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10/10/2018  Beijing Tongrentang, Auckland clinic , TCM Dr.Emily Han, and Zhao in Auckland

The trip to Tokyo inspired us to pursue the spirit of craftsmanship:


Kampo Clinic, Osteopathic Clinic, and Holistic Clinic can be seen in every community in Tokyo, Japan. Made in Japan, there are many kinds of finely packaged Pueraria decoction, Mahuang Decoction, Maimendong Decoction, Licorice Decoction, Wuhu Decoction, and Chinese medicine prescription preparations, which appear on the counter of every pharmacy. From the perspective of penetration rate, it seems to be higher than that in China. Japan retains many essences of Chinese medicine and treatment.

In Tokyo at night, neon lights are dazzling, and the flow of people is orderly. All kinds of shops on the roadside, shopping centers are brightly lit, and the service staff are neatly dressed and polite. Back home, turn on the TV, computer, or stare at the phone. I feel that life is very full and fulfilling.

From well-designed signboards to various advertisements and soft advertisements with visual effects exceeding artworks, various advertising media ubiquitous in our lives are affecting our lives and thinking.

Health is one of the most concerned events for everyone. The reasons need not be analyzed. You, who love yourself, have always adhered to a healthy life. Curing diseases is also the common pursuit of every industry practitioner and medical enthusiast.

From the sports goods, beverages, and health products that sponsor various sports events to the skin care, beauty and body cosmetics that everyone cares about, to health preservation, medical treatment, pension, and insurance. Your health is a huge industrial chain in the world and a huge treasure of the health industry. Various health and wellness programs, various qigong, bigu, pills to eliminate all pain, ancestral old Chinese doctors, Taoists, experts and professors, national leaders and specialist doctors, various titles. The ancestral secrets of various terminal illnesses, specializing in infertility, impotence and premature ejaculation, psoriasis, small clinics, anti-cancer centers, rehabilitation centers, private hospitals, and even pharmaceutical factories. How many shows have no sponsor’s investment? Our hearing, vision, and thoughts are controlled, and we can no longer distinguish what is true and what is advertising. No matter how smart you are, it may be difficult to tell. In addition to the textbooks and professional papers that most of us are tired of, we are more satisfied to appreciate these commercial works, guided by these fashionable and popular media, and full of happiness. At the same time, we also hope to see the world, real life, especially It is the most important issue in dealing with health and disease. How to see clearly, analyze and treat it intelligently? Except for those who are noble and dedicated to health,


Every business is business, Business first, your health is not.


The people who care about your health most are yourself, your family, and a few close friends. Maybe some friends do not agree. In the future, TCM Dr. Emily Han will share with you a lot of experiences and some behind-the-scenes stories in the industry that will surprise you and me. TCM Dr. Emily Han hope everyone can see their health more clearly.


First, please get to know TCM Dr. Emily Han more clearly. TCM Dr. Emily Han is Mr Zhao‘s wife. In order for my friends to have a deeper understanding of TCM Dr. Emily Han’s characteristics, expertise and abilities, so that everyone can pay more attention to health and tell stories:


TCM Dr. Emily Han was my classmate from elementary school to high school. She was not very good in physique, but her grades were very good. When she graduated from Dalian No. 24 Middle School (the school with the best college entrance examination scores in Dalian) in 1987, TCM Dr. Emily Han was admitted to the Department of Biology of Liaoning Normal University. , And also completed a bachelor's degree in Chinese Medicine from Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. At that time, TCM Dr. Emily Han ran out of the library to borrow books whenever she had a chance. There were almost no extracurricular books that she hadn't read, ancient poems, Song Ci, Laozi, Zhuangzi, Confucius Hundred Schools, ancient and modern Chinese and foreign masterpieces, it was an exaggeration, she was recognized by her classmates. Talented girl. The science students who read so many extracurricular books are her in the school, and it did not affect their academic performance. At that time, the school prohibited reading extracurricular books.

