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Who is using H-Force-Anxin Blood Purification Health Tea Series?

Is it because I have these symptoms and illnesses?

Anxin Powder Series Herbal Tea is mainly used to treat:
Various types of heart failure, heart and cerebrovascular diseases
and the metabolic syndrome it causes,
Nourishes the heart, blood vessels and capillary-filled organs.

It is most popular with patients suffering from:
Various types of heart disease, heart failure, coronary heart disease, valve disease,
Cerebrovascular disease, stroke, fatty liver, kidney disease,
Sexual dysfunction, diabetes, fatigue syndrome, depression, etc.

Because Anxin Powder maintains the function of the heart and kidneys,
It can effectively improve users' sexual function and weight loss results,

and is especially loved by everyone.

It is of great help to protect the kidneys and the family,

improve sexual life ability, and improve the quality of family life.

What special ingredients does Anxin Blood Purification Tea mainly contain?

Is it tasty? Is it safe for long-term use?

The medicinal tea raw materials used in Anxin Powder are all provided by Beijing Tongrentang.
They are food-grade traditional Chinese medicines exported by Beijing Tongrentang.
They are all natural herbs.

They are prepared by Dr. Han Xiaonan's team using special extraction and manufacturing methods.
They are safe and non-toxic and have not been found after long-term use. any side effects.

Its main ingredients are: cordyceps, calamus, polygala, saffron, cassia, angelica, white peony root, jujube, salvia, American ginseng, dendrobium, etc.

Its taste is similar to Chinese medicine.

Although it is a bit bitter, it does not have a strong smell and is a relatively easy-to-take traditional Chinese medicine.

After long-term use of H-Force-Safe Blood Purification Health Tea,

what physical health changes will I usually experience and what benefits will I get?

The effects of Anxin Powder take effect quickly,

and you can usually expect the following changes:

1. A healthy heart and a good mood.
  People began to become diligent, their minds were clear,

their fatigue was significantly reduced,

and their cardiovascular indicators began to improve significantly.

2. Improvement of kidney function and sexual function,
Men can first feel that the subconscious periodic erections during sleep

become more active and longer-lasting.

3. Improve sleep quality and make it easier to enter deep sleep.

4. The stool becomes smooth and watery,

and the stool is often very smelly due to detoxification.
The body begins to look younger and stronger.

5. If you take it for a long time,

your mood will improve and your body will feel rejuvenated.

After taking H Anxin Blood Purifying Tea for a period of time,

my friend lost weight and was in good spirits. what happened?

I also want to take Anxin Powder!

The heart is the engine of the human body.
If the engine is healthy, all metabolic activities of the body will be healthy,
The body shape and organ functions of young people will gradually appear.

Taking good care of the heart is equivalent to taking good care of the functions of human organs.
You can be young, beautiful and strong without exercising.

Why is H-Force-Safe Blood Purifying Health Tea so special?

Why does it play so many beneficial and important roles?

Based on Dr. Han Xiaonan’s original “biophysical” theoretical principles,
Dr. Han's team has a new understanding of the principles of traditional Chinese medicine.
  Not only has it improved philosophically,
In physics, a qualitative analysis of traditional Chinese medicine theory was also conducted.

Quantitative analysis and interpretation.

  At the same time, we have a new understanding of how Chinese medicine works,
Understand the physical working principles of traditional Chinese medicine,
Completely improved recipe methods and production,
Thus achieving rare functions and effects.

Can H-Force-Anxin Blood Purification Health Tea

be taken as a health supplement for a long time?

The ingredients of Anxin Powder are food-safe herbal medicines,

which have been taken as health supplements

by Han Xiaonan’s medical team, family and friends for a long time.

How to take H-Linxin Blood Purification Health Tea correctly? How to get it?

If you take Anxin Powder for daily maintenance, it is in the form of medicinal powder.
Usually take one teaspoon twice a day, about 2 or 3 grams each time,

once in the morning and

once in the evening within half an hour before going to bed.
Put the medicinal powder into your mouth with a spoon each time,

add a small amount of warm water into your mouth, then close your mouth,

stir it gently with your tongue a few times, and then drink it with water.

Where can I buy H-Force-Safe Blood Purifying Tea?

how much does it cost?

Anxin Powder can only be sold through Dr. Emily Han at Tongrentang New Lynn Clinic in New Zealand.


Weekly usage is approximately NZ$100 to NZ$300.

Why is H-Force Safe Blood Purification Health Tea called “the herbal medicine of the future” by friends?

An Xin San was conceived under the guidance of the new theory of

the interaction between life and nature [biophysics].

Not only has progress been made in traditional medical philosophy,
And it is realized under the guidance of physics and other sciences.

Dr. Han and her research team and users call this the future of Chinese medicine.

I saw that the ingredients of H-Force Health Tea contain the precious herbal medicinal material

*Wild Alpine Cordyceps Sinensis*.

What are its benefits?

Cordyceps sinensis grows in high altitude,

low temperature, barren and frozen land,

It has a strong ability to remove corruption and grow new life.
It also has the ability to warm the body and improve physical activity.
It has always been an excellent and valuable Chinese medicinal material.

We bring it for  you to  cherish your health.

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