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 Prevent and cure skin diseases and cancer
       TCM Dr. Emily Han, Beijing Tongrentang Auckland, New Zealand.   Mr. Zhao He ~ expert in modern physics.

"Herbal formula for restoring cellular environment", >> H-Force © series

So far, modern medicine and traditional medicine have no scientific theories and treatment methods to completely cure cancer and autoimmune diseases. The exploration and practice in this field can make a great contribution to the development of human health care. Under the guidance of modern life physics, the practice of modern herbal medicine can become the basis for solving and curing these diseases.

Use modern physics to study and analyze the basic physiological activities of life at the cellular level, and find modern physical laws related to the basic physiological activities of tissues and organs at the cellular level. The modern biophysical characteristics of life physiological activities at the cellular level are used to adjust the deviation of life physiological activities (ie diseases) at the cell level to restore normal cellular physiological activities (ie rehabilitation).

Under the guidance of the theory of Life physics, scientifically configured modern Chinese herbal formula can regulate human health at the level of cell physiological activity.  ["Herbal formula for restoring the cellular environment",>  H-Force ©] series is obtained from the amazing results of Dr. Emily Han's Chinese medicine clinic. It is at the forefront of modern medicine in the prevention and treatment of various allergies, skin diseases, autoimmune diseases and cancer.

In order to prevent and treat skin diseases and cancer, and participate in Dr Emily Han's treatment practice, you must understand these principles in order to cooperate with the treatment to achieve the treatment plan and set goals, and to minimize and cure the disease. Please refer to the following introduction

1. The close relationship between skin diseases and cancer.
Observe the physiological activities of the human body at the cellular level. All new cells, mutant cells, senescent cells, foreign invading viruses, bacteria and allergen cells in the human body are regulated by immune cells produced by the immune system. Immune system regulation controls the development of internal cells in the human body and the environmental health of tissues and organs. The main components of the immune system are lymphatic and bone marrow tissues, which produce various immune cells.

When the human body is metabolizing, if the newly generated tissue cells undergo genetic mutations, the internal environment of the human body will not be able to accept the genetically altered new cells, and the autoimmune cells will attack them. This process is like the foreign somatic cells brought into the human body by allogeneic organ transplantation. The graft will continue to be attacked by autoimmune cells and rejection will occur. What are the main external symptoms of these autoimmune rejections? Immune cells attack mutant cells, causing lymphadenopathy, vascular endothelial hyperplasia, skin inflammation and cancer. Modern scientific research has confirmed that stem cell transplantation and organ transplantation will inevitably cause cancer. Therefore, during the occurrence and development of cancer, lymph node enlargement, autoimmune diseases and skin changes can be observed first. If a person has a history of skin allergies or a stubborn skin disease that cannot be completely cured, they may develop cancer in the future.

Auckland | Dermatology skin diseases eczema dry itchy rash Dr Emily Han specialist
Auckland | Dermatology skin diseases eczema dry itchy rash Dr Emily Han
Auckland | Dermatology skin diseases eczema dry itchy rash Dr Emily Han

When a person's own immune system is abnormal and the newly produced blood cells and immune cells mutate, it will develop into lymphoma or leukemia. The main symptoms are immune cells attacking skin tissue cells, lymph nodes swelling, and skin symptoms seem to be the same as serious skin diseases. This phenomenon also occurs in patients receiving bone marrow transplants. Scientific research has confirmed that in addition to identical twins, bone marrow transplantation will eventually develop into cancer.

As we all know, arsenic is a highly toxic chemical substance and a special chemotherapy drug for the treatment of leukemia. In ancient China, arsenic was a special Chinese medicine used to beautify the skin and treat skin diseases. The response speed is fast and the effect is excellent. Blood lymphoma, leukemia and autoimmune skin diseases have the same mechanism and can be treated with the same drug arsenic.

2. Why can't modern medicine completely cure autoimmune diseases, autoimmune skin diseases and cancer?

Senescent cells and genetically mutated cells are processed by the body's own immune system. The normal death and withering of cells will maintain the stability and harmony of the internal environment of the human body. This is a normal physiological activity and no abnormal symptoms will appear. When the human body continues to produce mutated new cells, immune cells will have a similar inflammatory response in the process of eliminating the mutated new cells. The first is abnormal skin changes and swollen lymph nodes. Mutant new cells that escape the attack of immune cells may continue to divide and proliferate, and develop into cancerous tissue.

The most modern cancer treatment methods include targeted therapy and immunotherapy. The principle of treatment is to eliminate special proteins that synthesize new cells  or to attack the procession of generating new cells. The body cannot produce enough new cells, which may prevent the growth of cancer cells. However, without new cells, the human body will not be able to renew itself. Although it may sometimes slow the spread and growth of a tumor, it usually only extends its life span by a few months. However, inhibiting self-renewal can lead to a serious decline in the quality of life.
The biggest obstacle to modern stem cell therapy is that the therapy itself is bound to cause cancer. In the treatment of severe autoimmune diseases and skin diseases, the most powerful therapeutic drugs are cancer chemotherapy drugs.

