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Life physics mechanism of mental stress on health © :
​Tongrentang Auckland clinic,  TCM Dr. Emily Han
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In physics, pressure refers to the force acting perpendicular to the fluid or solid interface. For the human body, Life physics considers that the pressure is : Muscles and ligaments are tightened locally or throughout the body to increase internal pressure on tissues and organs.

According to the principle of the mirror image theory, Life physics discusses extreme phenomena caused by mental stress ~ shock and fear to understand the principles of human mental stress, insomnia, blood pressure regulation, depression and other phenomena.

fright: Once you are frightened, your alertness suddenly increases, sympathetic nerve excitability increases, adrenal glands secrete corticosteroids, excessive catecholamine secretion, increased muscle tension, accelerated blood circulation, and increased myocardial contractility. The most common reactions are increased blood pressure and rapid heartbeat. It will cause myocardial  ischemia and insufficient blood supply to the cerebral vessels. Feeling great horror can cause panic attacks, resulting in shortness of breath, hyperventilation, suffocation, feeling of imminent death, numbness, cold hands and feet or fainting. At this time, blood pressure will reach 200, 240, heart rate will reach 160, blood pressure fluctuations, arrhythmia and other symptoms, and after excessive breathing and ventilation, electrolytes will be disordered, which will cause hypokalemia and make people feel weak. 

Fear: When a person faces a sudden fear, the body will enter a state of emergency: fight or flight. Being able to identify threats and respond quickly is essential to human survival, which is one of the reasons for human survival today. When faced with fear, people’s hearts beat faster and their pupils dilate, preparing them to flight or fight . At the same time, fear also promotes physical reactions, such as increased heart rate and blood pressure, and even cold sweats and tremors. 

Fright and fear increase the tension of muscles and ligaments, putting pressure on all tissues and organs. Myocardial tension will increase the pressure of the myocardium on the cardiovascular system, resulting in a decrease in the internal space of the cardiovascular system and a decrease in blood flow, leading to hypoxia and increased heart rhythm. Myocardial ischemia, cerebral ischemia, etc., other tissues and organs will also have similar phenomena at the same time. After the fright and fear situations passed, muscles and ligaments relaxed, tissues and organs return to their original form under the action of the elastic fibers of their internal connective tissues, and blood pressure and blood supply return to normal. 

If the human body is under long-term stress, long-term muscle and ligament tension, resulting in a long-term hypoxic-ischemic state in tissues and organs, this state will change the activity state and differentiation direction of stem cells. thereby changing the state of self-renewal and metabolism, causing  hyperplasia of hypoxic blunt connective tissue, reducing the elasticity of tissues and organs, increasing the hardness of tissues and organs, resembling sponges  turning into bones, thereby reducing the capacity of tissues and organs' tidal  fluctuates and creates a vicious circle. Organic changes caused by stress, lead to organic sclerosis, reduced function, hypertension, sleep disorders, 

depression, fatigue etc.  Even if the source of external pressure disappears, it is difficult for organ functions to return to normal naturally. 

In the process of tidal fluctuations action, the connective tissue structure of human tissues and organs is like a sponge, helping to complete the wave action by being squeezed and stretched and self-elastic recovery. When the structure and properties of connective tissue change, elasticity decreases, hardness increases, and brittleness increases., the body's ability to adjust tidal fluctuations is hindered, and harmony is lost, causing sleep, blood pressure and all other physiological activities related to tidal fluctuations to become obstacles, and even affect the micro environment   of stem cells , led to the production of mutant stem cells , stem cell proliferation disorder, Aplastic anemia etc.

In Tongrentang, Auckland clinic , Dr. Emily Han specially designed a series of Chinese herbal medicine combined acupuncture treatments, which can help you solve a series of diseases caused by stress and depression.

"Only by restoring the health of the internal environment at the cellular level of the human body and restoring the body's ability to produce normal new cells and self-repair, can we completely prevent and cure deep-seated, refractory diseases that occur at the cellular level. ”  Emily Han/Life Physics

Auckland |Depression & Anxiety Best Chinese herbal medicine  doctor and acupuncturist Dr Emily Han
Auckland |Depression & Anxiety Best Chinese herbal medicine  doctor and acupuncturist Dr Emily Han
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