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Auckland |Best Chinese herbal medicine  doctor and acupuncturist Dr Emily Han
Auckland |Best Chinese herbal medicine  doctor and acupuncturist Dr Emily Han

"One of the best Chinese doctor in Auckland "-

TCM Dr. Emily Han /  Han Xiaonan
Release time: 2013-09-20 14:14:57  


"Fantastic Doctor"-TCM Dr. Emily Han. 

Speaking of Dr.Emily Han/ Han Xiaonan, the patients treated by her like to use the word "magic" to describe her.


Dr. Emily Han is from Dalian, Liaoning Province, China. Many members of the family are engaged in Chinese medicine

Influenced by her relatives, she has a keen interest in Chinese medicine since she was a child.

In particular, the bone setting laid a good foundation for her to become a "genius doctor" in the future.

After graduating from Liaoning College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dr Emily Han worked in acupuncture, skin and ward of Dalian Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Working in multiple departments, contacting different patients, and actively helping the visiting experts to copy medical records

With her good comprehension, she has gained rapid success in her Chinese medicine business.

improve. Dr Emily Han immigrated to New Zealand in 2001. After passing the exam for registered Chinese medicine physicians,

In 2003, Dr. Emily Han's Dalian Chinese Medicine Clinic was officially listed. Because she is very good at treating various intractable diseases with ancient Chinese medicines

, so the patients are respected as "magic doctor."  . In 2010,  General Manager Xie Chinan

"Three visits to the thatched cottage"  invited her to the New Zealand Shiyitang.


"Finding the Root"

Most of the patients who have been treated by Dr Emily Han have seen Western medicine first, and have a common experience.

That is to say, Dr. Emily Han do not treat the head or feet with headaches.

Ms. Cong is 63 years old and suffered from acute mumps in 2006. One side of her face was severely swollen and very painful.

She used western medicine to check the parotid duct at the Beijing Stomatological Hospital. Finally, the blockage of the parotid duct was ruled out, and she was diagnosed as aging. Ms. Cong felt that she had lost the hope of cure. Next, she took a lot of anti-inflammatory drugs. The inflammation was eliminated. It became a chronic disease, and the face swelled again when I encountered cold, heat, cold, or irritating food. After she came to New Zealand in 2006, she had frequent attacks. The family doctor still prescribed anti-inflammatories. During the period, she had also seen Chinese medicine. The result was that she had anti-inflammatory after taking the medicine, and then the attack occurred again. Two years ago, Ms. Cong accidentally saw an introduction to Dr. Emily Han in the local newspaper, and she found Dr. Emily Han with the idea of ​​giving it a try.  Dr. Emily Han diagnosed her as a malposition of the mandibular joint and cervical spine, which caused inflammation, and immediately treated her for bone orthopedics. Ms. Cong only heard a "gappa" sound, did not feel any pain, but immediately felt a lot easier in the affected area. After that, Ms. Cong came to see it five or six times and took Chinese medicine, and felt that it was fundamentally better.

Finding the root cause of the disease and receiving symptomatic treatment gave Ms. Cong confidence in Dr Emily Han. After that, her throat pain, stomach pain, poor sleep and other problems that were not cured by Western doctors, she came to see the Dr. Emily Han , and even dared not try before. Dr. Emily Han do all of the acupuncture and moxibustion. Ms. Cong said that Dr. Emily Han had a very accurate diagnosis on the pulse condition, found the root cause of the disease well, analyzed the condition thoroughly and explained clearly. She prescribes a small amount of medicine, the price is not expensive, and the quality of the medicine is good, especially thanks to Dr. Emily Han. Ms. Cong said that Chinese medicine has found the root cause of my illnesses these few times. I really feel that Chinese medicine is better than Western medicine from Dr. Emily Han. I have personally experienced the benefits of Chinese medicine, especially acupuncture and moxibustion. The patient's home".

Healing "Destined People"

However, not all patients understand Chinese medicine and Dr. Emily Han in this way. Dr. Emily Han said, for example, when the disease of liver and gallbladder is unfavorable, different people will have different manifestations: headache, dizziness, nausea, rash, abdominal distension, hepatitis, rib pain and so on. It can be treated with a small modification of a prescription. On the other hand, these symptoms are not necessarily due to liver and gallbladder problems. Just like many diseases can cause headaches, patients often call and ask: "You doctor can't cure headaches. "Can it be cured?" "How long will it be cured?" Dr. Emily Han said that the same problem is to find the root cause by checking the pulse. During the treatment, I am not necessarily treating the headache, so I don’t see the patient. Law answer. Facing such patients who do not understand Chinese medicine, Dr. Emily Han is also helpless. She believes in treating people who are destined.

