is bound to usher.


Have you heard of cardiovascular diseases and strokes or even fatal situations caused by improper diet or unfortunate events? For patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, patients with invisible heart disease and stroke threats, as well as the elderly, diet and lifestyle habits determine their health status.

​Most chronic diseases are caused by long-term inappropriate diet, lifestyle, and bad mood. These bad emotions and lifestyle can cause changes in the body's physiological activities at the cellular level, destroy the physiological activities of cell tissues, and lead to regulation and aplastic disorders. 

Prevention is better than cure! The most important aspects of prevention and treatment are smart and healthy diet, lifestyle, and mood regulation. Many diseases have never been cured by drugs. When many patients go to clinics or hospitals to see doctors due to chronic diseases, most of them are late, unable to recover or even be saved.


Intelligently chooses mature natural foods in four seasons and adjusts the internal environment to spring stage. Avoid  the physiological activities of the human body entering the autumn environment and climate. In the face of disease and ageing, self-regulation and treatment are carried out through the winter diet and the winter lifestyle as animals in nature. Self-care is usually carried out through spring diet and a combination of spring lifestyle. Be calm inside, coexist with nature, and let nature go with its flow. The above is: the Purpose of Dr Emily Han's "H-force”-“Smart diet and lifestyle Therapy"©.  

 Your health is yours. May everyone eat wisely, live wisely and stay healthy physically and mentally.

10. In conclusion... Emotions and food
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