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Cure kids babies' Eczema by natural medicine to completely bid farewell to hormone steroid therapy

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

The four-year-old child has been suffering from eczema ( atopic dermatitis) for a long time.

The kid is taking the scientifically innovative H-Force © series of pure natural Chinese herbal medicines treatment developed by Dr. Emily Han and her team to restore the internal health of cells and stem cells, and restore the health of his own immune system. After a couple of months, he basically totally recovered. Without the use of topical steroids, but restore your self-healing ability at the cellular level.

Auckland Chinese Medicine Dr eczema Emily Han's H-force © series nature herbal formula treatments cure eczema, psoriasis, dry itchy pruritic rash, acne, keratosis pilaris, rubella, neurodermatitis, tinea corporis, seborrheic dermatitis, allergic dermatitis, dry skin etc., .

Patients and their families call Dr Emily Han - Dr Eczema.

1. Eczema symptoms

1. According to the appearance of skin lesions, it is divided into three stages: acute, subacute and chronic.

(1) The skin lesions of acute eczema are mostly closed miliary papules, with papules or small blisters at the beginning, flushing on the surface of the base, and gradually merge into fragments. After the top is scratched due to scratching, papules, papules or blisters will appear obvious spots. Exudates and small eroded surfaces with unclear edges. Such as secondary infection, inflammation is more obvious, can form pustules, pustules, folliculitis, sores and so on. Consciously severe itching. It usually occurs on the head and face, behind the ears, distal end, scrotum, perianal, etc., and usually releases symmetrically.

(2) Subacute eczema After the inflammation of acute eczema is reduced, the skin lesions are mainly small papules, abdomen and scales, and only a few papules and erosions are seen. Still severe itching.

(3) Chronic eczema usually becomes chronic eczema due to recurrent acute and subacute eczema. It may also be chronic eczema at first. It manifests as an infected area with a rough surface, thickened, scaly or knotted skin, infiltrating, brownish-red or colored skin. Consciously severe itching. It is usually found in the lower legs, hands, feet, elbow fossa, mandibular fossa, vulva, anus, etc. The course of the disease is uncertain, it is easy to relapse and cannot be cured for a long time.

2. According to the degree of skin lesions, it is divided into two categories: localized eczema and generalized eczema.

(1) Localized eczema only occurs in specific areas, which can be named, such as hand eczema, vulvar eczema, scrotal eczema, ear eczema, breast eczema, perianal eczema, calf eczema, etc.

(2) Systemic eczema: There are many skin lesions that spread or spread to multiple parts of the body. Such as numemular eczema, spontaneous eczema, fatty eczema

See obvious treatment results within three days. Give the H-force© series of pure natural scientifically innovative Chinese herbal soup three days of experience time, which will provide you with a lifetime opportunity to cure skin diseases, improve autoimmunity and physical health.

I sincerely hope that every patient suffering from severe skin diseases and autoimmune diseases can be completely cured.


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