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Heart-force © series scientific and innovative nature herbal formula  " Cure heart and heart related diseases at the cellular level" 
TCM Dr. Emily Han, Beijing Tongrentang Auckland, New Zealand &  Zhao He ~ expert in modern physics

Heart-force © series nature herbal formula  " Cure heart and heart related diseases at the cellular level" 

Why does Dr Emily Han and her team's scientific and innovative herbal formula "Heart-force © series" has such magical effects?

First, the support of modern scientific theories- Life physics.

Through modern physics research, study the physiological activities of life at the cellular level and summarize the physical laws of cell physiological activities.
Research the physiological characteristics of plants according to the operating rules of modern Life physics, and use the unique biophysical and physiological characteristics of various medicinal plants to regulate the physiological activities of human cells, thereby improving the internal environment of human cells and improving the physiology of human bodies. Focus on improving the internal environment of human stem cell tissues and restoring environmental health at the level of human cells. The human body should only produce a variety of normal new cells in an appropriate balance ratio to self-renew and repair injured tissues.

​  Only by restoring the health of the internal environment at the cellular level of the human body and restoring the body's ability to produce normal new cells and self-repair, can we completely prevent and treat deep-seated, refractory diseases that occur at the cellular level.

Life physics' mechanism of heart and heart related diseases :

 Ageing / senescence is a process in which aerobic dynamic tissue shrinks, and hypoxia blunt tissue proliferates and hardens. Soft tissues become hard, hard tissues become loose and brittle,  is the result of the body’s normal self-repair, manifested by muscle atrophy, hardening of organs, blood vessels, fascia and ligaments, ossification and loss of elasticity, poor bone quality ,degeneration of bone marrow, degeneration of fertility etc., During this process, the soft tissue becomes hard, the hard tissue becomes brittle, and the tidal fluctuation volume decreases. In order to compensate for the decrease in tidal capacity and the decrease in elasticity caused by the hardening of soft tissues, the hard tissues will become loose to improve tidal capacity. Lead to a reduction in overall physical activity. During the hardening process, the autoimmune system will not interfere with the growth of hypoxic inactive tissue. Therefore, the proliferation and hardening of hypoxic blunt tissue is not regulated by immune tissue, but is related to energy and heart function.

  Therefore, active and healthy energy function and heart function can improve the healthy arterial blood supply of aerobic active tissue, can ensure the stable function of aerobic active tissue, reduce the chance and progress of hardening, and prevent ageing.

Second,  the support of clinical practice.

In recent years, Dr Emily Han and her team have provided treatment for many patients with various heart and heart related diseases such as Gout, Rheumatoid,Chronic fatigue, Fatty liver, Dementia, Brain atrophy,Alzheimer's disease,  vascular sclerosis,Stroke, Cardiac arrhythmia ,Myocardial infarction,heart failure and Abnormal Ageing etc.,through the diagnosis and treatment at Beijing Tongrentang Auckland Clinic.  The treatment effect is predictable and effective, the  symptoms are reduced and disappeared. Severe diseases can be relieved gradually , and mild diseases can be completely cured.

 Without the guidance of modern scientific theories, it is impossible to obtain the most effective expected treatment results. After decades of continuous research and practice, under the guidance of modern Life physics theory, Dr. Emily Han and her team can finally share with you our research results,  Heart-force © series nature herbal formula  " help heal heart and heart related diseases at the cellular level" . 

Dr. Emily Han hopes it can help you and also bring beneficial help to the health of your family and friends.

Health is everyone's greatest wealth.

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