Treatment including the consultation fee per clinic visit:
  • Medical fee:
    Acupuncture and Bone setting:  NZD$80-100/time

  • ACC surcharge NZD$40/time


  • Medicine fee:

  • Formula herbs, granules, powders or tablets, about NZD$90-300/week


  • Consultation fee:

  • General outpatient service NZD$40-80 per visit

  • TCM Dermatology specialist clinics NZD$80-140/time, including follow-up diet monitoring.

  • TCM Cancer specialist clinics NZD$ 200-600/time. 1-3 hours. Including follow-up diet monitoring.


  • Telemedicine services can be used in clinics that specialize in the treatment of skin diseases and cancer. Use the following online meeting applications: Facebook Messenger, Google Meeting, Zoom, or WeChat.

Online medical appointment for remote patients. You can use online meeting App such as Facebook Messenger, Google Meeting, Zoom or Wechat etc. 

Please feel free to send emails for inquiries on specific conditions or any concerns or questions you may have.

For your first clinic visit, it is better to come with all the documents of your medical history. 

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