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Auckland| Fertility and dysmemorrhea specialist Chinese medicine and acupuncturist Emily Han
  • Fertility  &  dysmenorrhea

  • Acupuncture fertility treatment program by Dr. Emily Han. 

  • This usually involves attending our clinic once a week in Auckland. Acupuncture points are selected according to individual diagnosis. These may change during the course of treatment as you make progress. Continuous diagnosis and monitoring ensure that the treatment programme is tailored made to suit your individual circumstances.

  • Herbal medicine fertility treatment programme 

  • This usually involves attending our  Auckland Clinic once a month. Combinations of Chinese medicine herbs are prescribed around menstrual cycles. These are modified during monthly visits to ensure they are tailored made to patients’ individual circumstances and as you make progress. Herbs prescribed are very safe. Dr. Emily Han only use herbs of Beijing Tongrentang, one of the most famous and best brand in China. In addition,  herbs are carefully chosen to ensure they are absolutely safe to babies as many of our patients become pregnant during the course of treatment.

  • Chinese herbal medicine fertility treatment programme

  • This usually involves using acupuncture and herbs either consecutively or concurrently when this is thought to be the best treatment option for some patients. Usually acupuncture and herbs are used consecutively to minimise costs. When they are used concurrently, Dr Emily Han discuss and explain to you why this is recommended, for how long and the costs involved.

Infertility is defined as an inability to conceive after one year of unprotected sex or the inability to carry a pregnancy to term. Many factors may contribute to this often vexing problem; stress, poor diet, environmental pollution, age, family history, hormonal or endocrine imbalances are a few. This has become a common complaint as fertility rates appear to be declining in the industrialized nations of the world.

Historically, Chinese Medicine was used to keep the emperor healthy so that he could live forever and father more children. This ancient knowledge has given us many effective treatments with both acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine for women and men trying to conceive. Chinese herbal medicine can be used alone to achieve conception and a full term pregnancy and it can also be used in conjunction with conventional fertility treatments.

Acupuncture is being combined with conventional fertility therapy because it has been shown that acupuncture can improve circulation to the endometrium, helping to facilitate a thick, rich lining. It has also shown an ability to improve ovarian and follicular function. Patients who are using in vitro fertilization (IVF), or donor-egg transfer commonly are treated with acupuncture therapy for 3-4 months before the procedure. Acupuncture treatments have an accumulative effect, so it is beneficial to have treatments frequently during this period.

When acupuncture and herbal medicine are being used without conventional therapies to achieve conception successful results typically occur within 6 months to one year.   Dr. Emily Han's  clinic has had the honour of assisting many women achieve pregnancy, some of whom had been told they would be unable to conceive.

Contact Dr. Emily Han clinic for more information regarding treatment options for infertility.

Auckland| Fertility and dysmemorrhea specialist Chinese medicine and acupuncturist Emily Han
Best Chinese Auckland| Fertility and dysmemorrhea specialist Chinese medicine and acupuncturist Emily Han
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