Especially in three-dimensional geometry, I was also surprised by the already good mathematics. Her spatial imagination ability surpassed me a lot. No wonder TCM Dr. Emily Han was able to treat skeletal muscle disorders with magical assistance and acupuncture points in place.


TCM Dr. Emily Han had a bad intestines and stomach, unable to eat, poor appetite, stomach pains, and drank traditional Chinese medicine every three days. But when I was in the third year of high school, I had a serious illness, nephrotic syndrome, and I experienced family, friends and classmates going to the hospital forever goodbye. Relying on the traditional Chinese medicine of a genius doctor, his health was restored legendarily. Later, they were introduced to some patients with the same disease for treatment. Since both of us are not physically good, we can feel the physical pain that our peers can't feel, and we both benefit from the treatment of Chinese medicine, which strengthens our recognition and exploration of Chinese medicine, so that TCM Dr. Emily Han even embarked on the practice The way. Some of our classmates and friends, nearly fifty people, don’t know what a headache is, how can we make them feel the patient’s experience? Haha, a poor physique can be considered an advantage in learning Chinese medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine has improved our life and health, and even saved my life. It gave us a sense of mission. We must research and make progress, for the progress of this discipline and for more destined people to get better health help. Come on, it can be regarded as a comfort to yourself, a life for the livelihood of the people, and a sacred learning.

Chinese medicine based on the yin-yang and five-element philosophy theory is really a boring, abstract, weird, and even mysterious and ethereal profession. Many professionals have worked hard to study, learn and use for a lifetime, and it is inevitable that it is still so incomprehensible. Contradictory, not even self-explanatory, unfathomable. TCM Dr. Emily Han once told me that the teacher of Chinese herbal formula in college used to say to everyone in class: The function of many formulas is defined in ancient books and textbooks. As for the actual application, it is not necessarily or even not easy to use. Later, my cousin who graduated from Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, who majored in acupuncture and moxibustion, told me the first sentence about acupuncture and moxibustion is: Brother, don't believe it, it's useless.


Like most of her colleagues, TCM Dr. Emily Han, who has just graduated, is full of confidence in her heart and looks forward to saving people from the world. When the theory and practice are combined, she begins to struggle, because she often treats diseases according to dogma and is accurate in seeing, hearing, and asking, but often the things the teacher said are contrary to expectations. The phenomenon, depressed, how to learn to improve? As the saying goes: It is better to read thousands of books than to travel thousands of miles, to travel thousands of miles is worse than to read countless people, and to read countless people is worse than an master to give directions.


Open a new window to see Chinese medicine:


Mr. and Mrs. Zhu, who practiced medicine in Malaysia, were the first to improve her medical skills. Mr. Zhu is a family of Chinese medicine practitioners, and his grandfather is the imperial physician of the Qing Dynasty. He inherited a set of osteopathic skills, and the results were immediate. He is extremely popular in Malaysia and has an endless stream of patients. Their philosophy is that subtle changes in bones and joints will affect the circulation of blood and body fluids around them, thereby affecting the surrounding tissues and organs, and thus produce some physiological and pathological changes. Looking at diseases based on bones and joints has opened up a new window for TCM Dr. Emily Han’s diagnosis and treatment. Through learning skills from her teacher, based on her solid foundation in Chinese medicine, natural spatial thinking ability and research spirit, TCM Dr. Emily Han improves her medical skills. The doctor's X-rays diagnosed as normal, TCM Dr. Emily Han could see the problem in her eyes. TCM Dr. Emily Han often proudly said: If there is any problem, let me take a look at it. We look at the film from a different angle. For some traditional acupuncture and moxibustion, the discomfort, pain, trauma, and internal injury that are rarely effective in traditional Chinese medicine have another treatment concept and window. Gradually, it was recognised by some patients and friends, and some patients were called genius doctors. TCM Dr. Emily Han was very grateful to Dr. Zhu for his selfless help. TCM Dr. Emily Han has learned medical skills that are not in the books. TCM Dr. Emily Han is grateful to the patients for their praise and encouragement, which also spurs her to continue to study and improve.