Only by improving the internal environment at the cellular level of the human body and no longer producing new cells with genetic mutations can it be possible to completely cure these diseases. Modern medicine currently has no effective treatment methods and theoretical research in this field, and traditional medicine has never been able to understand and solve this problem.

3. To help heal skin diseases is to prevent and cure cancer.

The skin is an external response to the internal environment of the human body. Everyone can see with their own eyes, this is a window to understand the physiological activities of internal cell tissues and organs. Allergies, eczema, rosacea, acne, lupus erythematosus, etc., these signs indicate that the autoimmune system is relatively active and sensitive. Adjusting and restoring a calm and stable autoimmune system as soon as possible can effectively prevent the occurrence of refractory skin diseases and autoimmune diseases. 

When neurodermatitis, psoriasis, lupus erythematosus and other autoimmune diseases occur, effective autoimmune inhibitors and hormone drugs are needed, which indicates that new genetic mutant cells and autoimmune reactions have appeared in the patient. If the internal environment for producing new cells in the body cannot be improved, it will gradually develop into cancer. At present, some patients with psoriasis have received stem cell therapy provided by private hospitals to change the activity of new immune cells, but the carcinogenicity of stem cell therapy cannot be ignored. Only by timely adjusting the internal environment of cells, producing normal new cells, and adopting the "herbal formula for restoring the cell environment" H-Force © series, can the new cells with mutations be reduced and completely eliminated, and disease and cancer can be cured. 

When cancer tissues proliferate and eventually develop into tumors, the damage to the body increases, requiring greater intensity and longer-term treatment.

According to the situation of patients with the most severe symptoms we are currently facing: patients with advanced cancer, the hospital announced that they will only provide palliative care.

For some patients with the most severe advanced and advanced cancers, cancer Specialists  believe they can only survive for three to four days. Some of the patients ,after using H-Force © series, the "herbal formula for restoring cellular environment", it can effectively alleviate the malignant symptoms of advanced cancer and have the opportunity to allow patients to be discharged from the hospital , restore and maintain normal diet and life activities. However, we are still not sure whether it can be cured eventually. We are still working with patients and their families, looking forward to even better results.

Therefore, early prevention and treatment of lymphadenopathy, allergies, hay fever, allergic asthma, autoimmune sensitivity, skin diseases and autoimmune diseases are the most important. Use "herbal formula for restoring cellular environment",> H-Force © series.
For patients suffering from autoimmune diseases or cancer, long-term efforts are required to "restore a new cellular environment", and it takes longer to possible completely cure the disease or prevent the development of advanced cancer and other diseases.

Auckland | Dermatology skin diseases eczema dry itchy rash Dr Emily Han specialist
Auckland | Dermatology skin diseases eczema dry itchy rash Dr Emily Han specialist

4.  "Herbal formula for restoring cellular environment", > H-Force © series
Why does Dr Emily Han's scientific herbal formula "H-Force" has such magical effects?

First, the support of modern scientific theories- Life physics.

Through modern physics research, study the physiological activities of life at the cellular level and summarize the physical laws of cell physiological activities.
Research the physiological characteristics of plants according to the operating rules of modern Life physics, and use the unique biophysical and physiological characteristics of various medicinal plants to regulate the physiological activities of human cells, thereby improving the internal environment of human cells and improving the physiology of human bodies. Focus on improving the internal environment of human stem cell tissues and restoring environmental health at the level of human cells. The human body should only produce normal new cells.

  Only by restoring the health of the internal environment at the cellular level of the human body and restoring the body's ability to produce normal new cells and self-repair, can we completely prevent and treat deep-seated, refractory diseases that occur at the cellular level.

Second,  the support of clinical practice.

In recent years, Dr Emily Han has provided treatment for many patients with lymphadenopathy, allergies, eczema, neurodermatitis, psoriasis, lupus erythematosus, refractory skin diseases, autoimmune diseases and cancer through the diagnosis and treatment at Beijing Tongrentang Auckland Clinic. The treatment effect is predictable, the effect is very fast, the skin symptoms are reduced and disappeared, and the swelling of the lymph nodes is reduced and disappeared. Severe diseases can be relieved quickly, and mild diseases can be completely cured.

Without the guidance of modern scientific theories, it is impossible to obtain the most effective expected treatment results. After decades of continuous research and practice, under the guidance of modern Life physics theory, Dr. Emily Han can finally share with you our research results "Herbal formula for restoring the cellular environment",> H-Force © series,  Dr. Emily Han hopes it can help you and also bring beneficial help to the health of your family and friends.
Health is everyone's greatest wealth.

Auckland | Dermatology skin diseases eczema dry itchy rash Dr Emily Han specialist
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