Last April, Dr. Emily Han received treatment for a Kiwi patient, Ms. Muller. Ms. Muller broke her wrist two years ago and suffered from severe pain. After 5 months of physical therapy and steroid injection treatments, Western doctors did not figure out the problem, so she was finally treated with surgery. The 43-year-old Ms. Muller didn't want to have an operation at such a young age. Her family doctor recommended her to Dr. Emily Han and said that this person would be optimistic about your illness. Because Dr. Emily Han  had cured other patients of the family doctor before. Ms. Muller consciously tried all the therapies, so she came to a Korean doctor with suspicion. After examination, Dr. Emily Han diagnosed that it was a wrist misalignment and treated it with the bone setting method. The patient felt that the pain was reduced by half overnight. After that, he was subjected to four or five times of acupuncture and moxibustion to wash the affected area with a simple Chinese medicine bath. There was no Chinese medicine. Eat, the wrist healed. Since then, her back pain, shoulder pain, lack of Qi and blood have come to Dr. Emily Han and recommended 3 friends for treatment, all of which have received satisfactory results.

"Remote" treatment

Although Dr. Emily Han insists on treating the patient after taking the pulse, she does not mean that the patient cannot be cured without seeing the patient.

Two years ago, Dr. Emily Han took over a patient who was in Beijing. The patient was suffering from colorectal cancer. After surgery, part of the large intestine was removed. However, the various indicators of laboratory tests were always high, and Western medicine prescribed 12 times of chemotherapy. After 4 chemotherapy sessions, the patient was introduced by a friend and found Dr. Emily Han . Dr. Emily Han told him to take less chemotherapy, prescribed Chinese medicine for him, and told him when his stool would come out. During this period, the patient sent photos of his ears and tongue to Dr. Emily Han via the Internet every two weeks. After taking the medicine for more than 3 months, one day the patient told the Dr. Emily Han  that he had a bowel movement. After 3 days, Dr. Emily Han  told him it was the time. The patient went to the hospital for an examination, and sure enough all the indicators were normal.

Earlier this year, a classmate of Dr. Emily Han in Canada called and said that he was suffering from dysmenorrhea and chills. Dr. Emily Han sent an email to tell her what medicine to take, how to take it, and what would happen after taking it. Of classmates were cured after taking the medicine for 3 months.

To do this, Dr. Emily Han relies on experience and understanding of patients. She emphasized that the patients were introduced by classmates or friends. They knew each other and couldn't get rid of them. Otherwise, people who didn't understand would not risk treatment.

"Gossip" to see a doctor

Another characteristic of Dr. Emily Han’s treatment for patients is that she usually tells the patient’s living habits and personality with a pulse, just like a fortune teller, so some patients and Dr. Emily Han  joked, “What’s the matter? I can't hide from you," Dr. Emily Han also laughed and said that he was seeing a doctor as "gossip".

Not long ago, a high school girl was brought to see a doctor by her mother. The teenage girl was dizzy and insomnia. The first sentence after taking her pulse, Dr. Emily Han told her mother that your daughter has only one problem, that is, she is studying well. Up. The mother and daughter exclaimed at the same time: "How did you know?" Mom said that her daughter did study well, and she won the prize back, never worrying about her study. Dr. Emily Han gave them an analysis and said that it was because the energy was used for study that it caused the lack of effort on the pulse condition, and warned the girls to pay attention to adjustments, not to be too strong, and to take full marks every time; A good habit, don't stay up late to catch up with homework, otherwise there will be more problems in the future, such as palpitation, dizziness, menopause and so on. The girl said immediately, right? I feel flustered sometimes now. Thirdly, I can help you make up for the shortcomings. It is easy to supplement your diet, but there is the same thing. It cannot be too strong. Healed in two or three days.

Two months ago, a Kiwi came to see Dr. Emily Han. Unlike other kiwis who talked about his condition as soon as they came, this Kiwi just asked the doctor to see how his health was. After taking the pulse, Dr. Emily Han  asked him, do your family members have prostate, liver and gallbladder diseases? This Kiwi said, our family from father to grandfather has prostate disease, even prostate cancer. And ask, why are you asking this? Dr. Emily Han  said, you also have this tendency. This Kiwi is only in his 40s and does not have any feelings or symptoms of illness, but his pulse shows weak liver Qi. Dr. Emily Han analysed how his personality led to stagnation of liver qi. If this continues, men are likely to suffer from prostate disease. He nodded repeatedly and asked him what to do. Dr. Emily Han told him that he would give you some medicine to regulate it. At the same time, pay attention to self-cultivation and correction in advance, so that you will not get prostate disease in the future.