When you have the opportunity to see TCM Dr. Emily Han, please try your best to prepare your previous medication records, diagnosis and treatment records, and filming and imaging records, which will be very helpful for more effective treatment.


Scientific progress is based on a new philosophy:


The second person who has influenced TCM Dr. Emily Han and improved her medical skills is Mr. Guo, Guo Shengbai, named Chunlin, with the word Runwu, and the name Shengbai. Born in 1927, he was born in a family of Chinese medicine, the fourth generation descendant. The fourth generation of ancestors, he studied medicine at the age of six, wrote "Six Classics Seeking Truth in Treatise on Febrile Diseases" at the age of 40, "New Explanation of Yin and Yang and Five Elements" at the age of 70, and "On Instinct" at the age of 79. Became a rightist for more than 20 years.

Mr. Guo has a deep knowledge of Treatise on Febrile Diseases and is widely respected. He once said that if you want to be a great doctor, you need a few things: First of all, you have to be an ancient writer, calligrapher, pharmacist, and philosopher. Read the "Treatise on Febrile Diseases" five hundred times, and understand the philosophical basis of the prescription theory of the medical saint Zhang Zhongjing.

Although TCM Dr. Emily Han's skills continue to improve, despite the unremitting efforts of ancient and modern Chinese medicine practitioners, modern Chinese medicine is still at the stage of regulating body qi and blood and relieving pain. Although there are many famous doctors and advertisements that can cure all diseases, most of them are part of the industry. The traditions of the people, these propaganda to cure all diseases have continued from ancient times to the present, and there has been no real effect in practice. Since ancient times, the so-called three years of studying medicine thought that there was no disease in the world, and three years of practice, there was no medicine in the world. Yes, there is no medicine available in the world. This is the conscience of the industry. Although the majority of colleagues and Chinese medicine enthusiasts have spared no effort in researching, today they encounter incurable diseases defined by Western medicine. There is usually no medicine available in Chinese medicine, and most of them are still incurable diseases, although Chinese medicine relieves symptoms from a different perspective. If you are lucky enough to recover, it is basically a misdiagnosis at the beginning. For example, according to the latest edition of West's internal medicine textbook, the misdiagnosis rate of lung cancer is about 30%, so 30% of lung cancers have a chance to be cured because it is not cancer.

The bottleneck has appeared, how to take the path that has not been taken by the predecessors and truly solve the disease? The first bottleneck that needs to be resolved is why does Chinese medicine have an effect? A "Shen Nong's Herbal Classic" laid the foundation of Chinese medicine. A pile of leaves, bark, roots and grasses. Legend has it that Shennong's taste of Baicao defined their medicinal effects. Do you really know the effect after tasting it? Can you taste it? Maybe every colleague in the industry and many Chinese medicine enthusiasts have tasted it and feel the effect of single-product medicine? This myth, to this day, turns out to be the basis of Chinese medicine. Chinese medicine does have medicinal effects. What is the philosophical basis for Shennong's interpretation of medicinal effects? Only by understanding the philosophical principles of the role of traditional Chinese medicine, can we clarify the operating principles of various medicinal materials, and then it is possible to have an efficient and reasonable understanding of traditional Chinese medicine, use traditional Chinese medicine, adjust prescriptions, and apply medicine due to disease. Only then can we understand the principles of traditional prescriptions. To refer to the treatment of diseases, you must first pass the philosophical principle of the role of Chinese medicine. If you are Shennong, you will know how to judge the efficacy of medicine. The philosophical principles are hard to come by. They will be announced and shared with you in the future, because science is always progressing. Besides, this may be Shennong’s philosophy, not our own creation. Perhaps many colleagues have also realized, but there is no opportunity to make it public. These processes and content are complicated, and there will be opportunities to slowly share and discuss with you in the future.

