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"I have participated in the treatment of various intractable diseases. Especially those who are overwhelmed, lose faith in medical treatment, or even give up treatment. I can deeply feel the pain and helplessness of patients and their families.

  The patients and their families I have a relationship with have stood with us for a long time. As our condition changes, improves and recovers, our moods fluctuate with it.

The difficult and tortuous process of treatment, seeing the signs of improvement and eventual recovery, seeing the changes in the patient's body, mind and soul, seeing the smiling faces of family, friends and clinic staff, knowing that his or her life is getting better , I feel gratified and proud."

Dr Emily Han is a highly skilled Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner, specializing in Acupuncture, Bone-setting, and TCM Herbalism. With years of experience, she has become an expert in treating various health issues, such as allergies, asthma, eczema, autoimmune disorders, and cardiovascular disorders and cancer support.

Dr. Han’s view on health is:

Bone marrow health is real health!

Because the cell functions of the human body and internal organs are healthy, strength and endurance can be increased through exercise.

This is to achieve a healthy appearance.

But they are all mature cells and will undergo the process of aging, decay and genetic mutation until they die.

Treatments don't just target the mutated disease cells that have developed.

Only by ensuring the health of new cells can diseases caused by genetic mutations be prevented from the source.

Only when the source of new cells is healthy, that is, the bone marrow is healthy, can one prevent disease in the bud.

Maintaining bone marrow health is the true highest level of health care!

The so-called treating the disease before it occurs is to maintain the health of bone marrow.



Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine specialist

Languages in English , Chinese, and Japanese

Scientific and innovative herbal formulas for skin, heart, arthritis, autoimmune diseases and cancer treatment

Heart-force © series nature herbal formula to treat heart and heart related diseases

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