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A trip to Tokyo~~A national treasure on earth©   By  Beijing Tongrentang, Auckland clinic , TCM Dr. Emily Han & Zhao

Auckland |Best Chinese herbal medicine  doctor and acupuncturist Dr Emily Han
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On September 29, 2018,  ©Copyright All rights reserved All rights reserved, please indicate the source for use
The trip to Tokyo from September 6th to 26th, 2018 ended successfully. Thank you sister-in-law’s family, U.S. Navy officer Cai, Mr. Li’s family, Mr. Lu’s family, Mr. Yao and Teacher Liu’s family, Mr. Xu’s family, etc. The hospitality makes us inspired and linger.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Human national treasure: According to my sister, Japan attaches great importance to the protection of cultural relics and designated various tangible cultural properties (such as architecture, paintings, sculptures, handicrafts, ancient books, classics, etc.) as "important cultural properties" or "national treasures" in accordance with the law. Strict protection, while intangible cultural properties (such as drama, music, crafts and technology, etc.) and various folk cultures are especially protected, the "national treasures" recognized by the state every year are highly valued. In July of this year, another 12 people won this honor, bringing Japan's existing "national treasures" to 114 people.

The National Treasure of the World (にんげんこくほう)は, Japan’s Cultural Property Protection Act, Article 71, Item 2 に基づき同国’s Minister of Education, Culture, Science, Science, and Technology Designated by the Minister of Culture, Science and Technology of the Same Countryある[Note 1][1]. Cultural Property Protection Actには「人间国宝" という文言はないが, each recognized holder of important intangible cultural property を指して人间国宝と呼ぶ通名が広く用いられている[2][3].


My younger sister and brother-in-law were college classmates. They were both naturally intelligent, talented and beautiful. In the late 1990s, they were empty-handed in Japan. Today a pair of children are smart and healthy, living in a noble apartment in Koto-ku, Tokyo. My brother-in-law is responsible for the development and marketing of a large French software company based in Tokyo. He is conscientious in his work, leaves early and returns late, and is thoughtful to his sister and children. Like most Japanese families, the gifted sister is a full-time housewife, an enviable happy family.

It is a pity that my sister has frequent headaches and tortures in recent years, so that it affects her work and life, and her emotions are also affected. She often cannot cope with housework and cooking. The most effective treatment is to relieve pain with analgesics. TCM Dr. Emily Han cooked the concentrated Chinese medicine the day before departure, and it was time to test our level of treatment. As a result of years of painstaking research in ancient and modern medicine at home and abroad, he has been generously taught by his predecessors and colleagues, summed up a set of treatment philosophy, based on the logic of cold and heat physique, evil spirits, and equipped with medulla dampness and phlegm medicine. The wife met for a diagnosis, and she was close to the estimate. She started taking it the next morning, with strict natural diet control, and the results were gratifying. Just a few minutes after drinking the medicine, my sister became nauseous and vomiting. With our encouragement, she vomited a few large mouthfuls of phlegm, and she immediately felt refreshed, and her headache symptoms were almost half better. It’s strange that after drinking this medicine, she turned into nausea. threw up? Still worried and asked, do I really need to take headache medicine? I have never been able to get through it. In the afternoon, I was still in good spirits, and the headache almost disappeared miraculously. During the few weeks we were in Japan, my sister took the medicine every day, she vomited immediately after taking it, and the amount of vomiting gradually decreased. After three weeks, the headache did not recur, and occasionally forgot to take the medicine, no problem. My sister said that it was too cool to throw up. First, I my Face-lift, and then I lost weight. I went shopping with us all day, and went home to cook and regain my youth. In fact, this medicine is not an vomiting medicine. When you take it until you feel no nausea, the disease is basically cured. Using the philosophical basis of this prescription and adding and subtracting the medicinal flavor, the lady has also successfully used some men's diseases, rheumatism, diabetes, kidney disease, lupus erythematosus and other patients, and achieved surprising results.

The niece and the little nephew can enjoy the delicacies made by their mother again, and the brother-in-law is also very happy, seeing their life mood getting better and better, so happy and sincerely happy. One prescription and a little help can solve her troubles for several years.

I hope that in the future, I will have the opportunity to help more friends solve the problems of diseases. There are many diseases that seem to be difficult to solve. If you deal with them properly, you may soon make gratifying progress. Wish every friend who is unwell. , All have their own suitable opportunities to solve problems as soon as possible and live a healthy life.​​​​​​​​​​​

We went to Yokosuka Port, a US naval base, at the invitation of an old friend, female officer Cai of the US Navy. She deliberately spent two days to accompany us to taste food and visit the US Navy base. The streets of Yokosuka are clean and spacious, with some American style. She also ate her favorite Japanese ramen. When I ate the first bite, I almost cried. I have always loved noodles, but the noodles in the first half of my life were eaten for nothing. This ramen soup is so delicious. I can’t imagine, I can’t believe that there is such a delicious noodle in the world that actually appeared in a ramen restaurant with an area of ​​less than 20 square meters and about ten seats in Yokosuka. After eating a large bowl of noodles, Madam and I asked embarrassedly, "Can I have soup? ’They even drank the soup. It is said that the noodle soup is secretly made by mixing fish bones, pork bones, chicken bones and special wild vegetables.