In order to understand the relationship between the philosophical basis of Chinese medicine and modern medicine, in the past ten years, TCM Dr. Emily Han have followed Guo Lao's guidance to re-study ancient philosophy and the basic theories of ancient Chinese medicine. Study the Classical Chinese Version of I Ching, Lao Tzu's Tao Te Ching, Huang Di Neijing, Shennong's Ben Cao Jing, Song Edition Treatise on Febrile Diseases, Guilin Treatise on Febrile Diseases, Taiping Edition Treatise on Febrile Diseases, read through the medical works of ancient masters, Li Dongyuan, Sun Wenheng, Xue Lizhai, the originator of Western medicine Xi Pocrates. The latest English version of more than 3000 pages of West's Internal Medicine, Harrison Handbook of Internal Medicine, Histology and Embryology, Modern Oncology, Biology. For countless days and nights, I have spent my eyes. Medicine is really hard. TCM Dr. Emily Han admire those who work hard in Chinese medicine~~. Chinese medicine is the cognition of human anatomy, and it stops on the basis of perceptual knowledge and abstract thinking. There is very little understanding of the microscopic world recognized by modern medicine, such as the lymphatic system, immune system, hormone regulation, stem cell principles, etc., which are not actually involved. Regulating the internal organs and the balance of qi and blood are the principles of Chinese medicine, and the understanding of deeper diseases is vague. How to treat diseases like this? Modern Chinese medicine rejects western medicine, which has a certain relationship with the depth of understanding of diseases. In fact, Chinese and Western medicine just look at the same thing from different angles and adopt their own methods. In order to achieve results in the treatment of incurable diseases with traditional Chinese medicine, it is necessary to go beyond the pattern of perceptual knowledge, beyond the pattern of regulating the internal organs, qi and blood, in order to regulate the operation of the human body more deeply and solve deep-seated problems. This requires opening up new philosophical thinking and understanding the operation of the human body at a higher level. Then, according to Shennong's pharmacological philosophy, we can find the corresponding medicines and combination prescriptions. Chinese medicine is tiring~~~. I really shouldn't study Chinese medicine, I'm so tired. But when you have gained something, when you see your patient's illness progress, that kind of trust, satisfaction, and accomplishment. Slowly share with you in the future.


As a patient, your trust and support for TCM Dr. Emily Han is very important.

The third person who has an impact on TCM Dr. Emily Han is Mr. Xie, the former general manager of Tongrentang in Auckland. Mr. Xie is very cooperative with all the in-house TCM physicians and supports TCM Dr. Emily Han’s work and research very much. He always jokingly calls TCM Dr. Emily Han “Sister of Immortality” , Provides an excellent working environment for TCM Dr. Emily Han, so that we have more opportunities to contact patients, practice and apply them to patients, and verify our research and philosophy.

In the early stage of practice, a friend of a patient with malignant breast cancer trusted us very much. Unfortunately, at that time, we didn’t know that we were limited. Although we used the most pioneering treatment plan of our respectable predecessors, we still did not help her effectively. Remission of illness. This also makes us realize the real bottleneck of modern Chinese medicine. The schemes studied and shared by many Chinese medicine practitioners are not effective. This inspires us to thoroughly embark on the path to find new philosophical ideas and therapeutic prescriptions. May this friend rest in heaven, thank you for your trust and encouragement to us~~~.

Last year, a patient friend of ours was admitted to the hospice hospital Auckland before New Year's Day because of the late breast cancer spread and organ failure. Experts judged that there is still three days to live. She has a wish to spend her life. Although the general situation is over, with TCM Dr. Emily Han's private Chinese medicine treatment, she lived for another 45 days and achieved her wish. The attending doctor in charge said that she had created a miracle. I have worked here for 13 years. No patient of this kind can last for more than ten days. She defeated our prediction.

