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Brief introduction of Beijing Tongrentang, Auckland clinic ,TCM Dr. Emily Han

General practitioner of

Chinese medicine, ACC

registered acupuncturist.

From Dalian, China,


from Liaoning College of

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Department of Traditional

Chinese Medicine,


of Biology, Liaoning Normal


double degree. The fourth


of ancestral TCM general


More than 20 years of

medical experience.

Good at: using traditionalChinese medicine theories and prescriptions to cooperate. The teacher teaches secret recipes to regulate the body's constitution as a whole. Cure the disease, prevent the disease.

Good at treating sports injuries, Pain, spleen and stomach disease, liver and gallbladder disease,

Chronic diseases etc.


TCM Dr. Emily Han's opinion, TCM treatment has the following characteristics:

First of all, Chinese medicine diagnosis is the focus. Must be clear

Etiology and physique. Symptoms, indicators

Or the name of the disease is the appearance, not the essence. To target

Make a treatment plan for the cause, refer to

Different physiques guide medication. On this basis, even It is a long-term illness, but it can also make serious Improvement or cure.

Secondly, the curative effect of Chinese medicine is definite. When the cause is clear,

Under the premise of proper treatment, some diseases can be cured in a miraculous and short time; other chronic diseases require longer-term treatment due to the characteristics of the disease and physical reasons. Patients must have confidence and patience to improve their physical fitness and cannot seek quick results. In addition, the treatment plan of Chinese medicine is comprehensive, including cooperation between doctors and patients, including treatment time, medication methods and dietary contraindications, and healthy lifestyle. Doctors and patients are teammates and comrades-in-arms, and work together to fight the disease. Therefore, good communication and mutual trust are required to achieve the expected therapeutic effect. In addition, the treatment methods of Chinese medicine are diverse: At present, I mainly use traditional acupuncture in the clinic. In addition to prescriptions, I also cooperate with the secret method of decoction, pill powder and acupuncture and bone setting. Choose the right combination for different diseases and develop the best and fastest treatment plan.

Several typical cases are for reference.

1) Foot pain can not walk plus polycystic ovary syndrome.

A girl, 19 years old, started to have pain at the top of the back of her left foot two years ago. At the beginning, she felt pain when she walked. One year later, it worsened and was treated with surgery. It became more serious. It was painful without walking and sleeping, and the left foot could not bear weight. The feet are not swollen. Because of this pain, the girl was unable to study and rest normally, so that her studies were interrupted; she was depressed and unhappy,  had no menstruation for more than half a year, and her chin and lips has thick hairs. Western medicine diagnosed polycystic ovary syndrome. The parents sought medical treatment frequently, but they did not get better, and the family was under great pressure. Her mother was introduced by a friend and hoped to bring her child to TCM Dr. Emily Han. She shed tears many times when she stated her condition, which made people very sad. After careful inspection, TCM Dr. Emily Han found several lesions from the knee to the tarsal and metatarsal joints of the feet, and formulated a comprehensive treatment plan, including acupuncture, bone setting, Chinese medicine oral and external washing, rehabilitation exercises and other methods. The pain in the feet continues to improve, from pain to no pain, from being unable to bear weight to being able to stand on tiptoes, from being able to walk to being able to walk far and running. At the same time, acupuncture and Chinese medicine are used in the treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome. From no menstruation to menstruation, from irregular menstruation to normal menstruation, the hairs gradually become softer and lighter and become normal, until they are completely cured. It took one year before and after.

TCM Dr. Emily Han's note: During the treatment, the patient and parents give TCM Dr. Emily Han great trust and do their best to cooperate with the treatment. Especially for polycystic ovary syndrome, no improvement can be seen in the initial stage of treatment for two to three months. It is not easy for young girls to still insist on acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Some patients do not want acupuncture, some do not like taking herbal medicine, and some cannot correct bad habits. This is not good. It is necessary to believe that the treatment plan given by the doctor after careful consideration is purposeful and targeted. Changing the treatment method will greatly reduce the efficacy. In many cases, due to the characteristics of the disease, the treatment time is long, the effect is late, and the effect is slow. Without the patient's trust, confidence, patience, and persistence, it is impossible to get the final recovery.

Emphasize one point: not all treatments can be as effective as drumming.

2) Pain in vagina and lower abdomen for 30 years.

This is a 45-year-old female patient who accompanied her mother-in-law to TCM Dr. Emily Han. For the past 30 years, she has been suffering from vaginal and lower abdomen pain. The recurring episodes are irregular and cannot be prevented. The duration of each time is not necessarily. In the past 30 years, numerous inspections have been done, and the results showed no abnormalities. In addition, life and work are normal, with 2 children, both healthy. Family doctors have been taking antibiotics for many years, but the effect is not obvious. Instead, I feel tired, so I take a while and stop for a while. Trying various treatments, the effect is not optimistic. So that the patient has given up hope.

This case is a long-term pain, the diagnosis is unknown, and antibiotics are abused. Regardless of whether it is Chinese medicine, Western medicine or any other medical methods, until the cause is not found, any treatment is like a blind person walking at night. Fortunately, through the four consultations, TCM Dr. Emily Han found the cause of this disease, which lies in the cold during menstruation many years ago. In addition, the patient’s mood changes and the liver-qi is unfavorable, which makes the cold-qi stay in the Jueyin liver meridian, and the cold-qi cannot spread outward. It can't drain inward, so that the choking pain recurs, sometimes light and sometimes severe. According to the cause, TCM Dr. Emily Han formulated a treatment plan with Chinese medicine and acupuncture. The first treatment achieved a significant effect, and the consolidation treatment was cured within one month. It has been 2 years, and she has never suffered anymore.

