TCM Dr Emily Han



Bone-setting Practitioner 

TCM Herbalist 

Co-author of Lift Physics   

---------Specialized in

·Allergies & Eczema

·Autoimmune disorder

·Cardiovascular disorder


Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine specialist

Languages in English , Chinese, and Japanese

Scientific and innovative herbal formulas for skin, heart, arthritis, autoimmune diseases and cancer treatment

Heart-force © series nature herbal formula to treat heart and heart related diseases

Why choose TCM Dr. Emily Han and her team?

The distinguishing features of Dr. Emily Han's practice:


Communication is important, especially when it comes to servicing your health. Emily clearly inform her patients of what needs to be done. Dr. Emily Han unconditionally stands by her treatment programs and encourage her patients to come into the clinic to enable her to show them any health issues that need to be addressed. This means you may have a clear idea of what actual will be done and how long it may takes and how much you will get charged.

Advanced medical science and philosophy.

Life created by nature must follow the most basic laws of physics in nature.  Space, matter, energy and waves are the most basic elements of nature.  Modern medical science  needs to be established on the basis of the basic laws of physics, to conduct comprehensive research on the matter, space and energy activities of life,  and to find the laws of physical medicine to develop into a truly accurate science