New Zealand’s comprehensive medical security system and the public’s awareness of the level of modern Chinese medicine treatment have given Korean doctors little chance to contact those patients with so-called incurable diseases. Chinese medicine treatment requires a lot of extra expenses. If the effect is not good, Basically waste. Western medicine treatment is completely free and partially effective. Usually, Chinese medicine is slow work, and it takes a while to take effect. People don’t accept it. In fact, it’s hard to get results. Seeing effect in a short period of time is the principle of curative effect of traditional Chinese medicine. One pair of Chinese medicines a day has a limited effect. How can it be effective for a long time? It didn't work at the beginning, and usually it didn't happen later. Everyone's suspicion is normal, and everyone's intelligence is normal. As mentioned at the beginning, brainwashing advertisements are everywhere, making everyone forget how to think independently.

TCM Dr. Emily Han also want to thank all of you who have been tortured by aseptic arthritis, autism, lupus erythematosus, neurodermatitis, diabetes, rheumatism, heart disease, liver cirrhosis, Parkinson’s disease, celiac’s disease, Sjogren’s disease, etc. Your trust and support have enabled TCM Dr. Emily Han to make progress. Some patients with so-called incurable diseases have insisted on cooperating with treatment for a year or even a few years. Together with us, you have verified some philosophical ideas and methods, accumulated experience, and gained so far. To achieve satisfactory results, your support is very important and inspires TCM Dr. Emily Han to move on.

Your guidance and trust help us see nature and the world from multiple perspectives.

Ms. Yao is the head of a temple in the Auckland area. She is extremely kind and intelligent. TCM Dr. Emily Han met about seven years ago, and she often led volunteers from the temple for consultations, and she herself was a patient with terminal heart failure, and the doctor judged that she only had about three years. TCM Dr. Emily Han did our best. Unfortunately, during last year’s trip to China, Ms Yao suffered from a tooth extraction and he bleeds for three days. Later, she suffered a sudden lung failure in response to a blood transfusion in the hospital. Under her encouragement, TCM Dr. Emily Han insisted on going to the temple every month to provide treatment for volunteers and believers there. At the same time, TCM Dr. Emily Han experienced and learned about Buddhist philosophy and spiritual health therapy, which opened a window for regulating physical and mental health. .

TCM Dr. Emily Han met Ms. Jina during the temple activities. She is a psychic and Buddhist nun who can perceive energy that ordinary people can’t perceive. She has practiced with the Dalai Lama for three years. The monks expect her to stay and take charge of a monastery. She chose to leave and go to the masses to help sentient beings. What is going on with psychics? What is the logic behind it? Ms. Jina is extremely kind, honest and trustworthy. Does that kind of energy really exist? Why does it exist? We often discuss her adventures as a whole with her. The natural laws of the universe have created life on earth. There is no unprovoked existence in this world. What is the logic of this? How does the structure and intelligence of the human brain work? What is the fifth dimension? How to connect and function with humans? Meditation, meditation therapy. Why go for meditation? What do you think will affect your health? How to think? The logic behind these, and the unsolved mysteries for us gradually opened up, and we saw a whole new world from another perspective. Meditation therapy is good for health. How does different meditation make the body react? How to use it to treat diseases? How can meditation and illness be linked to be effective? Speaking of this first, TCM Dr. Emily Han can share and discuss our philosophy and experience with you in the future.


Thank you for your continued support.

Ms. Bai is 95 years old this year. Grandfather was a first-grade civil official of the Manchu Qing Dynasty, in her own words, a first-grade civil servant. Born in Shanghai, and later moved to Hong Kong, Taiwan and other places, worked in Japan Airlines, and moved to New Zealand with her husband in the 1960s, with a wide range of knowledge. She is extremely smart, picky, particularly good food, has a wide range of friendships, is willing to help others, and has an independent personality. Although her children are filial, she lives alone . Proficient in Shanghainese, Cantonese, Taiwanese, Mandarin and English. When TCM Dr. Emily Han first met her, it was about 2006. Her legs were swollen and her movement was difficult. Since then, for more than ten years, she has been doing acupuncture and moxibustion treatment and maintenance every week. Whenever I meet, TCM Dr. Emily Han is the best doctor she has ever seen. Not only does she have high medical skills, but also has good morals. She treated us kindly and kindly, just like a grandmother. Although there are endless masters in the world, and many of my colleagues are also skilled, but her praise has inspired us to make continuous progress. Ms. Bai has always been in good health, taking some Chinese medicines occasionally, without any disease, without taking any drugs, 93 years old At that time, because the reaction was slow, she stopped driving, hoping that she could continue to move forward in health and be over 100 years old in health~~


