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"Respect nature, listen to the original voice of nature, explore and understand the original laws of nature, and use the gifts of nature to adjust the natural balance of a person's health."
This is the purpose of the elite natural life science research team headed by Dr Emily Han to explore and utilize the natural energy of plants to develop and regulate the healthy energy balance of human beings.

Maintain the immune system,

clean up and maintain the genetic environment, maintain healthy genes, and remove mutant genes.

Be healthy on the deepest level.

Combination of three herbal formula series for all diseases .


•The sun, moon and ocean produce miracles of life through "energy function ", "tidal function " and "structural function ",

•The mirroring in vertebrate life is:

•1. Heart-led blood circulation and human body electromagnetic regulation system;

•2. Lymphatic circulation 、tidal cycle and immune regulation system lead by lymphatic heart;

•3. Self-renewal and regeneration regulation system based on bone marrow stem cells.

•These represent the interrelationship between the sun, moon and ocean in life.


•These three basic functions are the basis for the existence of life. As long as we figure out how to regulate them, diseases can be fundamentally solved.


•There is no real disease in the world. Most of the so-called diseases are compensatory phenomena between these three basic life functions.

•Everything satisfies the basic meaning of life: continuation and regeneration.

•Find out why these compensatory behaviours occur at the cellular level, make adjustments,

•Through the "three herbal formulas " to improve one's own adaptability and internal environment, you can heal yourself .


•Combination of three herbal formulas for all diseases


•1. Sun diseases, energy metabolism disorder.

•2. Moon diseases , periodic regulation, tidal disturbance.

•3. Bone marrow diseases, structural regeneration dysfunction.


•Perhaps, not all diseases can be cured, as long as a new optimal balance is found...

•For example, in the phenomenon of aging, we can only constantly find a new optimal balance on the road of aging, and constantly maintain our three functional states!

•Inspired by and Thanks to: 

•Lao Tzu (The ancestor of Taoism, the head of the Eastern sage)

•Tao De Jing:

•“Tao produces one, one produces two, two produces three, and three produces all things. All things are yin and yang, moon and sun, all things tend to be harmonious.”


•Francis Bacon (British materialism and the ancestor of the whole of modern experimental science)

• The Great Instauration

•"It would be inappropriate to call our planet 'Earth', it's clearly 'ocean'."


•Isaac Newton (Laying the foundations of world physics and astronomy)

•Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy

•"The combined gravitational forces of the sun and moon cause the periodic ebb and flow of the oceans on Earth." That's exactly what happened, and Newton laid the foundations of the theory of tides.


•Nikola Tesla (The cornerstone of modern electromagnetism research, the greatest inventor of all time)

•Tesla Autobiography

•“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”


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