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Get to know things and cure serious illnesses 
——Interview with Dr. Han Xiaonan, Emily Han ,a famous Chinese medicine Doctor in New Zealand (part 1)

Li Jie 10/01/2011


Speaking of Dr. Han Xiaonan,

(TCM Dr. Emily Han) after her treatment,

Patients like to use "magic"

the word to describe her. During

the six years of opening

the Dalian Chinese Medicine Clinic, Dr. Emily Han

Almost never advertised, her patients

rely on introductions

between relatives and friends,

Word of mouth among patients came here.

Not long ago,

Dr. Emily Han was invited by China

"Shiyitang", a century-old traditional

Chinese medicine brand,

opened in a Chinese Medicine clinic in Auckland

, be the sitting doctor. With curiosity, the


recently visited "Shiyitang Chinese herbal

medicine clinic " in Auckland

the Newmarket branch of the Chinese pharmacy,  conducted the Interview.

"Learning Chinese medicine requires innate understanding"

Dr.Emily Han came from Dalian, Liaoning Province, China.

Among family members

Influenced by many relatives engaged in Chinese medicine career, she has been interested in Chinese medicine since childhood.

Strong interest. In her family, the four generations of traditional Chinese medicine techniques, especially the bone setting technique, were passed down by observation rather than teaching. That is to say, the family members are allowed to watch by the side during the treatment. You can learn; if you don’t have enough understanding, you can’t be taught. Therefore, Dr. Emily Han said that Chinese medicine is understood.

However, in the year of her college entrance examination, Dr. Emily Han, who wanted to study Chinese medicine, was admitted to the most popular major at the time-bioengineering at Liaoning Normal University. For a year and a half, she did the asexual reproduction experiment that was very popular at the time in the school's national key laboratory, which made her feel that this kind of biotechnology was unnatural and incompatible with her natural advocating nature. So, after graduating from university, when many of her classmates were planning to go to the bioengineering laboratory in the United States, she chose to go back and learn Chinese medicine that she couldn't afford. Five years later, she graduated from Liaoning College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and had the opportunity to work in acupuncture, skin and ward departments of Dalian Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She contacted different patients. She also took the initiative to help the visiting experts to copy medical records and prescriptions. With her comprehension, her TCM practice has improved rapidly. Dr. Emily Han has also said that if someone is willing to let her watch how to treat the disease, she will be very happy because she will learn a lot from it.

"Do what you like"

In 2001, Dr. Emily Han, who advocates change and nature, immigrated to New Zealand. She found that New Zealand's quiet and natural environment suits her very well and is an ideal living environment. At the beginning, learning Chinese medicine was only a hobby, and I did not expect to rely on Chinese medicine for food. Therefore, in the first two years of immigrating to New Zealand, she tried various different jobs, but none of them made her interested in doing it for a long time. She was confused and felt that she could not find her place in New Zealand. Until one day, she happened to meet Kiwi who was like a passerby. After telling her troubles, this Kiwi said to her: "You should Do what you like." This sentence made her think for a whole week, and finally she realised that Chinese medicine was her favourite. So she started to take the registration examination for Chinese medicine practitioners, contacted to join the New Zealand Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioners Association, and invited relatives who opened Chinese medicine clinics in Malaysia to help. In 2003, her Dalian Chinese Medicine Clinic was officially listed. Looking back at all this today, Dr. Emily Han’s words express satisfaction. She said that she may have to thank the Kiwi who happened upon her all her life. His words changed her life; and New Zealand’s quiet living environment and lifestyle It also allowed her to really calm down, have time to read ancient medical books, carefully ponder every case, and improve her business quickly. She said, I am lucky, Chinese medicine is not only my profession, but also my pleasure.

Known as the "general doctor"

Dr. Emily Han’s Dalian Chinese Medicine Clinic is located in a relatively remote place in the western district of Auckland. It is difficult for ordinary patients to get to her if it is not here. In front of her clinic is an outpatient clinic of western medicine specialists who treat foot diseases. Soon after the clinic opened, her neighbour, Mrs. Lin, who was over 80 years old, came to sit in the clinic. During the chat, Dr. Emily Han took her pulse casually and said that she had a problem with her leg. The old man left without saying anything. Soon, Mrs. Lin ulcerated her toes. After making an appointment with the western medicine podiatrist in front of Dr.  Emily Han’s clinic, she went to sit in Dr. Emily Han’s clinic again and told Emily Han about her podiatry visit a week after her appointment. The doctor listened. After checking the condition on her feet, Dr. Emily Han handed her a small bottle of homemade medicine and asked her to apply it at home. Mrs. Lin asked, how much? Dr. Emily Han said, "I don't need any money, I will give it to you." Three days later, Mrs. Lin sent back the remaining potion and told Dr. Emily Han to apply the foot for two days, and she had cancelled her appointment with the western doctor. Later, Mrs. Lin began to ask Doctor Emily Han to treat her leg pain. It turned out that Mrs. Lin had undergone an operation on a fractured leg a year and a half ago. She did not dare to go up and down the stairs, and she was even panicked when she went to the curb. So, acupuncture plus Chinese medicine, combined with one action every day, four months later, the old man took Dr. Emily Han to the food show in Oakland, walked from 10 am to 4:30 pm, only sitting down for 15 minutes to listen to one Food lectures, almost no rest. Since then, Mrs. Lin has come to see Dr. Emily Han for any problems, both large and small, and call Dr. Emily Han a "genius doctor" when she meets people. She often introduces patients to her. Today, she still visits Dr. Emily Han every week like her own daughter. Once, and every time she buy something for her daughters, she must have the same for  Dr. Emily Han.

