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Research the Plant medicine "Heart-force" for the cure of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases©  2018 , Feb,Auckland , By  Beijing Tongrentang, Auckland clinic , TCM Dr. Emily Han & Zhao

Auckland |heart diseases Best Chinese herbal medicine  doctor and acupuncturist Dr Emily Han
Auckland |heart diseases Best Chinese herbal medicine  doctor and acupuncturist Dr Emily Han

When the autonomic nerve control and electrical impulse control are lost, the heart stops beating, which means death.

The heart pump is mainly composed of muscles, blood vessels and valves. It is the main source of the driving force of the human circulatory system. When the heart's temperament changes and dysfunction, various types of heart disease occur. Finally, 100% of people die from cardiac arrest, and about one-third die directly from cardiovascular disease, which is the disease with the highest number of deaths.

Myocarditis and rheumatic heart disease caused by foreign bacteria and virus infection. Symptoms of endogenous cardiomyopathy, valvular disease and cardiovascular disease include thickening and ageing of the myocardium, interstitial fibrosis, amyloidosis, calcification and stenosis of the cardiovascular system. The heart is beating constantly, constantly wearing and ageing.


With all these heart diseases and most other chronic diseases, is there any way we humans can cure them? Is there any way to restore the damage to the heart? The reality is very cruel. You will only find out that there are some medicines for relieving symptoms for these diseases after you are sick. However, there is no official record of medicines to restore function and temperament, that is, there is no cure! 


“If you have too many lice on your body and you have been bitten too much, you will not feel deeper discomfort and itching when you are bitten again.“.  People seem to have accepted this reality. Although it is not contagious, almost everyone has some heart problems. How to do it? Accepting the inevitable cruel reality has become the main way people deal with heart disease. Everyone has no choice but to treat heart disease as a physical defect. The health of this pulsating pump depends mainly on fate.


When life is in constant adversity, avoiding or accepting reality and continuing to live in the present is not our choice to protect ourselves and continue to enjoy life?
If there is no choice, everyone will instinctively choose to be fearless. This is impeccable. Maybe there will be a cure soon?


I am a person with a congenital fragile heart condition. When I was a child in the school’s physical health checkups over the years, I would be called out individually every time. The doctor listened to the beating of my heart repeatedly with a stethoscope, and finally said: There are heart murmurs, irregular heartbeats, etc. I am disappointed and a little bit scared, hey, this is how my courage has been trained. 


In order to save ourselves, let family, friends and all destined people lead a safe life and avoid heart disease, a solution must be found. I am a major in engineering management. Before I am willing to accept the facts, I must first understand the logic behind everything. As it happens, I was fortunate to be able to sit quietly from the age of 30, learning the traditional Chinese medicine philosophy left by my ancestors, and at the same time learning modern medicine. Read and research all available medical textbooks and reference books. From ignorance to feeling, from suspicious criticism to dumbfounded to suspicious criticism. Currently very satisfied. Because "Heart-force © series" professional treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases has a miraculous effect on me and the patient. By the way, many patients with blood sugar fluctuations, arthralgias and other peripheral vascular diseases and fatty liver caused by decreased heart function have been basically cured.


Like all innovations, chance and sweat are intertwined, and the painstaking process does not need to be long-winded. Let’s talk about the principle:

To understand the heart, you must first have a sample that you can observe and understand. Just like when we learn geometry, we start with the simplest and most intuitive straight lines and the laws of parallel lines, triangles, squares, circles, ellipses, parabola, trigonometric functions, from the simplest to the most complex, and finally send rocket ships and astronauts to the sky. The human body is created by nature, so what does the heart in the small universe of the human body symbolize in the universe and nature? Yes, the sun! Plants do not have a heart. What is the power of body fluid movement in plants? Transpiration depends on the sun, which is the heart of plants. In fact, two thousand years ago, the Huangdi Nei Jing stated that the heart is the sun in the sun! The life activities of the sun and nature are similar to the life activities of the heart and the human body in this small universe. The sun determines the climatic conditions for life in nature, and the heart determines the climate in the small universe of the human body. Is it windy or beautiful? Heart health basically determines human health. 

So, how does the sun need to be maintained? It has no muscles, valves and blood vessels. Isn't it too complicated and difficult to understand? Same feeling! 

However, the sun determines the climate, and how to preserve the climate is easier to understand. 

First of all, there are sunrise and sunset, the heart needs to work and rest, and people need to be awake and sleep. Rest and sleep are indispensable work and rest for heart maintenance. 

Secondly, the warm sun, spring, summer and autumn, can provide a suitable environment for life, severe cold and scorching heat, excessive cold and excessive heat are harmful. The sun itself is hot, not afraid of heat. Therefore, to maintain a warm spring-like environment in the body, the heart needs to maintain a warm environment. This is the key. If you use medicine, you must try to ensure warmth, which is the environment your heart needs. 

