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奥克兰,新西兰,重症 湿疹、痤疮、痘痘、粉刺、青春痘、毛囊炎、疤痕 治疗,干细胞护理,彻底摆脱皮肤病烦恼,美容保养护肤。

奥克兰,新西兰,重症 湿疹、痤疮、痘痘、粉刺、青春痘、毛囊炎、疤痕 治疗,彻底摆脱皮肤烦恼,美容保养美白皮肤,提高体质和自身免疫能力

韩晓南中医师,独家 内服 纯天然植物本草 药茶H-force,, 从调整保护干细胞活动环境,恢复人体正常自我更新和自我修复能力出发,长久根治重症 湿疹 、痤疮、痘痘、粉刺、青春痘、疤痕 彻底摆脱皮肤烦恼,美容保养美白皮肤,提高体质和自身免疫能力。

在干细胞层面治愈湿疹、 痤疮、青春痘、粉刺、痘痘、疤痕。通過乾細胞護理 產生美麗的皮膚。




Acne / pimple treatment with natural herbal tea. Skin stem cell care to cure acne permanently.

Acne/pimple treatment service by Dr Emily Han, Auckland, New Zealand.

Oral pure natural herbal tea H-force starts from regulating and protecting the active environment of stem cells, restoring the body's normal self-renewal and self-repair ability, and can treat severe eczema, acne, acne scarring and pimples. Improve physical fitness and autoimmunity.

Pure natural plant formula,

Restore and maintain stem cells,

Produce beautiful skin through stem cell care.

No need for topical ointment!


Thank patients, family, friends and everyone for their support.

Dr Emily Han, Han Xiaonan’s TCM team thank you.

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