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Life physics© 

Explore scientific methods to cure cancer and intractable diseases.

Explore the fundamental scientific principles of life activities at cellular level.

TCM Dr. Emily Han & He Zhao, Modern physics specialist

Auckland |Best Chinese herbal medicine  doctor and acupuncturist Dr Emily Han
Auckland |Best Chinese herbal medicine  doctor and acupuncturist Dr Emily Han

 Life Physics: 

Research life sciences based on the basic principles of physics where life resides, study the basic elements of the universe: matter, space, energy ,  and their relationships with life activities, and reveal the basic physical laws of life and human physiological activities.  “Life Physics"  is written by Emily Han , and He Zhao, Published on Amazon.

Modern medical science needs to be established on the basis of the basic laws of physics, to conduct comprehensive research on the matter, space and energy activities of life,  and to find the laws of physical medicine to develop into a truly accurate science. 

Based on the basic principles of natural science, Life physics studies the three basic elements of the universe and life, namely the relationship between matter, space and energy. And use the basic laws of physics and logical methods to describe, predict and understand diseases and treatment methods, and find out their laws. This is the theoretical research and methodology research of life sciences. 

Understand the basic principles and basic laws of physics of all life activities, understand the basic physical mechanisms of human diseases,  use logical reasoning to understand diseases,  develop combinations of medical plants that can logically infer and predict the results based on the basic principles of life physics, and realize the most effective medical research and treatment. 

Following the basic principles of physics in the universe time and space to which life belongs, this book proposes a new way of thinking about life activities: "Life Physics ". On this basis, the mechanism of the occurrence and development of refractory diseases such as cancer is explained systematically at the cellular level. Provide prediction, prevention and treatment methods for cancer and other refractory diseases. Provide new theories, ideas and solutions to achieve the goal of restoring patient health . 

The most basic meaning of all life activities is self-renewal, self-replication, self-continuity and completion of self-mirroring replication. As time goes by, it develops back and forth in a periodic manner, just like electromagnetic waves move forward. 

Auckland |Best Chinese herbal medicine  doctor and acupuncturist Dr Emily Han
Auckland |Best Chinese herbal medicine  doctor and acupuncturist Dr Emily Han  韩晓南好中医师,中药,针灸,herbal medicine acupuncture, bone setting ,奥克兰, Auckland

What you will read from this book, Life Physics ?


Part one

 Where are Emily Han and Zhao coming from?


Part two

1, The laws of life science are the laws of physics.

2, Life physics definition of cancer

3, New concepts of Life Physics .

4, The key words of Life Physics.


Part three  

1, Basic laws of Life Physics and mechanism of aging.

2, The basic principle of the mirror image theory and its relationship with the symmetry and conservation of the universe.

3, Mirror images and diseases .

4, Basic principles: the relationship between the three basic life functions theory and the photoelectric effect.

5, Through energy, coordination, and structure functions to realise harmonious tidal fluctuation.

6, Tidal fluctuations is a necessary condition for the existence of life.

7, Life physics mechanism of tidal fluctuation controlling  the development and differentiation direction of stem cells.

8, Life physics mechanism of Circadian rhythm and insomnia

9, Life physics mechanism of mental stress on health.

10, Treatment of organic sleep disorders, vascular sclerosis, connective tissue sclerosis, blood pressure regulation disorders, depression, sclerosis, tissue organ degeneration, Aplastic anemia, Alzheimer’s disease and other tidal fluctuation disorders.

11, Visceral tidal massage exercise rules. 


Part four: 

 life physics study of  the three basic functions of the human life.

1, life physics mechanism of Energy function and related diseases:

2, life physics mechanism of coordination function and related diseases:

3, Mood Disorder Syndrome 

4, life physics mechanism of Structure function and related diseases:

5, Summary of energy, coordination and structure functions: 


Part five:

Life physics mechanism of self-renewal disorder

1, Life physics mechanism of cancer

2, Cancer primitive stem cells, cancer dormant stem cells and cancer active stem cells: 

3, The implantation and metastasis life physics mechanism of cancer stem cells.

4,  Why does malignant tumor occur in the epithelial tissue area of the human body? 

5, the relationship between cancer classification and prognosis from the perspective of stem cells. 

6, The significance of this classification method for current cancer treatment: 



Part six

Refractory diseases in children 

1, The relationship between tidal fluctuation in children's body temperature regulation and childhood autoimmune diseases and childhood cancers. 

2,  What are the effects of antibiotics, anti-allergic and antiviral drug treatments, hormones, food preservatives, etc., on children's self-renewal and immunity? 

3, Best way to treat sick children.


Part seven 


The relationship between stem cell-like organisms, allergy, inflammation, cancer, immunity, autoimmunity, immune rejection and the role of human structure function .

1, stem cell-like organisms and  Mechanisms of stem cell-like organisms in human body.

2, Mechanism of Immune rejections and Tumorigenicity 

3, Life physics mechanism of allergy, inflammation, cancer, immunity and autoimmunity etc. 

4, How does antibiotic, antiviral drugs and hormones affect the body's self-renewal and immunity? 

5, Immunity, autoimmune and autoimmune diseases, graft versus host disease, and cancer. 


Part  eight   

Prevention and treatment of refractory diseases

1, Life physics mechanisms of plant medicine.

2, The application principle of plant medicine

3, Precautions in daily life of autoimmune and cancer patients



Part nine


The cure

Auckland |Best Chinese herbal medicine  doctor and acupuncturist Dr Emily Han

This book is dedicated to all patients suffering from cancer and intractable diseases, their family members and medical staff. Dedicated to patients, family and friends who support us in medical research. Dedicated to people like us who are diligent in exploring life sciences.

Special thanks to Mr. Nikola Tesla for his inspiration, thanks to the hard work of physicists and medical workers, who have provided us with sufficient research information.

Innovation and revolutionary scientific work requires perseverance to be recognized. Major scientific discoveries are usually revolutionary. Therefore, we have to face the general suspicions that the scientific community usually holds at the beginning. 

However, we must do our best to keep progress, help ourselves and our loved ones, and get as much health as possible.

Health is everyone's greatest wealth. 

September 9, 2020. Zhao He, Han Xiaonan,

Auckland, New Zealand.

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