Boarding the destroyer she served in, saw part of the life of the US military and felt the hard work of the sailors. I am more at ease about world peace~~~~. Ms. Cai is brave and upright. She is enthusiastic and humorous towards her friends. When staying with her, everyone is always smiling and very happy. When she was on a mission, she succeeded in saving the information and power supply system of the entire ship because of a decisive attack. She was really proud of her second-class merit. The life of sailors is very difficult. They have been out to sea for a long time, living and working space is small, and there are three to four hundred people living on a ship. Ms. Cai told TCM Dr. Emily Han and me that most of the sailors had various physical disabilities when they retired. The space for movement on the warship was small, and the upper and lower sides were mainly ladders. The air-conditioning temperature was quite low, the ventilation was very strong, and the daily sailors had heavy training. Life is easy to cause various injuries and rheumatism. Almost every sailor has all kinds of insurmountable pains, which results in general disability when retiring. No wonder the eye-catching TV billboard opposite Yokosuka Railway Station is actually from the Osteopathic Institute. This is what a respectable soldier has done for those of us who can enjoy our daily lives with peace of mind and freedom. Years of hard work caused Ms. Cai's elbow pain, knee pain on one side, and ankle pain. She usually endured it because she had no rheumatism, hyperplasia, deformation, and no lesions observed. I still have to stick to my post. Who knows who hurts? TCM Dr. Emily Han treats these unknown pains, aseptic arthritis, lumbar discs, intractable, old pains, and all kinds of old injuries. Thank you for the generous teachings of Dr. Zhu. It was a master skill, I returned to my residence at night, asked Ms. Cai to sit down, have treaments without needles and drinking medicine. After a short time, all kinds of pains are miraculously better, and TCM Dr. Emily Han told her how to pay attention to injuries in the future. It is a protective posture used at work, and a self-regulation method once the habitual part is injured again. ‘I’m delayed in receiving the disability allowance in the future, hahaha’, Ms. Cai said: ‘Elder sister, come to Yokosuka, the U.S. military will not be able to cure it, and the combat effectiveness will increase. Hehe, we imagine that we may be able to follow the US military base, and we can travel around the world in the future.

The injuries and illnesses caused by the working environment are indeed annoying, it is difficult to obtain effective health guidance, and it is even more difficult to change careers and positions. Many friends continue to work with their illnesses and contribute to themselves, their families, and society. Today's affluent life is earned by the sweat and hard work of every worker. As a doctor, being able to improve their physical conditions is a small contribution.​​​​​​​​​

My younger sister’s brother-in-law’s alumni,  best friend Mr. Lu and the young and beautiful Ms. Beibei, the family lives happily in high-end luxury apartments in Tokyo's luxury residential districts. Some parts of Tokyo that really make people feel crowded are still very spacious. The hostess, Ms. Beibei, is a yoga instructor, she doesn’t need to say what her figure is. She has a good husband and teaches her children. She has very little free time. She almost doesn’t cook at home. She deliberately uses a good food, wine and air transport on the day. The hairy crabs entertain us with great enthusiasm. After drinking for three rounds, the wife gave her a pulse. According to TCM Dr. Emily Han's words, this pulse is to see the inner scenes, emotions and energy environment of the body. In the past, patients often praised Madam, TCM Dr. Emily Han, you can tell your fortunes. It’s amazing. The bad guys dare not look for your pulse anymore, they can't hide it. Soon my sister, TCM Dr. Emily Han and Beibei left our three half-drunk men and went to the small room to discuss their health. We drank until we were drunk, and we arranged to meet again at the Chinese restaurant opened by Mr. Yao tomorrow. Beibei said: Sister-in-law, TCM Dr. Emily Han, come to Japan, organize more than ten people in our building to accompany meals and go shopping in shifts, help us check our pulse and adjust our body. Why not study and study? Come to Tokyo to practice medicine, don't leave~~~~~. I don’t know what my wife told Beibei, what I did, the national treasures of the world are really attractive, I am so lucky, there seems to be a national treasure of the world to accompany you~~~~.


TCM Dr. Emily Han went to work the next day, and she forgot to bring her mobile phone and sent it by the way. The first thing Ms. Li, the manager of Tongrentang, saw me: Brother Zhao, don’t let TCM Dr. Emily Han go in the future. You have gone for three weeks and I am sick. , Coughing for 20 days is not good, TCM Dr. Emily Han came back yesterday and I almost recovered today.


On this trip to Japan, for the first time, I did something like a doctor, and was generously named such a glorious and flattered title by my sister and friends? Everyone’s encouragement has aroused our confidence to go to the next level, return everyone’s love, and work hard towards this world’s national treasure~~~~~. Being able to solve the illness for friends, the kind of happiness that my friends need in my heart, although TCM Dr. Emily Han have always been a low-key medical practice, and because of limited knowledge, medical skills and energy, there is no excessive publicity and advertising, and TCM Dr. Emily Han  worried about delaying the patient’s illness and delay. Learn deeply in meditation and improve your opportunities and time. Your appreciation, encouragement and love encourage us to continue to study ancient and modern medicine, learn from our dedicated colleagues, strive to become a national treasure in the world, provide more effective services to more destined people, and make progress with everyone.

 By  Beijing Tongrentang, Auckland clinic , TCM Dr. Emily Han & Zhao

Auckland |Best Chinese herbal medicine  doctor and acupuncturist Dr Emily Han
Auckland |Best Chinese herbal medicine  doctor and acupuncturist Dr Emily Han
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