TCM Dr. Emily Han's comment: Although the disease has a long course, it is still a positive disease from the perspective of Chinese medicine, or the disease does not stay deep, does not damage the internal organs, and does not enter the "paste", so when the diagnosis is clear, use the medicine carefully Sometimes, there will be a seemingly "magical" effect. In fact, behind the magic is the essence of Chinese medicine-syndrome differentiation and treatment.

There is a saying called "If the herbal medicine is right , you only need  a mouthful of herbal soup, but if it is wrong, a boat of herbal soup would not work at all "

3) Recurrent episodes of chest tightness, dizziness, and fainting.

A woman, 50 years old, had a strange disease in the past few years. Normally, there is nothing wrong with the body, when the onset of illness fainted, dizzy, unable to open eyes; headache, head swelling, chest tightness, flustered, upset, unable to speak, unable to listen to voices; nausea and vomiting, can neither drink nor eat any food. Every time she was sent to the hospital for emergency, the results of various inpatient examinations were all normal. After a week or so, the symptoms gradually relieved. She claims that she can't find any incentives, and she wants to die if she has a seizure. Normally, she is normal. Chinese and foreign hospitals have checked many times and are in good health. When she was discharged from the hospital a year ago, she was still dizzy, upset, nauseous, weak, she wanted to eat, but  couldn’t eat anything. The patient believed that she was in good health. Careful investigation, TCM Dr. Emily Han  found that she also had symptoms: bitter mouth, dry throat, astringent eyes, chest not covered with quilt when sleeping, scalp oil easily, etc. Due to the long-term existence of these symptoms, the patient has taken it for granted. After a comprehensive examination, it was diagnosed that the autoimmune system was disordered, and the pulse diagnosis was consistent with liver and spleen incompatibility, with interlocking cold and heat. Oral Chinese medicine and acupuncture treatment gradually improved. After one month of conditioning, the symptoms disappeared, and the medicine was gradually reduced to consolidate the curative effect and strengthen the physical fitness. After three months, the medicine was stopped and healed. A few months later, she came back for a follow-up visit because of a cold. She was slightly dizzy and nauseous. After taking the medicine for three days, she basically recovered, and took another 3 days to consolidate. The dizziness has not recurred, and she usually pass by the clinic to say hello and chat and laugh.

TCM Dr. Emily Han's note: Traditional Chinese medicine has great advantages in treating this kind of unknown disease. Many people ask TCM Dr. Emily Han when they go to TCM Dr. Emily Han : What is my disease? In fact, for the disease, the name is not important. It can be called dizziness, headache, nausea, or a name called XX syndrome, but the cause is unknown. It doesn't matter whether you are famous or not, the key is where the pathogenesis is. The same dizziness can be inflammation of liver fire, phlegm-dampness block, deficiency of qi, wind-cold restraint, or cervical spine deviation. TCM Dr. Emily Han do a lot of investigation and analysis when making a diagnosis in order to make a correct judgment. Combined with the patient's physique, consider the living environment, nature of work, age and gender characteristics to determine the appropriate treatment plan.

At the same time, patients also need to actively cooperate with treatment, and adhere to treatment after the symptoms are significantly relieved, in order to achieve a complete cure.

4) Wrist joint injury does not heal for half a year, surgery is waiting.

A woman, nearly 50 years old, suffered pain in her wrist for half a year after falling and was unable to hold objects; her wrist pain radiated to her forearm and she could not sleep at night. No fractures, no fractures, no osteoporosis. Various treatments have not improved, the specialist recommends surgery. After being introduced by his family doctor, she came to TCM Dr. Emily Han's office for the last attempt before the operation.

The patient is tall and physically strong, with strong bones. Since her teens, she has done a lot of physical labor and physical exercise. She does not pay attention to the combination of work and rest, resulting in old injuries all over the body. However, the patient has strong endurance, all kinds of pain, and never pays attention. For a long time, joint qi stagnation and blood stasis, stiffness and unfavourable movement, and symptoms of autoimmune system disorder. In view of the cause, on the one hand, new injuries are treated with bone setting and acupuncture; on the other hand, old patients are treated with oral and topical fumigation and washing with traditional Chinese medicine. Later, Chinese medicine is taken to restore the function of the autoimmune system. In the course of TCM Dr. Emily Han's treatment, the patient negotiated with the hospital twice to postpone the operation date, and finally healed completely instead of the operation, and the patient's overall health condition was significantly improved.

According to TCM Dr. Emily Han: There are many cases of this kind. For example, carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger finger, knee osteoarthritis, lumbar spine, cervical spine, and other joints are injured and are not healed. Those who are preparing and waiting for surgical treatment have a great chance of conservative treatment and recovery. You should carefully decide whether Surgery, try to delay the operation until there is nothing to do, and the pain is unbearable at the same time, before considering surgery, surgery is the last option.

At the same time, patients should be clear: surgery may have good results, or it may not solve the problem, and sometimes it may even make things worse.

The enlightenment from these cases:

1) There are no unprovoked illnesses in the world, but we have not found a cause and correct treatment.

2) As a doctor, you don't use guesswork to treat a disease, you only find the cause of it; you can't blindly treat the patient if you can't find the cause.

3) As a patient, you must find a doctor you trust, cooperate with the doctor to realise the treatment plan, and complete the treatment beautifully.

4) Patients with chronic diseases and chronic diseases should not give up their confidence in treatment. When the diagnosis and method are appropriate, many difficult diseases can be improved or cured.


TCM Dr. Emily Han's information

【Time】Tuesday, Friday, Saturday 10:00-17:30

[Address] Beijing Tongrentang West District Store 9B/955 New North Rd, Mt Albert


Auckland |Best Chinese herbal medicine  doctor and acupuncturist Dr Emily Han
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