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What to do with recurrent eczema and neuro dermatitis?

What to do with recurrent eczema and neurodermatitis? Desperate patient. In the face of these incurable diseases, is there still hope for the medical profession?

Xiao An is a software engineer in Auckland. He has suffered from eczema since he was a child. He has been to the main hospital in the country. Unfortunately, the treatment was repeated. After a period of time, the drug will show a certain effect, but once the season changes or after eating, the eczema will recur...Blisters will appear on the hips, hand joints, knees, ankles, etc. The juice will break and cause swelling and itch. At the beginning of this year, Xiao An suffered from severe eczema. Previous hormonal steroids and immunosuppressive treatments are ineffective. The body ulcers and itching were severe, he was unable to work and rest normally, and was very painful.

Under the introduction of a friend, Xiao An came to Beijing Tongrentang West Auckland Traditional Chinese Medicine Center for treatment. Dr. Han Xiaonan, a dermatologist from Beijing Tongrentang and an expert in refractory diseases, diagnosed Xiao An and prescribed natural herbal stem cell care herbal tea. In just two months, Xiao An's skin has basically returned to a healthy state.

Why is your skin disease always incurable?

Dermatitis, acne, eczema, urticaria, psoriasis...

Many skin diseases make people shudder

Once you have a skin disease

Unsightly, embarrassing, itchy, painful

Scratch the skin, scratch the bleeding, take medicine, put on plaster, acupuncture...


But the skin disease is not good, what should I do?

What if I get sick when the season is approaching?

Many people suffer from skin diseases. In addition to unbearable pain and unsightly appearance, long-term treatment is also an important reason. According to statistics, one-third of patients even thought of suicide. Why do many people go to the hospital to prescribe medicine, apply ointment, and take medicine, but the skin disease cannot be completely cured? Dr. Han Xiaonan, an expert on skin diseases and refractory diseases at the Beijing Tongrentang Auckkland Traditional Chinese Medicine Center, said: "Modern drugs used to treat skin diseases are mainly hormonal steroids and immunosuppressants. They are only used to control symptoms, not to control Etiology and treatment mechanism: After treatment, it is easy to develop drug resistance, destroy internal organs, and even cause more serious diseases. Therefore, many patients with skin diseases cannot be cured for a long time and require repeated treatment. It may lead to other more serious diseases."

Weeds and roots chopped

Where is the root cause of skin diseases? How to treat the root cause?

The human body has no disease, and has sufficient resistance and self-repair ability to disease. If the self-repair ability is reduced, aging and disease will take root. The root cause of all chronic diseases is the decline of the body's ability to heal itself.

Many people think that skin diseases are skin problems, but this is not the case. "Skin disease seems to be a problem on the surface of the skin. The renewal of skin epithelial cells is a direct response to the body's self-renewal regulation. Human epithelial cells are renewed every 2-4 weeks. Skin diseases are human renewal, aplastic diseases. Han Xiaonan Said: "When treating refractory diseases (such as skin diseases and autoimmune diseases) caused by self-renewal disorders, not only the local skin should be paid attention to, but also whether the hormone ointment is effective and regulates blood function. The internal organs regulate the balance of yin and yang.

More importantly, it is necessary to regulate the activity and environment of stem cells to maintain the body's self-renewal and regeneration, restore the body's ability, and restore its self-repairing ability, so that it can get rid of the shackles of drugs and related diseases and achieve permanent cure. Otherwise, even if the skin disease is temporarily improved, it is easy to relapse or transform into other diseases.

Why do skin diseases show symptoms of skin diseases, but the roots dominate the body's self-renewing stem cell tissue?

Stem cells are like seeds, which can give birth to various new cells needed by the human body, provide the human body with new cells needed for physiological activities and metabolism, replace aging and mutant cells, and maintain the healthy operation of various physiological functions of the human body. Only when the human body has healthy stem cells can people be young and healthy.

Hormonal steroid regulation, immunosuppressive regulation, qi and blood regulation and visceral regulation cannot cure the root cause of this disease. If you want to eliminate skin diseases, you must start from regulating and maintaining stem cell activity and stem cell environment to restore and protect the body's self-repair ability and eliminate the root cause of the decline in self-repair ability. "Dr. Han Xiaonan said." Inspired by electromagnetic physicist Tesla's physics theory, combined with modern medicine and Chinese medicine philosophy, Dr. Han Xiaonan's team at Tongrentang, Beijing has a new understanding of life activities and disease biophysics. Under the guidance of life physics​​, an exclusive stem cell care therapy based on modern medicine was launched. It is the perfection and sublimation of modern medicine and TCM theories, surpassing TCM concepts such as blood, three qi, five zang organs, five meridians, yin and yang. Changed the direction of symptom treatment in modern medicine. The internal environment regulates the human environment and stem cell activities at the cellular level, solving the root cause of the decline in the body's self-repairing ability, and restoring the body's self-repairing ability.

"Only by restoring the health of the human body's internal environment at the cellular level, and restoring the body's ability to produce normal new cells and self-repair, can we completely prevent and treat deep-seated, refractory diseases that occur at the cellular level."

This is the essence of Chinese doctor Emily Han's treatment of refractory diseases under the guidance of modern life physics​​.

After two months of treatment, Xiao An's condition has completely improved. He is still receiving treatment and is expected to be completely cured in the near future. Xiao An said: "Dr. Han, please shared pictures of my skin disease treatment process publicly. I know too much about the pain of these eczema patients. I have tried any treatment since I was a child. It is okay and I will get better. After taking the medicine I feel it now."

Although there are many advertisements for the treatment of eczema and skin diseases in various media; ointments and medicines are everywhere in pharmacies, clinics and hospitals. However, modern medicine and traditional treatment methods have not yet been fundamentally improved. These incurable diseases cannot be cured fundamentally, nor can they improve the body's self-repair ability.

In order to eliminate the root cause of the decline in self-repair ability, can the stem cell care therapy of Dr. Emily Han of the Beijing Tongrentang team change this situation and gain recognition and acceptance by more patients as soon as possible?

Dr. Emily Han sincerely hopes that every patient with skin diseases and other refractory diseases caused by the decline in self-repair ability can be completely cured.

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