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"I have participated in the treatment of various intractable diseases. Especially those who are overwhelmed, lose faith in medical treatment, or even give up treatment. I can deeply feel the pain and helplessness of patients and their families.

  The patients and their families I have a relationship with have stood with us for a long time. As our condition changes, improves and recovers, our moods fluctuate with it.

The difficult and tortuous process of treatment, seeing the signs of improvement and eventual recovery, seeing the changes in the patient's body, mind and soul, seeing the smiling faces of family, friends and clinic staff, knowing that his or her life is getting better , I feel gratified and proud."  Dr Emily Han


Why do my friends recommend Dr Emily Han to me? Is there anything special about her?

Dr Emily Han is a Gemini and is not very good at communicating with people.

There was a bit of indifference in her heart.
But deep down, she is kind and caring, with a special emphasis on fate. She is Buddhist.

In contact with Dr. Emily Han, people at different stages and levels will have different evaluations of her.

Patients who are new to Dr. Han usually comment like this:

1. Well, she looks like a very ordinary doctor, but the medicine she gives us is a bit different, many of which are small powders developed by her team.

2. Her ancestral acupuncture bone-setting technique is very special. My pain eased immediately. Do I still need to see a specialist or have surgery?

3. Dr. Emily Han's English is very good, and there is no problem in communication.

Here's what Dr. Han's die-hard fans have to say:

1. She doesn't brag, she never forces people. At first I thought she was an ordinary Chinese medicine practitioner.
So, after seeing Dr. Emily Han, in order to cure my own disease, I traveled all over the world of Chinese medicine and went to see many "famous doctors" who self claimed can cure all diseases. Eventually, I went back to Dr. Han.
Ahem, no comparison, harm is useless. You can only understand if you are fooled yourself. I will never leave Dr Han again.

2. Dr. Emily Han, your level is so high, why don't you advertise it?
Dr Emily Han said: "I only work three days a week, so I'm already very busy. Existing patients and friends are the most important to me.

So many patients, I really can't stand it. This ignores the patients and friends who have been supporting me so I have to take care of them first. So I don't need to be in the limelight, just rely on fate. "

Therefore, ordinary friends, ordinary minor illnesses, generally please do not introduce them to Dr. Han.

3. Tcm Dr. Emily  Han's medicinal herbs for treating the heart and nourishing the heart are indescribable.

These incurable disease, fatty liver, depression, obesity, constipation, kidney deficiency, All have been improved.,
After taking it for many years, my body is getting better and better. When my friends saw my condition, they all inquired about Dr. Han with me.

4. Close relatives suffer from cancer due to hereditary constitution. Now our whole family is under the care of Dr. Han.
Especially after taking her bone marrow maintenance medicine,

I can clearly see the progress of skin regeneration, no longer dry, smooth, sleep progress, all kinds of allergies progress.

5. Naturally prone to injury. It hurts here and there. Dr. Han seemed to help me out easily, one-stop service.

How does Dr. Han feel about herself?
1. "There is only medicine for diseases that don't deserve to die, and it is God who saves lives"; "Doctor Han will not take the initiative to persuade you to treat diseases."

As a Buddhist, Dr. Han believes that the patients who accompany her and trust her are destined to pay attention to nature, health and wellness.

2. I have two unprecedentedly effective treatments on hand.

Although it is the result of our scientific research, it is also inseparable from chance and coincidence. It must be a gift from God.
One for heart disease and the other for bone marrow disease,

both are life-changing drugs.
Use with caution. Because I don't think I have the right to change other people's destiny,

I have to fear the gift of God and use it on those who are destined.

3. I work three days a week and feel very tired.

I can't take care of too many people. Forgive me, but I will take good care of those who are destined.

How do Emily  view modern medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, and natural medicine?

Western medicine mainly uses anatomy, physiology, chemistry and other knowledge and research results to study and treat diseases, and still treats the human body in the four-dimensional space.

Traditional natural therapies such as traditional Chinese medicine look at the human body and nature with the view of the earth-centered universe, the holistic view of the unity of man and nature, and dialectical treatment. These are far from enough.

From a higher dimension, all health problems are closely related to the overall energy regulation of the human body. Energy regulation is based on the interaction of the human body's magnetic field, electric field, and spiritual consciousness, and is at least influenced by the cosmic space from the solar system.

The human body is a product of nature and must obey the laws of nature. In addition to the theories of Chinese and Western medicine, our diagnosis and treatment methods also have an important perspective: energy coordination, balance, and synchronization (biophysics).

However, energy status is not the research scope and test object of traditional Chinese and Western medicine. This is why there are some diseases that neither Western medicine nor Chinese medicine have a clear diagnosis or treatment, and chronic diseases cannot be cured.

If energy and system disturbances reach the point where the body's electrical, magnetic and neurohumoral regulation breaks down, all organ problems may simultaneously send out danger signals. This is why some healthy people "have good physical examination results every year and take good care of themselves, but suddenly find that they have a terminal illness."

If the patient observes carefully, he/she will find that the dosage of each herb used by Dr Emily is very small, convenient and comfortable to take, and has no stimulation to the body, but the effect is relatively strong. Why?

Although the drug instructions use traditional medical theory explanations that everyone can understand, it is also for the convenience of patients to understand.

In fact, the medicines used by Emily to treat chronic intractable diseases are all based on the energy regulation of the disorder that occurs at the physiological energy level of the human body.

It is not physical or chemical treatment, nor is it regulating yin, yang, five elements, qi, blood or viscera. Instead, the natural energetic properties of herbs are used to regulate the body's energy field.

By recognizing the natural energetic properties of herbs, miracles can be achieved with minimal medication.

When the magnetic field, electric field, nerves, and emotions in the human body gradually improve and become more coordinated, you will have a healthier body and a more perfect life.

What kind of patients does Dr. Han like to see the most?

1. A patient referred by a friend of the patient.
They have a certain degree of understanding of Dr. Han and are easy to communicate with.

2. Long-term illness, or even terminally ill patients.
Because most of these patients have experienced countless experts and famous doctors,

they have a deep understanding of their own conditions and have no unrealistic expectations.
Through the treatment, they can quickly understand the capabilities and treatment effects.

3. Care about the health of yourself and your family and friends, and be a caring person.
Because Gemini Doctor Han is not sociable,

but can especially resonate with caring people.

4. Hobbies, knowledge of Chinese medicine philosophy, professionals, and even patients who are doctors.
These patients are particularly easy to communicate with,

and can quickly understand Dr. Han's new treatment concept and the scientific and philosophical principles behind it.

Thanks for your patience in reading this,
This proves that you are someone who cares about your health and

is interested in getting to know Dr.Emily  Han.
Maybe fate starts here.
Wish you good health, a happy mood, and a better life from now on!

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