Appointed as a sitting doctor

The rumors of Dr. Emily Han’s "magic" treatment have been heard by Mr. Xie Chinan, the manager of the "Shiyitang" Auckland Chinese Pharmacy. However, as the manager of a long-established Chinese herbal medicine wholesale and retail store, Mr. Xie has worked in mainland China and New Zealand for many years. There are countless Chinese physicians who have been in contact. He has long been numb to such rumors, not to mention that he himself suffers from rhinitis and severe headaches. He has also visited famous Chinese and Western doctors in China, but it has not been effective. Therefore, he initially treated Dr. Emily Han He didn't pay much attention, until one time, his salesman returned to China for a two-week vacation, and no one went to deliver the medicines ordered to the Korean doctor's clinic, so he took the time to deliver the goods in person. Dr. Emily Han did not know him the first time he went to deliver the goods, so the two did not talk much. Because of rhinitis, Mr. Xie is accustomed to babbling his nose constantly when he is talking. Just when he was about to leave, Dr. Emily Han said, lad, wash your nose with cold water every day after you go back, and pinch it again, you will get better. half. Mr. Xie thought at the time, she didn't know who I was, and I didn't ask her to treat me, so she told me how to do it, the illness would be half healed, and the medical ethics was really good.

A few days later, he went to deliver the goods for the second time. This time he met each other, and Mr. Xie talked to Dr. Emily Han about his headache. Mr. Xie’s headaches have a history of nearly 20 years, with an average of once every two days. He is especially afraid to sleep in during weekends. He must get up at the point, otherwise the headache will occur. For 20 years, despite visiting famous Chinese and Western doctors, he still dared not leave his hands with powerful painkillers every day, so he has given up treatment. After examining him, Dr. Emily Han determined that his headache was caused by the dislocation of the cervical spine and compressed the nerves, and said that it could be cured. Mr. Xie was skeptical, and Dr. Emily Han did a bone-setting massage for him and said that I would not treat you. You should lower your head for two minutes every day and come to me if you have a headache. As a result, he suffered two headaches since then. One time he had a massage by Dr. Emily Han, and the other time he took painkillers at home. In this way, nearly 20 years of old problems, no medicine, no acupuncture, only two massages, plus two minutes a day, healed 70% in a month and a half, and I dare to sleep late on weekends. Up. Mr. Xie said with emotion that Dr. Emily Han used the simplest and most economical way to solve the diseases that have plagued me for many years. Her methods and concepts for treating diseases have broken many of my views on Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine practitioners. Many patients call her " "The genius doctor" is indeed well-deserved. For this reason, he decided to hire Dr. Emily Han to come to the shop. However, this process can be described as "three visits to the cottage". He even found Dr. Emily Han’s husband. In the end, it was Mr. Xie’s sincerity that touched Dr. Emily Han’s husband. He persuaded Dr. Emily Han to accept the invitation and officially became the “Shiyitang” in Auckland last October. Doctor sitting in the Newmarket branch of a Chinese pharmacy.

As for the title of "general doctor", Dr. Han said with a smile that he was just "different" from most doctors. She summarised her "playing method" in one sentence, which is to use ancient methods to treat diseases, that is, to follow the ancient methods of Chinese medicine, which is fast, simple and effective.

Discuss the disease first, then medication

Dr. Emily Han said that one of the characteristics of ancient Chinese medicine is to "discuss the disease first, then use the medicine", that is, first discuss the cause and condition of the disease, see how the patient got the disease, and how the disease behaves, and then seek a radical cure. This "medicine" can be Chinese medicine or various treatments such as acupuncture, massage, qigong, diet and daily living adjustment, and exercise. She usually "discussed" the patient's illness in her mind when she asked the patient, and she often asked the patient to convince them.