Then, the main structure of the heart is the myocardium, a type of muscle. Muscles are abundant in the human body, especially skeletal muscles. Obviously, as we age, we can see muscle relaxation and atrophy. Due to the limitation of the volume of the heart position, the size of the heart must be appropriate, not too large. Hypertrophy will compress the volume of the ventricle and affect the function of the heart. The myocardium needs to be tough and durable and small in size. Then the hypertrophy and scar tissue produced by the excessive work and damage of the myocardium need to be resolved. Then we need to supplement and strengthen myocardial toughness drugs, and eliminate the drugs to resolve scars. 

Then there are the valves of the heart. The valves of the human body appear in many parts, such as joints. When the environment of the valve changes, space changes, virus and bacterial infections, etc., the texture of the valve will change. It can also be swelling, calcification, bacterial infection, immune attack, which will change the texture and function of the valve, thereby reducing heart function, and ultimately affecting the overall morbidity of the human body. This requires drugs that can soften the valve structure, fight bacterial and viral infections, and eliminate immune attacks, so as to restore the texture and function of the valve. At this point, drugs that can support the valve structure and nourish the valve are essential. Because the heart valve is a part of the heart, when it has inflammation, the cold heart of antibiotics cannot be tolerated by the heart, so antibiotics are difficult to work, and the heat of hormones is a little effective, but due to the strong stimulation of hormones on the cardiovascular system, it will also Hurt the heart. It is especially difficult to resolve valve problems. 

The most important: cardiovascular and coronary arteries, which are an important part of nourishing the heart and taking away metabolic waste. The blood flowing inside constantly regulates the continuous operation of the heart. When its circulation is hindered, coronary heart disease will occur. . The so-called coronary artery stenosis. It can be caused by hardening of the inner wall of the blood vessel, redness and swelling of the inner wall of the blood vessel, or caused by myocardial spasm compressing the blood vessel. To maintain a good circulatory environment for the cardiovascular system, it must have a smooth inner wall, a healthy heart muscle, and no inflammation. To ensure this, we must first reduce the fragility of the cardiovascular system, then the cardiovascular system will be softened, the inner wall will reduce the deposition of cholesterol, the vascular wall will be flexible, and the calcification component will be reduced, so the cardiovascular system will not be ruptured or blocked. If the myocardium is healthy and stable, then the myocardium's ability to resist stress is enhanced, which will reduce spasms. Severe myocardial spasm can even cause cardiac arrest. Then drugs that can healthy blood vessels must solve the above problems. 

The heart is so resilient, beating for us non-stop for a lifetime, and the heart is so fragile and delicate. A single problem will affect our healthy life. We must take care of and maintain our heart carefully so that we can be healthy and happy both physically and mentally. 


With so many problems and contradictions, it seems that I want to solve the problem of heart disease, but there is almost no solution. 

After thousands of years of human civilization history, medical history, and the tireless efforts of countless medical people, fortunately, we have the opportunity to go further on the basis of our predecessors. All heart problems boil down:

1. It is to warm the heart and let the heart operate in its most suitable warm environment. 

2. Maintain the normal shape of the heart. The myocardium and blood vessels are not deformed and invariant. 

3. Moisturize its inner membrane and other connective tissues to make them flexible and not degenerated. To

4. Maintain the sealing and toughness of the main arteries and veins, while maintaining the permeability of the terminal capillaries and the adjustment of expansion and contraction, and the harmony of the immune regulation of proliferation and degeneration. 

Under the guidance of the above points, we have formulated a set of herbal medicines, aiming at the above points, and strive to achieve:

It nourishes and warms the heart, dredges the blood vessels of the heart, maintains the sealing and toughness of large blood vessels, maintains the permeability and activity of capillaries, strengthens the toughness of the heart muscle, and pliable heart valves and intima. Nutrition includes the connective tissues of the heart including blood vessel walls, endocardium, valves, etc. Restore the structure and texture of a healthy heart. With the strengthening of the heart, the internal climate of the human body is improved, and the immune and metabolic functions of the human body are enhanced, thereby making the body and mind healthier. 


Fortunately, this challenge and dream has achieved some results at this stage. On myself, family members, friends, and some patients who have been supporting us, I have seen the gratifying effect of taking Heart-force series innovative herbal formulas.


Now I can finally face the cardiovascular problems of myself and my destined optimistically. I don't need to ignore it anymore, I don't need to regard it as a physical defect, and I don't need to have the fearless fear. The secret formula will not be made public at this stage, and the principle of the prescription is as above. If you also want to look directly at the unavoidable problem of cardiovascular maintenance and treatment, you can try and experience Heart-force © series, healthy body and mind with us. 

Drug benefits: nourish the heart. Clean and maintain the heart, cardiovascular system, cerebrovascular system and circulatory system. Nourishes the spirit, strengthens the physique, reduces and heals all kinds of fatigue and pain. 

Indications: Various circulatory diseases related to the heart and blood vessels. Various sub-health states and premature ageing states. 

​©️All rights reserved, Beijing Tongrentang, Auckland clinic , TCM Dr. Emily Han & Zhao He

Auckland |heart diseases Best Chinese herbal medicine  doctor and acupuncturist Dr Emily Han
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