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Everything about the H-Force herbal tea

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H-Force Health Tea Series:

Maintain the immune system,

clean up and maintain the genetic environment, maintain healthy genes, and remove mutant genes.

Be healthy on the deepest level.


Who is using H-Force Health Tea Series? Is it because of these symptoms and diseases?
     As a patient, if these basic symptoms and diseases are suitable for H-Force Husheng Tea (hereinafter referred to as Husheng Tea).
Main symptoms:

If you have any of the following symptoms, the tea is for you:
Mainly include:

rash, itching, dry skin, eczema, gum recession, runny nose, snoring, swollen muscles and joints, frequent low-grade fever, habitual miscarriage, gastrointestinal sensitivity, bloody stool, alcohol sensitivity, joint stiffness, red heat, muscle and joint pain, Fatigue, insomnia, high blood sugar, rapid heartbeat, etc.

Summarize the following diseases:

A. Autoimmune skin diseases:

including eczema, neurodermatitis, herpes zoster, psoriasis, xerosis, itchy skin, acne, etc.

B. Allergic diseases:

nasal allergy, allergic rhinitis, hay fever, allergic asthma, celiac disease.

C. Autoimmune diseases:

lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease.

D. Glandular diseases:

hyperthyroidism, hyperglycemia, diabetes, high transaminases.
E, Tumor patient.

 What are the main ingredients of H-Force Husheng Tea, is it delicious? Is it safe for long-term use?
  H-Force herbal Husheng tea is made of high-quality natural medicinal materials originated in New Zealand and China, exported by Beijing Tongrentang ltd,(China's oldest and most authoritative traditional Chinese medicine company),  made according to DR Emily's exclusive formula with special proportions and special processing technology.

Do not contain any

western medicines, hormones, immunosuppressants, animal ingredients;

and the ingredients are export quality and tested safe to use as health supplements by MAF, the New Zealand import inspection authority.

It is 100% pure nature.

No added steroids,

No added preservatives.

No added heavy metals.

No toxic side effects were seen.

The main ingredients are:

Atractylodes, White Peony, Angelica, White Moss, Poria, Smilax, Dendrobium officinale, Licorice, Bamboo Ru, American Ginseng, Bupleurum, Yam, Gypsum, Pueraria, Suzi, Kochia, Baiwei, Aster, Tribulus terrestris, Ling Xiaohua, wooden butterfly, lotus seed, privet, etc.
  Husheng tea tastes similar to regular tea leaves and can be consumed by most people, including children. Some people even enjoy it very much.
  Long-term use has not seen any toxic and side effects, including Dr. Han and her family and friends who have been taking Husheng Tea for health care and maintenance for
 long term, and have not seen any side effects.

  I usually feel these changes in my body after taking H-Force Health Tea for a long time. what is the benefit?
Almost everyone who takes Husheng tea can feel these changes in the body:

the skin starts to become smooth, the itching decreases, the gums gradually plump, sleep improves, physical strength increases, joint elasticity increases, fatigue decreases, various allergic reactions gradually relieved , no longer anxious. All biochemical and physiological indicators were improved.

Why does H-Force tea taste not bad and play so many beneficial and important roles?
"The best taste for the most stubborn diseases."

This is the philosophy of Husheng Tea's health benefits.

H-force Husheng tea therapy is a herbal tea treatment that maintains autoimmune function for the purpose of maintaining bone marrow, hematopoietic tissue and human glands. Gradually fill up the bone marrow, the glands are full and stable, the regeneration function is stable, and the autoimmune ability is provided to achieve the purpose of health.

 Can H-Force Husheng Tea be taken for a long time? Can the whole family use it?
Dr. Han is very strict about the ingredients of Husheng tea.

Since the ingredients of Husheng tea are all safe and reliable food-grade pure medicinal materials without any additives, it is safer than ordinary health products.

Many people, including Dr. Han's family, friends and patients around her, are taking Husheng tea for long-term maintenance and treatment, and many families use it as a daily tea drink.

The focus of treatment and maintenance is to repair and restore the structure and function of the autoimmune system, restore regenerative function and self-healing ability, and restore a healthy body.

This is a long-term goal, especially the restoration and maintenance of the immune system, the prevention and treatment of so-called genetic mutations.

According to Dr. Han, this is a fundamental, lifelong event for each of us to restore and maintain health. 

How to properly take H-Force raw tea, how to take it?
Decoction preparation method 🌿
     1. Put 2 tablespoons of H-Force Natural Herbal Tea (10g) into a stainless steel pot or ceramic pot.
     2. Add 800ml of cold water and stir.
     3. Cover the pot and slowly bring the water to a boil.
     4. Turn off the heat after 15-20 minutes of cooking. Wait for it to cool.
     5. Strain the herbal tea into a jar.
     6. Divide the tea into two portions.
         How to drink:
        1 serving each time, 1/2 hour before breakfast and 1/2 hour before dinner. hot drink.

Where can I buy H-Force-Husheng Tea? How much?
Husheng tea is currently only available in Beijing Tongrentang New Lynn Clinic, where Dr. Han works.

During the treatment period, the dosage is slightly larger, and the weekly dosage is about $200-$400.

During the maintenance period, the consumption is stable, and the consumption amount is about $NZD 100-200.

Why is it called H-Force Husheng future nature hebal Tea?

  Under the brand-new scientific concept and philosophy , under the leadership of Dr. Han, Husheng tea has been summed up through comprehensive research and experiments by naturopathic experts and scientists from all walks of life.

Maintain the immune system,

clean up and maintain the genetic environment, maintain healthy genes, and remove mutant genes.

Be healthy on the deepest level.

Maintain and repair human bone marrow, glands and stem cells, improve self-immunity, and improve self-healing ability,

so as to achieve the purpose of maintaining the human body at the cellular level.

Beyond the previous level of regulating the functions of the internal organs of the human body, Chinese herbal medicine has not yet penetrated into this research field, so it is called "future nature herbal medicine".

I saw that H-Force Husheng Tea contains precious medicinal material *Dendrobium officinale*, what is it good for?
Dendrobium officinale is a precious Chinese medicinal material.

Dendrobium candidum, which only exists in tiger raw tea, is specially selected by Beijing Tongrentang International Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and sent to New Zealand. Practice has proved that Dendrobium officinale has a good curative effect on autoimmune diseases. It is also a high-end skin care product that many friends are willing to use.

To learn about the research and development process of H-Force Husheng Tea, the elite research and development teams from all walks of life at home and abroad, and the scientific principles, please click here. (The content is obscure and difficult to understand, enter with caution).

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