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Chinese medicine goes to the world~~Tongrentang gave a Chinese medicine lesson for the management of New Zealand's largest solid waste company!

Chinese medicine goes to the world—Tongrentang

gave a Chinese medicine lesson for the management

of New Zealand's largest solid waste company!

Beijing Tongrentang, Auckland clinic , TCM Dr. Emily Han

Original: Colleagues' Health Colleagues' Health 2016-08-03

Since Beijing Tongrentang entered Auckland in 2014,

it has been adhering to the concept of spreading

Chinese medicine culture,

While serving the majority of

Chinese friends in New Zealand, Beijing Tongrentang

Auckland Company has been committed to

Promote Chinese medicine culture to more foreign friends,

let more foreign friends understand, love and choose

Chinese medicine.

On July 26, Beijing Tongrentang in Beijing Capital

New Zealand Environmental Governance Co., Ltd.

Chinese manager Yang Bin

(Bryan Yang) recommended specifically for

the executives of Waste Management

TCM lectures in English.

Speaking of waste management, I believe that friends

in New Zealand are all familiar with it.

The largest local waste disposal company in New Zealand, has provided waste to many friends’ families and companies

Recycling work. The executives attending this meeting include CEO Tom Nickels, Chief Financial Officer

Evan Maehl, General Manager (Upper North Island) Mike McSaveney, General Manager (South Island)

Gareth James, General Manager (Lower North Island) David Howie, National Health, Safety and Environment

Manager Guy Smith, National Cooperative Services and Human Resources Manager Sharon Scott, National Client

Service manager Marsha Cadman, market development manager John Wang. As long-term contact

Western medicine, foreigners who have almost no knowledge of Chinese medicine, this lecture aroused strong opinions from the executives

Interest has also played a positive role in promoting TRT culture among foreigners.

This lecture was delivered by Beijing Tongrentang, Auckland clinic , TCM Dr. Emily Han, Chinese medicine physician, Hetian Jiaru Chinese medicine physician, mainly for


Explaining the basic knowledge of Chinese medicine culture, health preservation and acupuncture, TV33 TV station conducted a live interview.

Chinese medicine culture is broad and profound. How to explain the profound things in a simple way to make it easier for foreigners to quickly understand,

Accepting Chinese medicine is the main consideration in this lecture. Therefore, the lecture chose

Some related topics, together with on-site demonstrations and interactions, will enable senior executives to integrate into it,

Have fun and experience the charm of Chinese medicine culture.

Beijing Tongrentang, Auckland clinic , TCM Dr. Emily Han, who has many years of medical experience in New Zealand, gave a lecture on "Health and Healing". TCM Dr. Emily Han explained to everyone that the uniqueness of Chinese medicine is to help people achieve harmony between body and mind, and between man and nature, so that people can get physical and mental health, not just the health of Western medicine. In addition, the senior executives in the sedentary office are taught on the spot to do neck exercises, prevent cervical spondylosis, and how to get the pulse.

This event was successfully held in a lively and friendly atmosphere, which not only made the senior executives of Waste Management understand and love Chinese medicine, but also took a solid step for the promotion of Chinese medicine culture in KIWI!

Auckland |Best Chinese herbal medicine  doctor and acupuncturist Dr Emily Han
Auckland | best acupuncturist herbalist auckland emily han
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