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To cure eczema dermatitis, how to cool down and calm the overactive autoimmune system is the key.

Eczema, neurodermatitis, psoriasis and other autoimmune skin diseases are skin diseases caused by excessive autoimmune regulation and overreaction to allergens. Modern medicine uses steroids, hormones, immunosuppressants and other drugs that suppress autoimmune activity for treatment. In ancient times, arsenic, realgar and other highly toxic immunosuppressants were mainly used for treatment. Although the symptoms can be controlled, treatment can never really cure.

The cause of skin diseases is excessive sensitivity and active autoimmune regulation. So, what causes excessive autoimmune regulation in patients with skin diseases?

The so-called active sensitivity means that under the stimulation of the same allergen, patients with autoimmune diseases will produce more immune antibodies and immune cells in a shorter period of time, and attack the allergen more violently, resulting in Fever, swelling and inflammation. It can be expressed on the skin, that is, skin disease; in the lungs, is allergic asthma; in the gastrointestinal tract, that is celiac disease. Shown in the respiratory tract, that is, hay fever. There are a lot more.

What causes the patient's own immune system to produce excessive amounts of immune cells and antibodies in a shorter period of time?

Hematopoietic tissues in lymph nodes and bone marrow tissues are the main tissues and organs that produce immune cells and antibodies. If the blood vessels in these tissues are proliferated and the microvessel density is high, it is easy to cause the internal environment of the tissue to heat and swell, thereby stimulating the rapid and active division of stem cells, thereby producing excessive antibodies and immunity in a shorter time, the excessive cells thus make their immune system sensitive. Therefore, only by regulating the internal environment of bone marrow and lymph node tissues and organs, and reducing the congestion and proliferation of capillaries, it is possible to completely cure autoimmune diseases.

Why emotions have a major impact on skin diseases, because bad emotions can cause congestion and swelling of immune tissues.

Therefore, skin diseases, like other autoimmune diseases, are not caused by toxins in the body, but by the proliferation and swelling of microvessels in immune tissues and the high density of microvessels.

Avoiding and controlling allergens is of great help to the symptoms of skin diseases and autoimmune diseases.

The essence of H-force© is the internal environment that regulates the physiological activities of stem cells at the cellular level. H-force© Dr eczema Emily Han and her team's natural Chinese herbal preparation series are used to treat autoimmune diseases, skin diseases, cancer and other autoimmune diseases.

See obvious treatment results within three days. Give the H-force© series of pure natural scientifically innovative Chinese herbal soup three days of experience time, which will provide you with a lifetime opportunity to cure skin diseases, improve autoimmunity and physical health.

I sincerely hope that every patient suffering from severe skin diseases and autoimmune diseases can be completely cured.

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