"Chat" with patients

Moreover, every time you see a patient, Dr. Emily Han like to chat with them, so that some patients say, "You talk so much every day, are you not tired?" It's better to give them a few shots to save trouble and make money. In fact, this is a feature of Dr. Emily Han s' medical treatment. Dr. Emily Han said that he is really tired when he keeps talking every day. Chinese medicine emphasizes "less words and nourish the qi", but when he sees the patient's situation, he feels that he can't help but to let the patient understand how their disease arises and how to avoid it. Repeat. Many patients have not only improved their physical and mental health through "chat" with Dr. Emily Han, they have even changed their lives since then.

The 38-year-old patient Ms. Wang is a strong independent woman. In 2011, she suffered from headache and nausea. When it was severe, she vomited. She committed it once in a week or two. During the attack, she had to lie down all day. Western medicine diagnosed high blood pressure, but after taking antihypertensive drugs, he became flustered and couldn't do anything. After finding Dr. Emily Han  last year, she was diagnosed with hepatobiliary disease and asked her to stop taking antihypertensive drugs. Ms. Wang came to the treatment intermittently, and the number of seizures was significantly reduced. There was no seizure in most of the year last year. At the end of the year, Ms. Wang was anxious to get angry due to moving, visiting, etc. In March of this year, she fell ill again after finishing her work at home. After healed, there was an atmosphere a while ago and it happened again. Dr. Emily Han was treating her while advising her not to be strong in everything. Ms. Wang said that Dr. Emily Han not only treats illnesses, but also provides psychological counseling. She especially understands patients. You may not find such a good one if you talk to friends. She said that this time she made up her mind to persist in curing the disease completely and to cultivate her character since then.

Ms. Muller is also a strong woman-like single mother. She has two young children. She is capable at work and has a high income. But the marriage is not going well. The two husbands left her only one child, but divided half of her fortune. She was disappointed in life. During the treatment, she became friends with Dr. Emily Han. Every time she came to see the doctor, she complained to Dr. Emily Han why the two husbands were not good to them. Dr. Emily Han helped her analyze her personality characteristics and tell her what to do. Later, Ms. Muller met another man and didn't know how to deal with the relationship. Dr. Emily Han cited other people's stories to inspire her, and finally Ms. Muller married this man and was very happy after marriage. Ms. Muller later wrote in a thank you letter to Dr. Emily Han  that the treatment provided by Dr. Emily Han using her incredible knowledge, skills and intuition has greatly improved my physical and mental health and happiness, and brought my life back to life. On track.

"Take care" of those around you

Speaking of what Chinese medicine is, in the minds of ordinary people, there is everything to say. Some say they sell medicine, health care products, needles, massage, Qigong, and even fake medicines. What exactly is Chinese medicine? Dr. Emily Han believes that from a macro perspective, Chinese medicine is a philosophy and an all-encompassing whole. It not only includes physical health, self-cultivation, but also psychology, outlook on life, values, etc. It is a unity of nature and man. From a microscopic point of view, Chinese medicine is actually a friend of yours. Before you have a certain disease, you can tell you in advance what you should and what you should not do to avoid future illnesses. This is Chinese medicine.

Dr. Emily Han said that no matter what kind of doctor you are, you can only see the people around you, and it is impossible to see people all over the world. At the beginning, I learned and used Chinese medicine to take care of my relatives and friends, but I found that I did just that. If you are willing to let me help you, then I will treat you as family and friends. Her simple remarks reflected a good doctor-patient relationship, so many patients eventually became her friends.

Once, an acquaintance brought a friend to see Dr. Emily Han for treatment. Dr. Emily Han also gave the acquaintance his pulse and told her to take a rest. The acquaintance said, no, I am building a house, there are too many things to be busy. Dr. Emily Han pointed out her existing symptoms one by one. She admitted that they had all, but said that she did not have time to rest. Dr. Emily Han said, if you don't have a good rest and don't take medicine, have you ever heard of "death from overwork"? The death from overwork is myocardial ischemia. You have a severe myocardial ischemia. Who do you earn so much money for? After speaking, this acquaintance immediately understood what Dr. Emily Han  meant. He went home and slept for 3 days and ate 3 sets of Chinese medicine prescribed by Dr. Emily Han. The ill symptoms disappeared, thus avoiding serious consequences.

Many people have told Dr. Emily Han that returning to the mainland China at your current level is very famous and there will be many patients. Dr. Emily Han said, so what? This is not what I want. Lao Tzu said that doing nothing to cure has become the highest level of Dr. Emily Han to practice medicine. She said, I just try my best to take care of the people around me. It would be best if I could treat the disease like Bian Que's elder brother.

That's it. With his good medical skills and medical ethics, Dr. Emily Han not only gain the trust and respect of patients, but also regain their confidence in Chinese medicine. As the patient Ms. Wang said, it is rare to find such a good, one of the best Chinese medicine doctor in Auckland,  New Zealand.

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Auckland |Best Chinese herbal medicine  doctor and acupuncturist Dr Emily Han
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