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Cure skin diseases, autoimmune diseases and cancer is not a dream.

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

It is not a dream to cure skin diseases, autoimmune diseases and cancer, but to use H-force herbal formula to restore the body's self-repair ability at the cellular level.

Why does Dr Emily han and her team's scientific and innovative herbal formula "H-Force ©" has such magical effects?

First, the support of modern scientific theories.

Through modern physics research, Study the physiological activities of life at the cellular level and summarize the physical laws of cell physiological activities. Research the physiological characteristics of plants according to the operating rules of modern Life physics, and use the unique biophysical and physiological characteristics of various medicinal plants to regulate the physiological activities of human cells, thereby improving the internal environment of human cells and improving the physiology of human bodies. Focus on improving the internal environment of human stem cell tissues and restoring environmental health at the level of human cells. The human body should only produce normal new cells.

Only by restoring the health of the internal environment at the cellular level of the human body and restoring the body's ability to produce normal new cells and self-repair, can we completely prevent and treat deep-seated, refractory diseases that occur at the cellular level.

Life physics’ definition of cancer

Tumors are the external mirror images of the destruction of the internal micro environment of stem cells. Its formation process is similar to the process by which the human body completes self-replication, and is consistent with egg cell development and fertilized egg implantation.

With the permanent changes in the internal micro environment of the tissues and organs storing stem cells, the physiological characteristics and functions of stem cells have also changed. One of the appearance of these changes is the occurrence and spread of tumors.

The initial manifestation of cancer is the proliferation of epithelial tissue near the cancer stem cell tissue, similar to the host versus graft response. The initial response of blood and lymphatic cancer is similar to graft versus host response and is accompanied by skin inflammation , swollen lymph nodes etc.,

Therefore, all treatments using genetically modified human biomass may cause transplant rejection and cancer.

Cancer is the product of dysregulation of the proliferation mechanism, while tumors are the external reflection of permanent changes in the micro environment where stem cells are located.

Tumors are signs of microvascular proliferation in the microenvironment where stem cells survive. In this environment, congestion and swelling of small arteries and veins can lead to high temperature and pressure, stem cell mutations and continuous proliferation, and permanent changes in the internal environment. Just like a dormant volcano that wakes up and an active volcano that is about to erupt.

The internal environment of the tumor is also in a similar state of high temperature and high pressure.

In order to cure cancer, the internal living micro environment of stem cells must be restored. This is the conclusion of Life physics research.

Second, the support of clinical practice.

In recent years, Dr Emily Han and her team has provided treatment for many patients with lymphadenopathy, allergies, eczema, neurodermatitis, psoriasis, lupus erythematosus, refractory skin diseases, autoimmune diseases and cancer through the diagnosis and treatment at Beijing Tongrentang Auckland Clinic. The treatment effect is predictable, the effect is very fast, the skin symptoms are reduced and disappeared, and the swelling of the lymph nodes is reduced and disappeared. Severe diseases can be relieved quickly, and mild diseases can be completely cured.

Without the guidance of modern scientific theories, it is impossible to obtain the most effective expected treatment results. After decades of continuous research and practice, under the guidance of modern Life physics theory, Dr. Emily Han and her team can finally share with you our research results "Herbal formula for restoring the cellular environment",> H-Force © series, Dr. Emily Han hopes it can help you and also bring beneficial help to the health of your family and friends.

See obvious treatment results within three days. Give the H-force© series of pure natural scientifically innovative Chinese herbal soup three days of experience time, which will provide you with a lifetime opportunity to cure skin diseases, improve autoimmunity and physical health.

I sincerely hope that every patient suffering from severe skin diseases and autoimmune diseases can be completely cured. Health is everyone's greatest wealth.

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