Once, Ms. Chen, whom Dr. Emily Han knew, called for other things. During the call, Ms. Chen coughed so badly that she could hardly speak. Dr. Emily Han asked her why she coughed so badly. Ms. Chen said, don't ask, it's been 24 years. Dr. Han said, let me ask you two questions, is it itchy when you cough? Ms. Chen said, yes, it's like there are countless goose feathers in her throat; Dr. Emily Han asked again, did she have a bad cold many years ago? Ms. Chen said, yes, many years ago when I took the train to sleep, the window was open, and I got a serious illness when I got off the train. I had a high fever and a bad cold. I had a cough for two months. From then on, I coughed every time I caught a cold. I couldn’t speak when I coughed. Dr. Emily Han said, come on, I will cure you. Ms. Chen said, I didn't believe it at first, so I went to you for the two questions you asked. Ms. Chen later said that I also think that my illness is related to the previous bad cold, because it has been there since then. But I talked to all the doctors I've seen about this, and they all said it was okay. Just ask me. On the phone, Dr. Emily Han based on the sound of her dry cough and the characteristics of her breathless cough, and by asking those two questions, she determined that the cause of her disease was the unremoved cold from the cold that year, and every time she caught a cold The inside should happen together outside. Dr. Emily Han told her that it would be better to take 20 doses of medicine, and Ms. Chen recovered after 10 doses. After that, Ms. Chen's family came to see Dr. Emily Han for medical treatment. Later, their family immigrated to the United States. Last year, her husband came to New Zealand from the United States and did not forget to see Dr. Emily Han for treatment.

Treat serious illnesses with small prescriptions

In September last year, Dr. Emily Han returned to visit relatives in Dalian, China. A friend’s 15-year-old daughter suffered from a skin disease for nearly a year. Except for the tip of the nose, there was no intact skin on her face. It looked like a piece of red meat, her neck and wrists. It is also red, and the girl is itchy to sleep at night. My friend has taken the child to see Chinese and Western medicine and took countless medicines, but it didn't work. He is about to take the child to Beijing for treatment. After taking the pulse of the girl, Dr. Han determined that she was a manifestation of the inner wind fever on the skin. She only prescribed two medicines, and the taste was still sweet. The girl didn't itch the night after taking the medicine. When the teacher saw her at school the next day, she said her face turned pale. It was three weeks before and after Dr. Emily Han returned to New Zealand, and the girl's skin had completely returned to normal, and the total cost of the three-week medicine was less than RMB 100.

Dr. Emily Han said that the real traditional Chinese medicine in ancient times means that you can use whatever medicine you have near your home. The method is simple. Therefore, the prescriptions she prescribes are relatively small, usually no more than 10 flavors, 100 grams, sometimes one or two flavors. Medicine can also cure the patient's disease. In this regard, Xie Chinan, manager of "Shiyitang" Auckland Chinese Pharmacy, also has a deep understanding.

Mr. Xie’s 65-year-old mother came to Auckland from Beijing on the 31st last year. She did not sleep well one night on the plane. After reuniting with her son, daughter and granddaughter, she was both happy and a little excited. She did not sleep well that night. The old man suffers from high blood pressure and diabetes. He was in a hurry when he came. He forgot to bring the medicine he usually took. Therefore, he did not take any medicine after he arrived in Auckland. The whole family spent the New Year lively. On the afternoon of the 2nd, after the old man sent his daughter home, he just coaxed his little granddaughter to play for a while, suddenly felt dizzy and stumbled back to the bedroom to lie down. At this time, Mr. Xie hesitated whether to call an ambulance. He remembered Dr. Emily Han and called her home. After Dr. Emily Han briefly asked about his condition on the phone, he dropped the phone and drove to Mr. Xie's house within half an hour. Dr. Emily Han measured the patient’s blood pressure and showed that the patient’s blood pressure was very high. She took blood pricking therapy and put blood on the old man’s finger. At the same time, she put a few needles on the back of the hand and the foot. Soon, the old man was relieved. She opened it, and said that her head no longer hurts. Dr. Emily Han gave the cinnamon he had brought to Mr. Xie and asked him to decoct the soup for the patient. After taking it for a few days, the patient would recover. As a result, the old man got up the next day as if nothing had happened. Dr. Emily Han said that the patient’s condition is actually very dangerous and is a precursor to cerebral hemorrhage. If it is not treated in time, it is likely to develop into cerebral hemorrhage. Traditional Chinese medicine can treat before bleeding to prevent bleeding, but Western medicine can only observe the same situation and will not treat it until bleeding. In an interview with reporters, Mr. Xie said with deep feeling: "Dr. Emily Han can treat such a serious disease with a very simple method. Cinnamon is available in every kitchen and can be bought in supermarkets. She treats the disease. The method does not even require medication. She is not a doctor who administers heavy drugs. From the perspective of economic benefits, it is not a well-known act to invite her to sit in the hall. However, she adds to the reputation of our world. The patients think that Shiyitang has a good doctor, and her medical skills and medical ethics are consistent with Shiyitang's centuries-old mission of'treating diseases and saving people'."

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