Diligent and enterprising but low-key and restrained

The characteristics of TCM Dr. Emily Han is assiduously studying medicine, but TCM Dr. Emily Han is relatively low-key in her work. During her several years of working in Beijing Tongrentang, despite Mr. Xie's frequent suggestions, TCM Dr. Emily Han never seriously made publicity advertisements. TCM Dr. Emily Han said that because of her limited medical skills, she had to have time and energy to study and improve, and TCM Dr. Emily Han could not take care of too many patients temporarily. Her physique was not very good, and she could only cope with the workload of three days a week. If I am too busy at work, I might Don't have the energy to do research? Try to improve yourself and serve everyone more effectively in the future. In recent years, on the basis of the predecessors, under the guidance of the predecessors, and the love of colleagues and patients, we have worked hard to study, and now we are on a more comfortable and efficient platform, a larger structure, and a further philosophical idea. Serving everyone, maybe this is the time to deepen communication with patients and increase mutual understanding and trust, so that you can be treated more at ease, and the small world between us and patients will be healthier and better.


During this trip to Japan, TCM Dr. Emily Han felt different cultures. The cultural characteristics of the Japanese chrysanthemum and the sword are very similar to the character of TCM Dr. Emily Han Gemini, "The Chrysanthemum and the Sword" (The Chrysanthemum and the Sword), American anthropologist Ruth Benny At the end of the Second World War, Dickett was commissioned by the US government to solve the problems of whether the Allied forces should occupy Japan and how the US should manage Japan. Based on the theory of cultural types and using cultural anthropology, he conducted research on Japan that was about to be defeated. The main content of the comprehensive report is to analyze the character of Japanese citizens. The report was compiled into a book and published by the author in 1946, which was then a book. He loves beauty and is military, courteous and aggressive, likes to be new and stubborn, obedient and unruly. Feel the Japanese culture. Tokyo is prosperous but not crowded. The population is dense and tidy. The trains arriving at the subway station are precisely arranged, the crowded but orderly passengers, office workers and even stevedores, the workers on the street construction sites are all dressed neatly and stylishly, and there are various traffic on the ground. The signs, white lines, and yellow lines seem to be newly painted and clean and eye-catching. There are various handicrafts in the shop, exquisite chopsticks, and carefully crafted knives. The seafood market is noisy but has no stench. The street side ramen shop has been passed down for centuries. The spirit of the Yamato people’s pursuit of details made TCM Dr. Emily Han both shocked and comfortable, and inspired TCM Dr. Emily Han to make her work better and provide more refined services to everyone. If you are an old friend of ours, and hope to improve your understanding of us, you can come to TCM Dr. Emily Han with more peace of mind. This can be regarded as an advertisement between old acquaintances and old patients. A TCM physician’s knowledge and level are limited, and her time and energy are extremely limited. With a three-day job, TCM Dr. Emily Han can see about 60 patients at most. I hope that the fate of you and me will help our career and yours. Healthy Life.

Auckland |Best Chinese herbal medicine  doctor and acupuncturist Dr Emily Han
Auckland |Best Chinese herbal medicine  doctor and acupuncturist Dr Emily Han
Auckland |Best Chinese herbal medicine  doctor and acupuncturist Dr Emily Han
Auckland |Best Chinese herbal medicine  doctor and acupuncturist Dr Emily Han
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